Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo

Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo

Given that most of us work with a fixed budget and relatively limited space, is a swim spa/hot tub combo really the best way to make the most out of your backyard space?

On the surface, these integrated swimming, exercise, hydrotherapy, and relaxation products seem to have a lot to offer. But, are there too many compromises compared to traditional pools and spas?

This review covers everything you'll need to know about swim spa/hot tub combinations. I'll include information on pricing, the main benefits, and a full review of the 3 most popular models currently available.

Our Favorite Combo Models

MP Momentum Deep 150

1. MP Momentum Deep (by Master Spas)

  • Endorsed by Michael Phelps
  • Strongest water current for advanced swimming
  • 45 hydrotherapy jets and 2 Master-Blaster jets
  • Energy-efficient water current generation

Integrity Spas Grand Cayman Extreme 150

2. Integrity Spas Grand Cayman Extreme

  • 8 hydrotherapy seats
  • 71 massage jets for neck, back, thighs, calves, and feet
  • Smooth current adjustable to suit most levels
  • Lots of high-spec extras included as standard

Endless Pools E2000 150

3. Endless Pools E2000

  • Optional underwater treadmill, aqua-bike, resistance and rowing systems
  • Longest swimming/exercise area
  • 3 illuminated waterfalls
  • App-controlled multicolor lighting

Price Points

A swim spa hot tub combination may seem like an expensive purchase, with prices starting around $15,000 and going up to over $35,000 (depending on your choice of extras and accessories). However, there are a couple of important considerations which make this a much more cost-effective option than you might think.

If you were to buy a swim spa and hot tub separately, you would end up paying much more for an equivalent level of specification. Even the most basic swim spas start cost around $9,000-$15,000 and, although cheaply made hot tubs can be purchased for under $5000, most decent models sit in the $8,000-$16,000+ range. Factor in two sets of delivery and installation charges and the prices climb quite steeply.

If you compare the cost of a swim spa hot tub combo vs building a backyard in-ground swimming pool ($35,000-$70,000) and buying a hot tub, you'll see just how good of an investment a single unit swim spa/hot tub combo really is.

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Leading Manufacturers Of Swim Spa Hot Tub Combos

MP Momentum Deep (by Master Spas)

Master Spas are a leading manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, renowned for their build quality and excellent features. The MP series swim spa models are all endorsed by legendary multiple-Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps and designed to test even the most high-performing swimmers.

The MP Momentum Deep is the largest model in the range at 231"x 94"x 60" and the only one offering a dual-temperature system with the hydrotherapy seats in a separate hot tub section rather than built into the main swimming and fitness area.

For Swimming and Fitness

As you'd expect, the MP Momentum is more aimed at the elite swimmer than most swim spa models. The Wave XP Pro Propulsion system can produce currents equivalent to swimming 100m in less than 75 seconds, which would be a real test for anyone to maintain for long.

However, that doesn't mean an MP swim spa isn't suitable for family fun swimming. The "0-100" control system lets you have a gentle current just as readily and smoothly as a more powerful one. The propulsion system is also one of the most energy-efficient on the market, great news if you're going to be using it a lot.

For when you fancy a different type of fitness training, the MP Momentum Deep comes with Master Spas' H2Xercise system. This setup facilitates aquatic jogging, rowing, yoga, and a wide range of resistance exercises.

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For Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

The spa area in the MP Momentum Deep can be maintained at a water temperature up to 104 degrees, significantly warmer than the swim spa section.

The hot tub seats five, with the two premium contoured seats in the corners both featuring neck pillows and jets for back, shoulder, thigh, and calf massage. Overall, there are 45 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, in addition to two "Master Blasters" (oversized foot massage jets).

Although the number of jets doesn't perhaps compare with some very top-end hot tubs, the specific targeting and power they provide add up to a very effective full-body massage.

The Grand Cayman Extreme is the deeper version of Integrity Spas' already excellent dual-zone, dual-temperature Grand Cayman model.

14" deeper in fact, which means more water resistance when exercising and greater immersion when it's time to relax and unwind.

With overall dimensions of 228" x 88" x 62", the Grand Cayman Extreme takes up slightly less space than the MP Momentum but is still hardly cramped in terms of either the fitness area or the spa section.

For Swimming and Fitness

Integrity Spas have packed 4 powerful "turbo" swim jets into the Grand Cayman Extreme. These produce enough current to be a valid rival to the Master Spas Michael Phelps series. However, the overall design doesn't target serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts to quite the same extent.

Firstly, the configuration of the swim pump and jets is designed to provide artificial lift as well as current. This extra "buoyancy" slightly changes the technique used for swimming and doesn't fully translate into performance in the public pool. Interestingly, those who like to swim in the ocean have said it is much closer to the experience.

In terms of meeting your fitness goals, the depth of the pool makes it ideal for aquatic jogging and there is a resistance kit available to facilitate other exercise types. However, the overall feel is that this swim spa is more tailored towards accessible exercise for all the family than hardcore training.

For Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

For me, this is where the Grand Cayman really comes into its own. With a generous 8-seater spa area featuring 75 high-grade stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, it's a noticeable step up from the hot tub sections in most other combo spas.

Another great hydrotherapy feature is the range of seat configurations. The Grand Cayman extreme includes a captain's chair and two loungers (with multiple thigh and calf jets), each with reverse molded neck jets to add an extra dimension to the massage.

When it comes time to relax with friends, the Grand Cayman Extreme comes with so many fun extra features that kids and adults alike will simply love it. LED mood lighting (at water level, underwater, and in the surrounding cabinet) and lighted fountains make for a real party atmosphere. Customize your order by adding the additional Bluetooth sound system and turn your Grand Cayman Extreme into the ultimate party spa.

It may not have a catchy name, but the E2000 from Endless Pools is a lot more exciting than it sounds. At 240" x 89" x 58", it's the longest offering in this review, and great use has been made of every inch of space.

For Swimming and Fitness

The E2000 is part of Endless Pools' "Fitness Systems" line, which tells you everything you need to know about the main target audience for this swim spa. While the Endless Pools Original Current system may not be able to provide quite the ferocity of a Michael Phelps Momentum swim spa, the versatility of the fitness area is unrivaled.

How so? Well, just explore the list of fitness accessories and you get a pretty good idea of just how much you can pack into one unit. Between the underwater treadmill, rowing system, aquabike, swim tethers, resistance band kit, and a floor mirror (for checking your swimming/exercise technique), the Endless Pools E2000 is basically a complete gym. There's even space for two people to exercise at the same time.

For Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

The Endless Pools E2000's fitness focus results in a more basic spa than the other models reviewed here. Seating 5 (including a cool-down seat) but with only 36 jets in total, those who are serious about the hydrotherapy side of owning a swim spa/hot tub will probably decide to go a different way.

That's not to say the massage from an E2000 isn't highly soothing and pleasant, but a model like the Grand Cayman Extreme is more comprehensive if massage therapy is a real focus for your family.

There are still some fun features if you're more about relaxing with family though. No less than 3 LED-lit waterfalls and a full multi-color lighting system (which you can adjust using the controls or a mobile app) will definitely add a little sparkle to your backyard leisure time.

The Bottom Line

Dual temperature swim spas are the ideal alternative to buying both a traditional swimming pool and a hot tub. As well as saving you money overall, their versatility in terms of relaxation and fitness options provides a host of added benefits. A swim spa/hot tub combo really is the solution to getting the most out of your backyard space.

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