Tuff Spas Reviews

Tuff Spas Reviews

If you want reliable information to help you decide whether or not Tuff Spas is the right spa manufacturer for you, look no further. 

We'll arm you with knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of the Tuff Spas brand, allowing you to make a well-informed purchase decision.

We'll also review 4 of their leading models so that you can select the option that fits your needs best.

Will Tuff Spas be the brand that you ultimately you choose? Let's find out!

Our Top Choices For Tuff Spas

TT650 Platinum

1. TT650 Platinum

  • 5-person capacity including lounger
  • 50 jets
  • Top features: Full body hydrotherapy, multicolored LED lighting, Tuff Top Cover
  • Best for ultimate luxury
TT250 Platinum

2. TT250 Platinum

  • 4-person capacity
  • 30 jets
  • Top features: Varied size & depth seating, full body hydrotherapy, Tuff Top Cover
  • Best small luxury spa
TT450 Standard

3. TT450

  • 7-person capacity
  • 22 jets
  • Top features: Plug-and-play, digital display, Tuff Top Cover
  • Best family spa
TT150 Standard

4. TT150

  • 2-person capacity
  • 22 jets
  • Top features: Digital display, double-lounge seat, Tuff Top Cover
  • Best small budget spa

Tuff Spas Price Points

Prices are not listed on the Tuff Spas website, however, their low-to-mid priced options range from to $2,995 to $6,495 MSRP, while their highest MSRPs range from $9,995 to $14,995. Note that consumers can get significant discounts on these MSRPs. This is done by getting in touch with individual retailers for quotes.

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If you are after a large luxury hot tub, consider the TT650 Platinum. Square-shaped measuring 77" by 77" and 29.5" in depth, this durable tub has seating for 5 people. A lounge seat is included, allowing you to lay back and relax to the fullest.

Featuring a whopping fifty jets this 220V Tuff spa holds 300 gallons of water and has a plethora of great features to maximize your spa experience including multicolored LED lighting and full body hydrotherapy that focuses on all the muscle trigger points.

This great spa comes with a 4 kW heater, two 4 bHP water pumps, Blue sTUFF Insulation and a solid base that helps trap heat for good energy efficiency. 

For easy maintenance this hot tub has a side access panel so you can get to the plumbing without any hassle.

For color matching with your backyard, the TT650 Platinum spa features Tuff Spas' exclusive stack stone panes in a choice of six different color options. There are also four color choices for the spa shell.

Like all Tuff Spas models, the TT650 Platinum comes with a Tuff Top cover and a lifetime warranty on the this cover and as well as the spa shell. The plumbing, electrics, and spa structure are covered by a 5-year warranty while the labor has 6 months.

If you have limited space but still want a luxury spa experience, take a look at Tuff Spas' TT250 Platinum model.

This 220V hot tub measures 77" by 60" with a depth of 29.5" and can accommodate up to four people in its seating options at a variety of depths and sizes.

Enjoy a full body massage and soaking experience from the thirty jets powered by a 4 bHP pump.

With a 250 gallon water capacity, this spa comes with a 4kw water heater, Blue sTUFF insulation, solid base, multi-colored LED lights, easy access panels for any plumbing maintenance, and the Tuff Top Cover.

This hot tub model comes with the same color options and warranty as the TT650 Platinum.

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If you are after a large hot tub that won't break the bank, Tuff Spas' TT450 is the ideal choice. Part of Tuff Spas' Standard collection, this good-sized tub is perfect for entertaining the family as it can comfortably fit up to seven people and has plenty of room, measuring 77" by 77" by 35".

This plug-and-play hot tub is easy to set up and doesn't require expensive wiring, simply fill it, plug it in and you are ready to relax with a soothing massage from its twenty-two hydrotherapy jets.

The TT450 comes with a 1kW water heater (4kW if converted to 220V), 2 HP pump, attractive lighting, an easy-to-use digital display, Tuff Top Cover, six color options for the outer panels, and four color choices for the interior spa shell.

With a 350 gallon water capacity, this Tuff Spas model comes with a lifetime warranty on the cover and spa shell, 5-years on the structure, 2 years on the plumbing and electrics, and 6 months on the labor.

Ideal for both smaller spaces and customers with a tight budget, the TT150 is a compact plug-and-play hot tub measuring 77" by 52" with a depth of 27" and has two seats perfect for reclining.

Another Tuff Spa Standard range model, this high-quality hot tub features lighting ideal for creating that relaxing ambience, a user-friendly digital display, Tuff Top cover, and much of the same features as the TT450 Standard hot tub model.

This cozy hot tub can hold 150 gallons of water and its twenty-two jets offer a soothing massage, perfect for melting away any worry and stress.

The TT150 comes with the same length warranty as the other Standard range hot tubs, and like the TT450 Standard, comes with a lifetime warranty on the spa shell and cover.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Tuff top Cover

Tuff Spas is set apart from other hot tub brands by their main selling point - the Tuff Top Cover. With a lifetime warranty, the hard cover gaskets help trap heat, increasing energy efficiency of the hot tub and prevent water loss by evaporation. The hard cover arm bars are made from powder-coated aluminum, and won't require replacing.

The Tuff Top Cover requires no maintenance, is strong and durable enough to hold 1000 + lbs in weight, and can be converted into a bar or shelf while the hot tub is in use. A single person can easily open and close this cover by themself, and it won't sag, rot, become waterlogged, or need replacing the way vinyl spa covers will.

The hard cover surface has an exclusively designed channel flow feature. This allows water to run off the cover, preventing water from pooling on top, even during heavy rainfall and extreme weather.


The Tuff Spas company makes us of multiple environmentally-friendly practices.

Unlike other spa manufacturers, Tuff Spas doesn't use hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the making of their products. Toxic air pollutants (namely styrene, a byproduct of the resin found in fiberglass) result from spraying fiberglass insulation. Neither urethane or polyurethane are sprayed into Tuff Spas tubs either.

The Tuff Spas insulation, called Blue sTUFF is made from recycled denim. Not only is Blue sTUFF sustainable, but it resists mold and mildew and offers strong protection against heat loss.

In addition, all trim and waste materials produced in this company's manufacturing process are reused or recycled. And if that wasn't enough, the spa cover's excellent structural integrity and lifetime warranty prevents Tuff Spas owners from needing to replace their hot tub covers every few years, ultimately reducing landfill waste.


Tuff Spas' master control centers, digital display controls, and heaters get 3 year limited warranties from the original manufacturers whereas salt systems and prozone oxidation systems are covered under warranty for 2 years. Fitting components, jets, and non-electrical mechanical parts are covered for 1 year.

Nothing mechanical lasts forever, and eventually or more of your hot tub components will need to be fixed or replaced. But because Tuff Spas are so common, Tuff spas parts are easy to get hold of.

Tuff Spas spa covers and shells come with a lifetime warranty. If you are the original owner, this warranty will cover any damage to the structural integrity of these parts.

Bear in mind that this lifetime warranty is non-transferable. If you purchase a pre-owned Tuff spa, the lifetime warranty will no longer apply.

Customization & Design

If you're interested in multiple customization options then Tuff Spas may not be for you. Although they do offer a decent range of features, particularly in their Platinum range, there aren't many upgrades available, nor fancy add-ons that customers can opt for.

Also, the aesthetic of Tuff Spas is quite minimalist. These models don't come in a range of bright and shiny colors. And while this may be a deal-breaker for some, many customers prefer this look.

Other Brands To Consider

With so many contenders in the spa business, we encourage prospective buyers to scope out what multiple brands have to offer before deciding on one. This way, you know you're getting exactly you want.


EcoSpas also produce rotomolded hot tubs with a hard cover.

The main difference between them and Tuff Spas is that the EcoSpa cover stands up vertically when the hot tub is opened, whereas the Tuff Spas cover sits flat and doubles as a shelf or bar.

The Tuff Spas cover will not obscure the view from any side of your spa.

EcoSpas offers additional features, including spa steps with storage, an ice-bucket, chrome jets, Wifi controls, and cover lifter system.

Our Eco Spa Hot Tub Reviews page explains this brand in further detail.

Strong Spas models and Tuff Spas models both come with the similar hard cover design, but the benefit of Strong Spas is that they offer a much larger selection of hot tub models.

With five different collections, many are actually 220V acrylic hot tubs but they also have plug-and-play models in their DuraSport Series.

Strong Spas offers 5 different collections, whereas Tuff Spas only offers 2. The majority of Strong Spa models are 220V which require installation, but their DuraSport Series offers multiple plug-and-play models which do not require installation.

If you are after lots of luxury features, a large quantity of jets, and high-end hydrotherapy experiences, then Strong Spas is worth considering.

Head over to our Strong Spas Reviews page for more information on this brand.

The Bottom Line

Tuff Spas is one of the best hot tub brands out there. Their line provides great low maintenance and low cost spa options. These models have a nice range of sizes and seating arrangements, plus they offer in-house financing. Their roto-molded spas are some of the toughest and most durable on the market today.

I hope our Tuff Spas review has been insightful and you've gained a clearer idea about the brand direction to head in for your new hot tub purchase. If Tuff Spas aren't what you're after, Strong Spas and Eco Spas are excellent alternative brand options.

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