What to wear in a hot tub

What To Wear In A Hot Tub

Being uncomfortable because you don't feel correctly dressed can ruin your hot tub experience. Even if you're using your own spa at home alone, your choice of hot tub attire can actually affect the proper operation of the hot tub. So what should you wear?

Whether your question is based on appropriate fashion for a hot tub party, or suitability for your home hot tub use, we've got you covered. Here's what you need to look out for when choosing the right clothes to enhance your spa relaxation time.

What to Wear in a Hot Tub?


Of course, bathing suits are the ideal choice for hot tub use but there are some things you need to bear in mind in terms of suit-care, spa-care, and hygiene.

Spa Chemicals

You may want to think twice before wearing expensive swimsuits in the hot tub. Hot tub chemicals such as chlorine or bromine can fade the design and reduce the lifespan of a bathing suit.

If using a hot tub regularly, it's generally best to choose low-cost but durable options such as nylon swimsuits.

You should also avoid shorts etc which are not designed for swimming. 

Spa Chemicals

The material used in these items is not meant to handle extended periods in the heat and spa chemicals, so they will degrade quickly.

If your hot tub uses a more advanced water care system such as UV-C and/or ozone, there will be much less reliance on chlorine and other harsh chemicals. This means you can wear more fashionable and expensive swimsuits without worrying about degradation.

Either way, rinse your swimsuit after each use, even if you're planning to go back in later. This will help the material last as long as possible.

Spa Hygiene

If you live near the coast and swim in the ocean a lot, you should avoid wearing the same swimsuit for hot tub sessions as for the beach. This is equally true if you regularly swim in rivers or lakes.

One of the main reasons for this is that the sunscreen you use on your skin can also accumulate on the material of your clothing. Sunscreen doesn't mix well with hot tub water as it can throw out the chemical balance of the spa.

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The other issue is that minerals and biological agents your swimsuit picks up from the beach or lake can be transferred into the hot tub. These can cause damage (in the case of minerals) or the buildup of organic matter (from biological agents).

Far better to get another pair of swimming trunks or a bathing suit for when you want to relax in the pool/hot tub. It's also good practice to make sure you rinse yourself and your bathing suit off before you spend time in the hot tub, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

What to Wear in Winter

What to Wear in Winter

Hot tubs can be a great way to escape the cold of winter. Sitting relaxed and warm in the tub, you can almost imagine it's summer again.

However, if your hot tub is outside, you want to make sure you have suitable clothing for the trip to and from the house.

This could be as simple as wearing a long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit rather than your summer bikini, or you could wear a bathrobe to go out to the hot tub as long as you have somewhere nearby to put it.

It's also a good idea to wear shoes or sandals. Not only will this help keep your feet warm, but sandals or shoes will also stop you from tracking grass or dirt into the spa.

Once in the tub, your head will still be exposed. You might like to wear a hat in winter to stop your head from getting cold. A swimming cap is an especially good choice as it keeps your hair dry.

Additionally, cold air can cause exposed skin to get dry and sensitive/cracked. A decent moisturizer will help protect your face and make sure you come back in from the spa with the right type of glow.

Can I Use My Hot Tub Naked?

So you're a person who finds wearing a swimsuit less relaxing than a naked spa session? That's absolutely fine in your own hot tub at home, what you're wearing (or not) is really no one's business. Obviously, if you are going to use someone else's spa you will want to take a swimsuit and wear it unless they say don't have to.

Common sense equally dictates that if you have guests over they may be uncomfortable if you suddenly ditch the swimsuit for your birthday suit. That said, your friends might also prefer the freedom to enjoy the hot tub naked.

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You certainly shouldn't be afraid to mention that yours is a "swimsuit optional" spa. Just make sure you gauge the reaction of your guests and maybe stick on a pair of trunks or a bikini if they're less uninhibited than you are.

Swimsuit or not, first you need to find the right hot tub. Fill in the form below and your preferences will be sent to a selection of the most reputable dealers in your area. They'll put together personalized quotes on the most suitable models and send them straight to you!


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