Vita Spas Reviews

Vita spas reviews
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Finding the right spa can be a confusing process since there are so many brands out there, each with its own pros and cons. 

Owned by the huge spa company, MAAX Spas, Vita Spas has been in business for over three decades. With plenty of experience in the spa industry, Vita Spas brings together innovation, comfort, and quality in their excellent range of hot tubs at a variety of price points.

Read on to learn about Vita Spas and its leading spa models.

Our Top Choices For Vita Spas


1. Mystique

  • 700 Series
  • 7 person capacity with lounger
  • 57 jets
  • Most spacious luxury hot tub


2. Prestige

  • 500 Series
  • 6 person capacity with lounger
  • 52 jets
  • Best for families


3. Amour

  • 300 Series
  • 3 person capacity with lounger
  • 23 jets
  • Best corner spa


4. Voeux

  • 100 Series
  • 5 person capacity with lounger
  • 27 jets
  • Best plug-and-play spa

Vita Spa Price Points

Vita Spa prices are available by quotation. You have to request pricing information or contact one of their many dealers. This is often the case when buying a spa as there are usually many customizable options so the final price will vary between customers.

Vita Spas produce mid-range hot tubs with prices starting from around $6,000 to $7,000 for their more basic or smaller models, increasing to $13,000 plus for the luxury hot tubs.

Vita Spas also produce swim spas. These are generally more expensive than hot tubs and start at around $20,000 and can reach $35,000 plus.

Also, don't forget about the other 'hidden' costs of buying a hot tub. Remember to factor in delivery and installation costs. These will vary between customers depending on your location and choice of model.

Getting hot tub pricing quotes can be a time-consuming process so let us do the hard work for you. Click on the button below and we'll send you a bunch of quotes based on your perfect spa setup from hot tub dealers in your area.

Leading Models

Vita Spa has four hot tub collections, 700 Series, 500 Series, 300 Series, and 100 Series. To help you get an idea of what Vita Spas offers, next let's take a look at their leading hot tub models.

Mystique - Most Spacious Luxury Hot Tub

Vita Spas' 700 Series comprises five large, feature-rich luxury models.

The Mystique is the biggest model with a large footwell, measuring 90" x 114" x 38" with seven seats.

A healthy lifestyle option, the Mystique is a fitness spa. Ideal for aquatic workouts it comes with a simple to use exercise kit.

With more than enough room for working out, this Vita spa is also perfect for entertaining larger families.

This family-size Vita spa features fifty-seven Halo Pro-Loc™ stainless steel jets powered by three 3 horsepower pumps for an exceptional hot tub experience. Enjoy a massage from the Blue Water jets in the Vita Spas Effleurage seat. It also has neck massage jets and offers reflexology foot massages.

Features for this Vita Spas model include the Aurora Cascade water feature, Aurora drinks coasters, M8 technology, wifi connectivity, SmartTouch 2 spa controls, and Permashield™ bottom.

This Vita Spa hot tub has a durable solid metal frame substructure. The panels are made of a high impact composite produced from eco-friendly recycled materials and this tub features the excellent Northern Exposure® insulation system as well as a premier styled cover.

Vita Spas Prestige hot tub model is found in the 500 Series along with six other fabulous models, the Vita Spa Monarque, Salon, Envie, Grand, Joli, and Trio.

The Vita Spa Prestige measures 83" x 83" x 38" and has seating for six people.

The Vita Spa Monarque with a classic hot tub layout and Prestige are both mid-sized hot tub models in the 500 Series, the perfect size for a family to enjoy, however, the Vita Spa Prestige does feature a lounge seat so offers another level of hot tub comfort and relaxation.

Enjoy the hydrotherapy experience delivered by the fifty-two Halo Pro-Loc™ stainless steel jets including calf jets, a Shiatsu massage seat, and reflexology foot massages.

Powered by two 3 horsepower pumps, Vita Spas' elegant Prestige hot tub has loads of high-quality features such as contoured spa pillows, LED interior light, three illuminated cup holders and control valves, Aurora Cascade water features, overheat/freeze protection system, air injectors, premier styled cover, and Permashield™ bottom pan.

Like the Mystique, this Vita spa hot tub uses M8 technology for the control system, has a solid metal frame substructure, and the Northern Exposure® insulation system.

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There are five delightful spas in the 300 Series.

Vita Spas' Amour hot tub is a corner tub measuring 72" x 72" x 33" with room for two to three people, ideal for couples or those with limited space.

Enjoy the company of a loved one with an intimate hot tub experience in this smaller spa.

It features twenty-three Halo Pro-Loc™ stainless steel jets as well as a lounge seat with contoured pillows and targeted calf jets.

A more basic Vita spa hot tub than the others that we've looked at so far, it has a single 2.5 horsepower pump, M7 technology control systems, LED interior light, overheat/freeze protection system, Permashield™ bottom pan, illuminated cup holders, a wooden frame, and the Vital Energy insulation system.

Vita Spas 100 Series features two plug-and-play spas.

The larger model is the Voeux measuring 84" x 74" x 34" with seating for five adults.

Plug-and-play spas are a great idea if you are looking to keep spending down as they have reduced installation costs compared to a regular hot tub and are usually have reduced energy costs.

The Voeux has twenty-seven Halo Pro-Loc™ stainless steel jets, reclined backrests, and comfortable contoured spa pillows for a relaxing hydrotherapy hot tub experience.

Standard features for this Vita Spa hot tub include the Aurora drink holders, Vital Energy insulation, M7 technology control systems, LED interior light, eco-friendly recycled paneling, a wooded frame substructure, and an all-climate base that is sealed.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Vita Spas is one of the best hot tub brands out there and have been producing hot tubs for many decades. The Vita Spa company is part of MAAX Spas which also owns other hot tub companies such as American Whirlpool.

Vita Spas has an excellent range of spa products with high-quality features, innovative designs, and hydrotherapy options such as their Champagne air jets for massaging soft tissues to tapotement tapping therapy for promoting good circulation, and reflexology-style massages.

Vita Spas offer their CleanZone® Ultrafiltration and ozone system along with the Cleanzone II UV sanitation for supremely clean and clear spa water.

The patented Northern Exposure® insulation offers a unique three-layer barrier to prevent heat loss featuring 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation and BlueMAAX®.

The BlueMAAX® layer is manufactured from recycled natural fibers and provides an eco-friendly alternative to foam insulation. Plus, unlike foam-filled tubs, this type of insulation allows easy access to the inner workings for service and repairs, as well as keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Not only can you enjoy an exceptional hydrotherapy hot tub experience with a Vita spa but they also offer sound therapy with their Vita Tunes feature. Vita Tunes is a state-of-art Bluetooth sound system that is waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and provides clear, crisp quality sounds to chill out to.

Vita Spas also has a good-sized collection of swim spas. These offer all the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub plus a pool area ideal for swimming or other forms of aquatic exercise. They are generally much cheaper than a traditional swimming pool and take up less room, but are more expensive than a regular Vita spa hot tub model.

Vita Spas have had plenty of great reviews from happy customers over the years. Occasionally a customer has had a negative experience but this is usually related to a specific dealership rather than the brand itself.

Other Brands To Consider

With so many hot tub companies, it's always a good idea for hot tub buyers to check out other brands in their search for the right hot tub.

The famous Jacuzzi brand offers a collection mid-range of spas with similar price points in their J-200 Classic Collection and their Jacuzzi Play Collection which showcases their plug-and-play spas. Jacuzzi also offers some very high-end uber-luxurious spas in their other collections.

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Like Vita Spas, Jacuzzi has a range of swim spas, however, Vita Spas has a larger selection of models available.

Hot Springs is another excellent company with a similar number of models in its lineup. They offer a great selection of plug-and-play models in their Hot Spot Collection plus a fantastic series of mid-range to luxury tubs in their Limelight and Highlife Collections.

Like Vita Spas, they have very energy-efficient models and excellent water sanitation with their Freshwater Salt system that allows fewer cleaning chemicals to be used resulting in less skin irritation and a more natural feel to the tub's water.

The Bottom Line

Vita Spas has an excellent range of hot tubs in four fabulous collections, from luxury hot tubs with great features such as sound systems with wifi connectivity, patented insulation systems, and a large number of jets, to simpler plug-and-play models with more affordable price tags.

Vita Spas offer high-quality, durable, and reliable spas with innovative designs from the classic hot tub layout to a versatile reversible lounger setup. Whatever your hot tub needs, you will be sure to find something suitable in the Vita Spas lineup.

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