Tidalfit Swim Spa Reviews

Tidalfit Swim Spa Reviews
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Buying a new swim spa can be a confusing old business, there are so many swim spa manufacturers and different brands on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Tidalfit offers a great range of swim spas from their exercise pools to their Fit Spas collection, they have something for every level of exercise ability and hydrotherapy requirement.

Carry on reading to learn all about the Tidalfit brand and its leading swim spa models.

Our Top Choices For Tidalfit Swim Spa

TidalFit DTL-8

1. Fit Spa DTL-8

  • Separate spa and pool area
  • Dimensions: 'L'-shaped measuring 168" x 182" x 54"

  • Dual-temperature feature

  • Most luxurious swim spa

TidalFit Pro EP-15

2. Pro EP-15

  • Swim spa with hydrotherapy options

  • Dimensions: 180" x 91" x 60"

  • Deep with plenty of space

  • Best for fitness & exercise enthusiasts

TidalFit Core Swimmer

3. Core Swimmer

  • Basic swim spa model
  • Dimensions: 169" x 91" x 54"

  • Plenty of optional extras available

  • Best budget swim spa

Tidalfit Swim Spa Price Points

Like many of the big swim spa manufacturers, Tidalfit does not list their purchase prices on their website, as there will be variation between customers depending on factors such as features chosen and installation preferences, such as above-ground or semi-in ground.

Tidalfit swim spas are quite reasonably priced. Tidalfit swim spas start at around $13,000, with purchase prices increasing to $35,000 plus depending on the model and setup chosen.

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Leading Models

Swim spas are a great alternative to traditional swimming pools as they generally cost less and take up less space while offering excellent exercise options as well as the therapy benefits of a spa.

Next, let's take a peek at some of Tidalfit's leading swim spa models on the market today, I'm sure you will absolutely love one of these Tidalfit swim spas!

Fit Spa DTL-8 - Most Luxurious Swim Spa

The unique DTL-8 is an L-shaped swim spa measuring 168" x 182" x 54" which is split into a pool area and spa.

It offers the perfect blend of relaxation, and health and fitness options.

Ideal for anyone from fitness enthusiasts to beginner swimmers, the pool section has plenty of room, measuring 168" x 91" x 54".

It features the quad swim jet system that has four swim jets and two 4.0 horsepower swim pumps with adjustable top speeds, so that you can create the ideal swim current for your ability.

Other standard features include grab rails, spa lights, a high-flow circulation system, water feature, advanced digital controls, and spa cover. Optional extras for the pool include DynaBrite LED lights, and Ozonator water purification for minimal water care.

You can exercise or just relax to your favorite tunes if you opt for a Bluetooth stereo system with speakers, and a wifi module.

Fitness enthusiasts can also opt for the aquatic training system. This package includes row bars, resistance bands, and a waist belted tether. This creates a variety of exercise options such as strength training and aquatic running, so you'll never get bored with just swimming.

The deep spa section measures 91" x 91" x 54" and has seating for five people. It includes a lounge seat, perfect for relaxation after a good workout or if you just want to chill out in the water after a tough day at the office.

The dual-temperature feature of this swim spa means the temperatures of the spa and pool sections can be controlled separately. You can simultaneously have the pool at a cooler temperature for exercise while having warm water in the spa area.

The spa area has load of jets including the dual footblaster jets, allowing you to enjoy a full body massage. Standard features include spa lights and high-flow circulation system with filters, plus there are loads of optional extras such as the DynaBrite multicolored LED lights, Bluetooth stereo system, wifi unit, water feature, and various water purification systems.

If you are all about aquatic exercise and aren't too fussed about hot tubs, then consider one of Tidalfit's exercise pools. Probably one the best Tidalfit exercise pools is the Pro EP-15.

Measuring 180" x 91" x 60", this deep swim spa has loads of room for all kinds of exercise as well as swimming and plain old pool relaxation. It also features three jetted spa seats at one end of the pool, so you can still enjoy a relaxing massage after a good workout.

Standard features of this Tidalfit swim spa include an advanced digital control system, spa lights, maintenance- free cabinet, high-flow rate circulation system, 5.5 kW water heater, grab rails, ABS base, and full-foam insulation.

If you want to use this swim spa for exercise and swimming, then the quad swim jet system featuring four jets with two 3 horsepower pumps is an optional extra for this model, as is the thirty-four jets hydrotherapy system. You can control the top speeds of the swim current, making it perfect for beginner, advanced, or intermediate swimmers.

Other optional extras for this swim spa include a Bluetooth stereo system, patio speakers and subwoofer, wifi unit, DynaBrite LED lighting, various water purification systems such as an Ozonator, and a water feature.

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You can also get the exercise equipment package for this Tidalfit swim spa model. This includes resistance bands or stretch cords ideal for strength training, row bars, and waist belted tether for swimming or aquatic running.

When it comes to installation options, you can opt for a semi-in ground spa where it is partly sunk into the earth, making it more energy efficient.

Core Swimmer - Best budget swim spa

If you are on a tighter budget, we recommend the Core Swimmer.

Perfect for relaxing pool fun for the whole family as well as for aquatic exercise.

A smaller more basic swim spa measuring 169" x 91" x 54", this Tidalfit swim spa comes with grab rails, ABS base, full-foam insulation, touchscreen topside spa controls, spa cover, spa lights, 5.5 kW heater, and high-flow circulation system.

Like the Pro EP-15 swim spa model, the quad swim jet system is an optional extra, plus it has many of the same optional extras such as the stretch cords and exercise equipment, so you can really customize your swim spa.

A more basic swim spa model, it doesn't feature the jetted massage seats. For the semi-in ground installed option, you can have the textured rock-style cabinet, otherwise, the above-ground version comes with the maintenance-free cabinet.

Strengths & Weaknesses

This brand of swim spas has an incredible exercise equipment package, allowing you to engage in a wide variety of workouts. From aquatic running to strength training to rowing with the row bars, these spas are quite versatile.

In the Tidalfit Fit Spa range, dual-temperature control comes as standard. Buyers can choose between the unique L-shaped set up and the more traditional rectangular swim spas. With either of these options, you'll get the benefits of owning a pool and hot tub in one.

Tidalfit swim spas offer great swim jet systems with their quad jets or badu jets. The quad jets are a good choice for beginner to intermediate swimmers while the more powerful badu jets are better suited for advanced workouts.

One of the best things about Tidalfit swim spas is that many of the models come with a variety of installation options. Pick an above-ground setup or semi-in ground fit for better energy efficiency.

Tidalfit doesn't list the prices of their models online, which some customers may find frustrating, plus they don't do stand-alone hot tubs. However, they are a branch of the Artesian Spas company that does make fabulous hot tub models.

Other Brands To Consider

With so many swim spa manufacturers out there, its always good to consider your options.

Endless Pools make excellent swim spas and customized workout pools. An Endless Pool may set you back a bit more than a Tidalfit model, but if you looking at really individualizing your setup, they are definitely worth a look.

Master Spas is another fantastic swim spa company. They feature top-of-the-line swim jet systems and a range endorsed by the Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps swim spas are a superb alternative for those who take their workouts seriously. Not only that, but Master Spas also has a wonderful collection of hot tub models with plenty of jets.

The Bottom Line

Tidalfit offers some of the best swim spas on the market. From the Tidalfit exercise pools to the Fit Spas range, with Tidalfit swim spas you can enjoy all the benefits of a pool and spa in your own home at the fraction of the cost of a traditional in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Plus, it's a whole lot cheaper than moving closer to the ocean in order to get your swim work out in!

With nine Tidafit swim spa models which have many customizable options, we are sure you'll find something you will absolutely love. I do hope our review has helped you find the right model for you.

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