Tiger river spas reviews

Tiger River Spas Reviews
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While Tiger River is not among the most commonly known hot tub brands, they do deliver quality products at affordable prices.

Not sure which model to go for?

Continue reading to learn about 3 of their best sellers!

Our Top Choices For Tiger River Spas


1. Tiger River Sumatran

  • Seats up to 6
  • Utilizes the IQ2020 spa system, enabling users to select the desired temperature

2. Tiger River Bengal

  • Seats 5
  • 3 attractive and customizable color options

3. Tiger River Caspian

  • Seats 6
  • Equipped with the Silent Flo 5000 technology to consume 40% less energy than the average hot tub

Tiger River Spas Prices

At prices that range from $3,000 to $11,000, this is a highly recommended option for those interested in everyday hydrotherapy minus the exorbitant pricing.

The overall cost of your tub will be determined by the dealer you ultimately choose to purchase from. And don't forget that there are associated delivery and installation fees.

Let us know the type of hot tub you're in the market for and we'll provide quotes for free! It's our job to take the hassle out of price shopping and there is no obligation to make a purchase. Click the button below to see accurate quotes near you.

Leading Models


This efficiently designed 4 to 6 seater Tiger River hot tub was meticulously crafted for durability and efficiency. It has intuitive temperature controls, a 310-gallon capacity, a no-fault heater, and an Ozone filtration system to keep the water clear.

This hot tub boasts a dimmable blue LED light, and buyers have the option of adding additional exterior lighting if they want more ease of access at night. Though small, the Sumatran is powerfully hydrotherapeutic.

It has 18 jets including two rotary hydromassage jets, two directional jets, 10 precision jets and a JetStream jet in the footwell. This diverse jet array makes for a massage like no other.

The Bengal comes in three luxurious colors, which is rare at this price point. Colors include a refined sterling marble, a muted sand hue, and a fascinating deep blue called ocean. There are 3 colors to choose from for the corresponding cabinets, allowing full control in matching your new purchase to the aesthetic of your backyard or patio.

More than 30 jets are operated by the Wavemaster jet pump. Key stress areas are pinpointed by the 2 dual port rotary hydromassage jets, a 3 jet-cluster system, 7 directional hydromassage jets and 14 precision jets.

The Ozone filtration system requires less use of harsh chemicals and the energy-saving components help save money on electric bills after the initial investment. The Bengal is great for those who want a sophisticated, energy-saving system with enough room to comfortably entertain 4 of their friends.

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The Caspian is the largest of the Tiger River Spa models. With tons of space, this 6 seater offers great value for the money.

Not only does this model come with the corresponding cabinet and dimmable LEDs, but it also has Amur lighting, which means the whole system is backlit with blue LED lighting.

The 36 total jets are powered by a two-speed pump system that is durable and reliable.

Owners can to start and finish a cleaning cycle in ten minutes at the push of a button, and the Caspian automatically turns off after each complete cycle.

It comes equipped with a Freshwater III Ozonator

Strengths & Weaknesses

This company is a smaller but well-established hot tub brand, great for those looking for an American-made spa with a design built to last. With simple, easy-to-use controls, a gliding cover, and quality lighting, there is not much lacking in the Tiger River line of hot tubs.

One of the most appealing characteristics of these models is their filtration system. No user wants to worry about dirty water when ready for a soak, and this brand's filtration technology is built to attack algae, rust, detergents, and unnecessary chemicals. This system is next to silent and works continuously, meaning you can focus less on cleaning your spa and more on enjoying your soak. For users who desire a more natural approach to keeping their hot tub clean, there is an option to upgrade to the EverFresh system, which utilizes silver ions for cleansing.

Another upgrade possible on the lineup of hot tubs is a Navigator deluxe remote control, which makes it possible to adjust the spa functions from your seat. The no-fault heating component within the spa system is 100% resistant to corrosion due to an 825 Incolloy sheat. The low wattage density that comes with this system will enable the heater to last longer than other spas on the market.

One weakness we'll point out is that we couldn't locate information on the warranties offered by this manufacturer. Again, this brand's offerings are limited compared to other brands on the market, but we think Tiger River is still a top competitor in the spa world.

Other Brands To Consider

Hot Spring

Hot Spring's Flair model seats six, features a lounge chair, and is salt-system ready.

The footwell system is deep and wide, making for roomy comfort for you and your guests - none of that awkward accidentally bumping into each other underwater.

The 5 shell colors and 3 cabinet colors offer a unique opportunity to customize your machine.

With 43 massagers of various types, the Flair takes massage therapy seriously. 

Dispersed among the seats are different jet types including: directional, directional precision, rotary precision, XL dual rotary and XL single rotary.

This is a traditional 230V hot tub that requires installation.

If you're looking for something smaller, Hudson Bay's HB31 is a compact 3 person hot tub with more lighting options than the Tiger River Sumatran.

It has 31 stainless steel massagers, digital controls that make it easy to adjust various functions and multicolored underwater mood lighting.

The HB31 is only available with a white shell and  mocha colored cabinet. 

It uses anti-fungicide tubing that prevents bacteria from building up in the lines, resulting in sparkling clear water year-round.

The warranty covers the structure and shell for 3 years, major components and plumbing for 1 year, and labor for 90 days.

This is a 115V plug-and-play, so hiring an electrician is not required.

If you haven't yet found what you're looking for, our Best Hot Tub Brands page features a list of the most trusted spa manufacturers on the market.

The Bottom Line

This smaller manufacturer has taken a serious look at the features consumers most want, and answered the call successfully.

The approachable price points on the Bengal, Sumatran, and Caspian models make for an attractive purchase. No need to break the bank in order to get your own Tiger River brand tub. 

If you're looking for the best deal out there, simply answer a few quick questions below. We get spa dealers near you to compete for your business which results in the lowest pricing. Our service is completely FREE and there is zero obligation to purchase. Get your quotes today!

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