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Let’s face it, hot tubs can be expensive. 

The beauty of Thermospas hot tubs is that they are high-quality, yet still affordable.

Whether you're creating a top-tier relaxation spa experience for your home, or just looking for a tub that you can toss in your backyard for those laid-back, late nights, Thermospas has a model for you!

Our Thermospas reviews will explore 4 of the leading models on the market to aide in your purchase decision.

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Our Top Choices For Thermospas

Thermospas Concord Review

1. Concord

  • Best mid-sized hot tub
  • 5 person capacity
  • 51 to 99 jets
  • Built-in pillow jets & removable ice-bucket
Park Avenue Review

2. Park Avenue

  • Best selling hot tub
  • 5 person capacity
  • 42 to 118 jets
  • Double-width reversible lounger & deep footwell
Gemini Review

3. Gemini

  • Best for couples
  • 2 person capacity
  • 28 to 51 jets
  • Built-in pillow jets & customizable color options
Manhattan Review

4. Manhattan

  • Best large luxury hot tub
  • 8 person capacity
  • 56 to 172 jets
  • Reversible lounger & high-end control panel


Thermospas hot tubs run anywhere from $5,000 to $22,000. For a fairly basic hot tub with standard features, such as simple whirlpool jets and comfortable seating, you can expect to pay around $5,000. If you want to go beyond standard features and include unique elements, such as a cover lifter or total control therapy, you'll have to pay a bit more.

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Thermospas is based out of Wallingford, Connecticut and they have been manufacturing hot tubs for almost four decades with a direct-to-consumer model. It wasn’t until 2012 that they were acquired by the Jacuzzi hot tub brand. Jacuzzi kept the direct-to-consumer model alive, as the company has always been known for having top-notch customer service.

Currently, Thermospas has a good selection of above-ground hot tubs from entry-level to luxury prices. Each new spa comes with its own customizable features. Their hot tubs have received many accolades and awards, one of the most prominent being for the Designer Series, which was the very first hot tub to receive the Arthritis Foundation Award.

Thermospas wide range of notable features include energy-saving components, premium shells and cabinetry, ambient LED lighting, and high-tech controls. With several different colors to pick from, you can create the perfect spa to match the aesthetic of your backyard.

The jets and overall hydrotherapy experience is the focal point behind Thermospas manufacturing. You'll have complete control over specialized massage features, from the Total Control Therapy seat, which offers jet control from seat to seat, to the Wave Lounge, which offers a specialized form of massage therapy to each part of the body.

While the spas found in the Thermospas lineup may not be some of the most luxurious or glamorous in terms of the overall design, they are workhorses inside and out. Components include quality bubble systems, filters, and pumps, to keep your hot tub running smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifetime, all while maintaining clean and healthy water.

Most of these hot tub models can be upgraded with stereo systems, removable ice bucket trays, and other additional features for a more luxurious spa experience.


If you're looking for a good blend of customer service and quality materials, Thermospas is one of the most popular spa companies to choose from. While the stock models are excellent, as we will soon see, customization and additional features are widely available.


The Concord model is the ideal mid-size hot tub for smaller families, as it accommodates up to five people maximum.

This Thermospas hot tub comes complete with two luxurious therapy seats, each of which have built-in pillows and wrap-around armrests for total comfort.

These luxurious spa seats are angled toward one another to promote intimacy and uninterrupted conversation. While the loveseat provides lovers with a place to cuddle and be close, the corner therapy seat provides solitary serenity for those looking for a moment of peace.

It is built with grab bars for safety while using v-shaped floor beneath. The jets in this space provide stress-melting leg and calf massages. 

The removable ice bucket / serving tray is convenient when for hosting parties. It also comes with a deluxe LED lighting package and an array of shell colors to choose from.



The Park Avenue model is one of the best-selling Thermospas hot tub products.

This Thermospas hot tub comes with enough seats to comfortably accommodate 5 adults, and customers can select from between 42 and 118 jets.

The extra wide reversible lounger comes with soft, comfortable pillows on each end, allowing spa-goers to lounge head to head or head to feet.

There are two contoured therapy seats at the other end of the tub, each with built-in pillows and wrap-around armrests for pure comfort! 

A deep foot well rests at the very center of the hot 

tub, perfect for those interested in deep calf and foot massages. A fifth seating area is located directly next to an ultra-powerful array of Whirlpool Jets.

The Park Avenue Thermospas tub is one of the most versatile hot tub models on the list, as it can double as both a great romantic spa, as well as a party tub.


The Thermospas Gemini hot tub model is an excellent choice for couples looking for an intimate place to enter a state of pure relaxation.

There are two seats and can be customized with anywhere from 28 to 51 jets.

The elegant and slim hot tub design lends itself for either indoor or outdoor use, and thanks to the wide variety of shell and cabinet colors, you can customize it to fit your home’s decor.

There aren’t many spas out there that can fit in really tight places like the Gemini hot tub can. Don’t underestimate it based on size though, as this tiny little hot tub has been decked out with built-in pillows and big jet configurations just like many of the larger, standard-size models. 

Each end of the hot tub features a different jet configuration and seating design. Both seats are contoured to run pretty deep for more than enough room to stretch out.

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If you are looking for the biggest and the best in the line of Thermospas hot tubs, look no further than the Manhattan. It gives other large and luxury hot tub models on the market a run for their money. 

Each seat can deliver a full-range massage and the unit can be customized with anywhere from 56 to 172 jets.

The long, reversible lounge provides an amazing therapeutic experience and comes equipped with illuminated grab bars and head rests for safety and comfort.

You can control the LED lightingswirl jets, and water temperature using the integrated control panel, which we absolutely love. And for added luxury, you can upgrade to the deluxe LED lighting package.

There are two built-in therapy seats, each of which have lumbar support and wrap around armrest. Though these seats look similar, each of them comes with a unique jet set. Overall, the Manhattan is a pretty impressive, luxury tub, perfect for larger parties!

The Aquacisor fits seven adults and can be customized with anywhere from 38 to 67 jets.

Not only does it provide deep massages and hours of entertainment, it also provides low-impact exercise for those interested in resistance training.

The Aquacisor is the deepest hot tub in the world, and doubles as a high-quality workout machine.

Attachments that you can use with the Aquacisor include rowing attachments, jogging attachments, strength training attachments, and much more! 

It creates a powerful current to and is convenient enough to set up with ease in a matter of minutes!

When you’re all done working out, simply flip on the jets and enjoy a Zen-like, full-body massage to soothe those sore muscle tissues. If you really want to amp it up, the LED lighting package and deluxe stereo package are optional extras.


Thermospas hot tubs earned a 4.2 star rating (out of 5 stars) with 109 customer reviews and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. We are not alone at highly recommending this brand.

Here are a few Thermospas consumer reviews below:

Thermospas consumer reviews
spas testimonial one
Spas testimonial two


Thermospas has always been known for its high-quality customer service, and when something happens to your hot tub they can help you fix it! Components of your Thermospas tub might break due to age and other causes out of your control. Having a strong service department is important in the hot tub industry.

If you aren't dealing with a new hot tub, those components will eventually end up being out of warranty. But luckily, there are an array of Thermospas replacement parts on the Thermospas website.

The Thermospas website also sells filters and covers. You can find Thermospas parts manuals and parts diagrams here.

couple relaxing
mid-sized hot tub



While most spa manufacturers have a 5-year maximum shell warranty, Thermospas has so much confidence in the designs of their hot tubs that they provide a 10-year limited shell warranty. The plumbing, pump, and heater, are covered under a 10-year prorated warranty as well. The lengths of these warranties are not commonly seen in other brands.

Here's what you can expect from Thermospas warranties:

  • 20-Year Warranty on Structural Components - The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for 20 years.
  • 10-Year Warranty on Shells - The warranty covers shell surface defects from workmanship and materials for ten years.
  • 10-Year Warranty on Equipment - This warranty covers defects in plumbing, jets, wall fittings, heaters, pumps, and other internal equipment for up to ten years.
  • 3-Year Warranty on Cabinetry - This warranty covers the structural integrity of cabinetry for up to three years from the time the spa is delivered to the consumer.

The extended warranties that Thermospas provides on its hot tub models give you more peace of mind than you might get with other brands.

Learn more about their warranty program on the Thermospas website here.


Unlike many hot tub and spa manufacturers, Thermospas still operates under a direct-to-consumer model, meaning you won’t find their hot tubs at local spa dealers or big box chains. Visit their website to find out how you can purchase one!

THERMOSPAS Troubleshooting

There will likely come a time when you will have to troubleshoot an aspect of your new tub, especially as the years go on and it sees more and more usage. This is where having a helpful service department and a community of users can come in handy.

Luckily, the Thermospas site has a number of answers to all of the most common troubleshooting questions, complete with in-depth question-and-answer outlines that can be extremely helpful in the event of a small hot tub crisis.

User guides and manuals are available on the Thermospas site.


Hot tubs can be a very expensive investment, which is why so many consumers rely on financing when they want to get their hands on a high-quality hot tub. Fortunately, many companies offer great financing options, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of soaking without spending a ton of money upfront.

If you can’t afford a Thermospas hot tub at the moment but don’t want to wait to enjoy one, you’ll be happy to find out that Thermospas offers a financing program that allows you to make monthly payments on their hot tubs and swim spas


We hope you enjoyed our Thermospas review!

Whether you are looking to get a Thermospas hot tub as a means of relaxation, pain relief, intimacy, or all of the above, we believe a Thermospas tub is an excellent investment and one of the best hot tub brands in the spa industry today.

Thermospas offers many different packages, meaning you’ll be able to find one that works for your budget and needs. Plus, you'll get total control therapy and reduced regular maintenance with each tub.

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