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Trying to pick the right hot tub can be a confusing experience. Which model is the best? What features should you get?

Viking Spas offer a large range of high-quality, fully customizable yet affordable hot tubs. They have a wide range of plug-and-play spas as well as more luxurious hot tub models.

But are they the perfect brand for you?

Continue reading to see the 4 leading Viking Spa models. We're here to help you make the best purchase decision for your needs.

Our Top Choices For Viking Spas

Heritage 2

1. Heritage 2

  • Elite Series
  • 6 + person capacity with lounger
  • 71 jets
  • Best for luxury & comfort
Royal ETS

2. Royale ETS

  • Viking Series
  • 5 person capacity with 'Zero-G' lounger
  • 31 jets
  • Best for families
Aurora P+

3. Aurora P+

  • Viking Plug-N-Play from the Viking Series
  • 3 person capacity with lounger
  • 21 jets
  • Best portable small spa
  • Viking 3

    4. Viking 3

  • Viking Series
  • 4 to 5 person capacity
  • 20 jets
  • Best round hot tub
  • Viking Spa Price Points

    The cost of a new spa from Viking Spas can come out to as little as a $3,000, with prices increasing to the mid-range mark of around $7,000 to $10,000 plus for the larger feature-rich models.  

    Since Viking Spas have plenty of customization options and a 'build your spa' feature, they don't list their prices on their website. You have to request a quote or contact a Viking hot tub dealer.

    Viking Spas' mission is to produce high-quality spas with an affordable price tag. And we do have to say, they offer excellent value for money.

    How much you pay for your Viking spa will depend on several factors, such as the model and features you choose. Remember that the cost varies from dealer to dealer, as this brand sells worldwide.

    When putting together your budget, remember to factor in delivery and installation costs, as well as day-to-day running costs.

    We wouldn't want to see you wasting your precious time tracking down pricing quotes, so click on the button below. You'll get multiple quotes based on your hot tub preferences from spa dealers near your location. There is zero obligation to make a purchase, and our FREE service could save you thousands.

    Leading Models

    One of the best hot tub brands for affordability, Viking Spas have three distinct hot tub collections. Let's take a peek at Viking Spas leading models to help you find the right hot tub for your backyard.

    Heritage 2 - Best For Luxury & Comfort

    Viking Spas Elite Series features eight models, the Heritage 1&2, Legend 1&2, Legacy 1&2, and Tradition 1&2, the main differences between each version of the models being the number of jets.

    The Heritage 2 is Viking Spas' biggest lounger hot tub, designed with luxury and comfort in mind. With room for 6 plus people, it has two powerful pumps and comes with seventy-one jets for a superb hydrotherapy experience.

    The lounge seat alone features eighteen jets including foot and hand massage jets and there are four neck jets in each of the captains' chairs. This Viking spa has the Volcano jet in the footwell which can target pressure points for the ultimate foot massage.

    Viking Spas' Heritage 2 is a 92" square shape with a depth of 37.5" and a 370-gallon water capacity. Standard features of this spa include a solid resin floor, Mazzei Ozone injection for water sanitation, a Balboa power system, LED lights, and a water feature.

    Optional upgrades include the Air- X and Vibrosonic therapy system, wi-fi capable touchscreen controls, temperature Shield, FoamBoard insulation, and the spa cover upgrade called Black Elegance. You also have the option of listening to your favorite tunes with the integrated surround sound stereo system upgrade, ideal for mental relaxation.

    This Viking spa also has a great choice of color options. Three different spa shell colors and four stylish spa cover colors are available.

    The Viking Series showcases fourteen spas based on four main models, the Regal, Royale, Aurora, and Viking.

    The Royal ETS offers exceptional value and is the best hot tub for family relaxation, measuring 78" x 78" and 34" deep with a five-person capacity. It has plenty of great features and the Royal model was named Consumer Digest's Best Buy.

    Relax in the 'Zero-G' lounge seat or enjoy the heat of the water and an all-over massage in one of the captain's seats. It has a total of thirty-one jets and is great for relaxation or entertaining. For a varied massage experience, it has five different types of jets, including targeted neck jets.

    This 270-gallon water capacity tub comes with many of the same standard amenities as the Heritage model, such as the Mazzei Ozone injection, solid, resin floor, Balboa power system, spa lights, and LED lighting.

    There are also loads of additional extras such as the touch screen system with integrated audio or Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities, spa cover upgrade, insulation options, and a Vibrosonic therapy system.

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    You can choose the color of your spa, with four shell color options and also four cabinet colors, it's simple to coordinate the color scheme with your backyard.

    A great thing about the Viking Spa Royale is that it is also available as a 110V plug-n-play. This is a good option if you are looking to keep costs down as they cost less to install compared to a 240V setup as you don't need the services of an electrician for the wiring.

    Aurora P+ - Best Portable Small Spa

    The Viking Plug-N-Play Series hosts eight hot tub plug-and-play models from the Viking Series. These hot tub types are portable so are a good choice if you are renting or likely to move in the future.

    They have lower installation costs as you don't need an electrician to wire them in, so are also a great option for those on a budget. You simply fill it with water from the garden hose, plug it in and let it heat, then you are ready to relax. If you do decide you want more power, they can be converted to a standard 240V hot tub by an electrician.

    The Aurora P+ hot tub is a great compact tub with seating for three people. This portable hot tub measures 60" x 84" and is 34" deep with a 210-gallon water capacity.

    This hot tub has twenty-one massage jets in total with five different types of jets for a thorough massage experience and ultimate relaxation. It has a single pump and comes with LED lighting, spa light, water feature, and the stainless steel jet package.

    Upgrades include FoamBoard or Temperature Shield insulation, Mazzei Ozone injection, solid resin floor, wi-fi capable touch screen controls, and the Black Elegance hot tub cover, plus it has color options for the spa shell and cabinet.

    Last but not least, we will review the Viking 3. Found in the Viking Series, this was the brand's original spa model.

    A great choice if you are after a traditional round-shaped tub, this one has a diameter of 72" and depth of 35" with a water capacity of 250 gallons. This simple yet stylishly designed Viking spa can hold four to five people, perfect for all kinds of hot tubbing.

    The Viking 3 has twenty jets including a whirlpool jet. A more basic model, it comes with fewer standard features than the other models in our review, such as a single pump, LED lighting, spa light, stainless steel jet package, and Balboa power system.

    Upgrades include the insulation packages, solid resin floor, and Mazzei Ozone injection plus there are two color options for the shell and cabinet. There is no sound system or water feature option for the Viking spa but it is available as a 110v plug-and-play or standard 240V model.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Viking Spas have been in the spa industry for decades. Since the early 70s, they've been building high-quality yet affordable hot tubs.

    This business produces very energy-efficient spas, meeting the strict energy standard of the California Energy Commission. They use a minimal amount of electrical power while keeping an optimum pressure for the water jets. This allows minimalization of your energy bills without compromising your spa experience.

    Viking boasts industry-leading warranties and the safest shells. Their SoftTouchâ„¢ surface is slip-resistant and their spa shell comes with a lifetime warranty as it is pretty much indestructible.

    This company uses excellent components such as the Balboa branded equipment, no-maintenance cabinetry, and durable stainless steel jets, so you don' have to worry about reliability.

    If you are looking for swim spas or super elite luxury hot tubs, this particular company may not be for you.

    Other Brands To Consider

    It's always a good idea to take a look at the competition when you are making a big purchase, as there are so many other hot tub companies out there.

    Marquis Spas offer a collection of mid-range hot tub models with similar price points, plus they have loads of customization options available. Unlike Viking, Marquis Spas also have swim spas.

    If energy efficiency is particularly important to you or you, or if you live in cooler climates, consider Arctic Spas

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    Arctic's hot tubs are engineered for use in the harshest of climates with top-notch insulation systems.

    Like Viking, Arctic Spas also offer plenty of great upgrades and additional features without breaking the bank.

    The Bottom Line

    A leader in the hot tub industry, this business offers a great selection of durable, customizable, crazy value spas.

    With a good range of sizes and shapes, from the luxury setups to more basic plug-and-plays, this brand is likely to have something for everyone. They even have a 'build your own' feature on their website so you can fully customize your hot tub.

    Overall, Viking is one of the top hot tub brands on the market. I hope our reviews have helped you decide which model to go for, and I bet you can't wait to make that purchase and then jump in for some hydrotherapy and relaxation.

    Save yourself some time and fill out the questionnaire below to get several quotes at once. The quotes you receive will be based on your specific hot tub preferences. While our free service won't cost you a penny, it could end up saving you quite a few! 


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