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Let’s face it, hot tubs can be expensive. Everyone wants a hot tub, but not everyone is able to afford one...

The beauty of Thermospas hot tubs is that they are high-quality, yet still affordable for your average person. Whether you are trying to create a top-tier relaxation spa experience for your home or just find an affordable tub that you can toss in your backyard for those laid-back, late nights, Thermospas has a tub for you!

If you’re unsure about buying a Thermospas hot tub, make sure to continue reading our Thermospas hot tub reviews so that you can get all the information you need!

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Our Top Choices For Thermospas

Thermospas Concord Review

1. Concord

  • Best mid-sized hot tub
  • 5 person capacity
  • 51 to 99 jets
  • Therapy seats with built-in pillows, removable ice-bucket
Park Avenue Review

2. Park Avenue

  • Best selling hot tub
  • 5 person capacity
  • 42 to 118 jets
  • Double-width reversible lounger, deep footwell
Gemini Review

3. Gemini

  • Best for couples
  • 2 person capacity
  • 28 to 51 jets
  • Customizable color options, built-in pillows
Manhattan Review

4. Manhattan

  • Best large luxury hot tub
  • 8 person capacity
  • 56 to 172 jets
  • High-end features, reversible lounger, lumbar support


Thermospas is a company that is based out of Wallingford, Connecticut. They have been manufacturing hot tubs for almost four decades with a direct-to-consumer model. It wasn’t until 2012 that they were acquired by the Jacuzzi brand, though even then, Jacuzzi kept the direct-to-consumer model alive, as the company has always been known for having top-notch customer service.

Currently, Thermospas has a good selection of above-ground hot tubs from low to high prices, each with their own customizable features. Their hot tubs have received many accolades and awards, one of the most prominent being the Designer Series, which was the very first hot tub to receive the Arthritis Foundation Award.



The Concord is the ideal mid-size hot tub for smaller families, as it accommodates up to five people maximum.

It comes complete with two luxurious therapy seats, each of which have built-in pillows and wrap-around armrests for total comfort.

These luxurious seats are also angled toward one another so that you can continue conversation while using them.

In terms of customizing these seats, you can add extra depth for deeper relaxation and intimacy. While the loveseat provides lovers with a place to cuddle and be close, the corner therapy seat provides solitary serenity for those looking for a moment of peace.

Each one of these seats come with grab bars for safety. Below them is the v-shaped floor, which has jets that provide comfortable leg and calf massages. If you’re feeling fancy, you can look at the removable ice bucket / serving tray, perfect for hosting on couples’ night! With an array of shell colors to choose from, deep massage therapy seats, and enough room for five, it’s the perfect mid-sized hot tub in the line of Thermospas.


The Park Avenue is one of Thermospas best-selling hot tubs.

It comes with enough seats to comfortably accommodate 5 adults, as well as a minimum of 42 jets and a maximum of 118.

It is incredibly versatile over with a double-wide, reversible lounge and therapy seats.

It has a variety of shell and cabinet colors to pick from too.

The reversible lounge comes with soft, comfortable pillows on each end, allowing spa-goers to lounge head to head or head to feet, perfect for both those who want to get intimate and those who want to have a conversation. 

There are two contoured therapy seats at the other end of the tub, each with built-in pillows and wrap-around armrests for pure comfort! There is a deep foot well, which rests at the very center of the tub, perfect for those who are looking for a deep calf or foot massage. You also have a fifth seating area that rests directly next to an ultra-powerful array of Whirlpool Jets, great for those who need a deep-tissue massage.

The Park Avenue hot tub is one of the most versatile on the list. It’s great for those who are in the market for a romantic spa or a party tub.


The Thermospas Gemini model is an excellent choice for a couple that wants a nice, intimate place to enter a state of pure relaxation.

It comes with two seats and can be customized to use anywhere from 28 to 51 jets.

It’s elegant and slim design makes it an excellent choice for either indoor or outdoor use, and thanks to the wide variety of shell and cabinet colors, you can customize it to fit your home’s decor.

There aren’t many spas out there that can fit in really tight places like the Gemini can. Don’t underestimate it based on size though, as this tiny little hot tub has been decked out with built-in pillows and big jet configurations just like many of the larger, standard-size models. While it is great for those that are looking for a single-style tub to enjoy much-needed alone time, many customers praise it for its intimacy.

Both sides of the hot tub feature different jet configurations and seating designs. The seats are both contoured to run pretty deep, giving bathers more than enough room to stretch out far while keeping their heads above water to take advantage of the neck massage. At the bottom, they even have an array of jets that provide a wonderful foot massage.

The beauty of the small size is that you can either install the Gemini inside or outside. When closed, it simply looks like a nice piece of wooden furniture. Whether you are limited on space or looking for a practical and intimate way to enjoy the comforts of a spa, the Gemini is a solid choice!

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If you are looking for the biggest and the best in the line of Thermospas hot tubs, look no further than the Manhattan.

This massive hot tub is large enough to hold eight adults and can be customized with anywhere from 56 to 172 jets.

There are a variety of high-quality shell and cabinet colors to choose from too!

The Manhattan is surely the king of the Thermospas line and it definitely makes a good match for other large and luxury hot tub models on the market.

It can fit up to six adults with enough space to move around, though you can easily fit eight thanks to the number of seating areas.

This means that each person will be able to have their very own full-range massage. There is a long, reversible lounge that provides users with two different therapeutic experiences. The reversible lounge also comes equipped with lighted grab bars and head rests for safety and comfort respectively.

There is a small, raised bench in the middle of the lounge so that you can read a book or enjoy a glass of wine if you want. Across from the lounge are two smaller seating areas that provide enough room to stretch your legs, as well as a small footwell if you’re looking to get a good calf or foot massage.

There are two corner therapy seats, each of which have lumbar support and wrap around armrests for pure comfort. Though they may look the same, each of them comes with a unique jet set. Overall, the Manhattan is a pretty impressive, luxury tub, perfect for larger parties!

Though this is a bit bigger than the Manhattan, we don’t really consider it to be a “hot tub”, as it is in its own league.

The Aquacisor fits seven adults and can be customized with anywhere from 38 to 67 jets.

Not only does it provide deep massages and hours of entertainment, it also provides low-impact exercise for those who are into resistance training.

The Aquacisor is the deepest hot tub in the world, as it doubles as a high-quality workout machine. There are a variety of attachments that you can use with the Aquacisor, including rowing attachments, jogging attachments, strength training attachments, and much more! It creates a powerful current to and is convenient enough to set up with ease in a matter of minutes!

When you’re all done working out, you can flip on the jet and enjoy a zen-like, full-body massage, to help relax and soothe those muscle tissues. If you really want to amp it up, you can upgrade with an LED lighting package or a deluxe stereo package!


Thermospas prices can vary pretty greatly, as they depend on the types of features that you ultimately choose.

Their hot tubs can run anywhere from $4,000 to $22,000. If you are looking to get an exact quote, you can visit their website and "build your own" for free to get a better idea.


They earned a 4.2 star rating (out of 5 stars) with 109 customer reviews. We are not alone at highly recommending this brand.

Here are a few Thermospas consumer reviews below:

Thermospas consumer reviews
spas testimonial one
Spas testimonial two


Thermospas has always been known for their high-quality customer service,and when something happens to your hot tub, they can help you fix it! Unfortunately, some things might break due to causes out of your control. Those things might end up being out of warranty.

Luckily, you can find an array of Thermospas replacement parts on their website. They have everything from filter to covers and beyond. If you’re looking for a Thermospas parts manual or Thermospas Parts Diagram, you can find that here.

couple relaxing
mid-sized hot tub



While most spa manufactures will give shell warranties of about five years maximum, Thermospas has so much confidence in their designs that they provide a 20-year limited warranty. The plumbing, pump, and heater, are covered under a 10-year prorated warranty. You can learn more about their warranty program here.


Unlike many hot tub and spa manufacturers, Thermospas still operates under a direct-to-consumer model, meaning you won’t find them at local spa dealers or big box chains. Visit their website to find out how you can purchase one!


If you can’t afford a Thermospas hot tub at the moment but don’t want to wait to enjoy one, you’ll be happy to find out that they have a financing program that allows you to make monthly payments. You can apply on their website.


Want to dig in a little deeper and see the Thermospas specs? Check out the Thermospas manual here!


Hot tubs are a huge investment for a lot of people. Whether you are looking to get a Thermospas hot tub as a means of relaxation, pain relief, intimacy, or all of the above, we believe Thermospas is an excellent investment.

They have many different packages available, meaning you’ll be able to find one that works for your budget and needs.

We hope that our Thermospas review has inspired you to pick up the hot tub of your dreams. Today is your day to relax!

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