Sunrise Spa Reviews

Sunrise Spa Reviews
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Sunrise Spas offers a dynamic variety of models at costs that won't break the bank.

But does this brand have the features you're looking for? And is their level of quality worth your investment?

We've done the research so that you don't have to!

Continue reading to find out whether Sunrise Spas is the right brand for you.

Our Top Choices For Sunrise Spa

Sunrise Spas 770 S

1. Sunrise Spas 770 S

  • Seats 5
  • 26 jets
  • Optional 115 V plug-and-play
Sunrise Spas 870 S

2. Sunrise Spas  870 S

  • Seats 6
  • 52 jets
  • Ergonomic lounge seat
Sunrise Spas 970 S

3. Sunrise Spas 970 S

  • Seats 6
  • 50 jets
  • Optional Bluetooth audio system 
Sunrise Spas 980 SX

4. Sunrise Spas 980 SX

  • Seats 6
  • 61 jets
  • Multi-color LED waterfall

Sunrise Hot Tub Price Points

Getting concrete pricing on a hot tub can be tricky, as ultimately, each dealer sets their own prices. The exact pricing for your hot tub will depend on whether or not you opt for extra features. You'll also need to take into account delivery fees and installation fees. The prices below are not fixed, as your local dealer may offer specials and discounts.

770 S Model: around $9,000

870 S Model: around $11,000

970 S Model: around $12,500

980 SX Model: around $13,500

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Leading Models

Sunrise Spas 770 S

This simple five-person Sunrise hot tub is perfect for those wanting a standard-sized tub with multiple seating options and various features. These hot tub models are built with bench and bucket seating, enabling guests to choose where they are most comfortable.

A multi-colored LED light can color your soaks with calming hues. With the option to add a Deluxe Wi-Fi systems controller, the user will have full remote control over the functions of the hot tub.

The standard color for this tub is a clean Silver White Marble, but buyers have four additional colors to select for the inside of their hot tubs. 

These color upgrades come with an extra charge, but this is one of the great customizable options for buyers to exert more control over the aesthetics of their new hot tub.

Sunrise Spas 870 S

With a 392-gallon water capacity, this spaciously designed six-seater Sunrise hot tub includes one lounge seat and bucket seating. The spa's steel frame ensures sturdiness that can weather seasonal changes. Coupled with the standard insulation system, you'll have resilience against the elements.

The cabinetry on Sunrise hot tubs is made with Polysteel. This company has taken the time to ensure that Sunrise tubs are structurally sound. This is important, as the structure of tubs can be overlooked in other models. Buyers can opt for Bluetooth Audio Systems if they wish to enhance the ambiance.

This hot tub takes hydrotherapy seriously, with a total of 52 two-tone hydrotherapy jets. The jets are powered by a two dual-speed pump system which continually pushes water through to the jets at an even pace, ensuring your body is in tip-top shape after a thorough water massage.

One of the outstanding features of Sunrise Spas hot tubs is the insulation method. Sunrise hot tub models are built with an insulated bottom tray, which locks the heat into your hot tub and keeps moisture out.

Furthermore, they are plumbed with a manifold plumbing system to fight against nasty build-up in the plumbing lines. You can expect quality, crystal-clear water as long as you follow a simple weekly maintenance routine.

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This roomy, six-person model hot tub holds a whopping 463 gallons of water and 61 two-tone hydrotherapy jets, making it the perfect hot tub for hydrotherapy. The 980 SX includes back jets, foot jets, and calf jets. These additions make for a truly unique and soothing massage that is not always available in the hot tub world.

With bench and bucket seating, you and your guests will be comfortable.

Additionally, this Sunrise hot tub model includes exterior cabinet corner lighting, a helpful feature enabling the user to access the tub at night while providing a stunning visual effect.

Strengths & Weaknesses

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an ultimate collection of top-quality hot spa models, Sunrise is an excellent choice for any spa enthusiast.

For over 30 years, Sunrise has built top-shelf hot tubs that are sold in over 30 countries. The brand was founded in and operates out of Canada. Their products stand out because of their structural integrity and refined finishing touches. The company is dedicated to crafting practical, reliable hot tubs aimed at easing the tension and stress of their customers' lives with their well-thought-out jet designs.

Every model in the Sunrise lineup is equipped with a galvanized steel frame, ensuring structural integrity, and radiant lighting to add to the zen atmosphere during each soak. Digital controls make it easy for users to view the status of their machine, and the anti-leak plumbing system can provide buyers peace of mind.

For energy efficieny, the GreenGuard Rockwool insulation system recirculates energy, and Sunrise hot tub models all come standard with custom-fitted thermal covers. The precise fit of these covers effectively prevents heat from escaping. Both of these aspects lead to decreased electric bills.

Sunrise Spas offers both plug-and-play models as well as traditional models. The only plug-and-play that we've reviewed is the 770S. This model can be purchased as a 115V plug-and-play, or as a standard 130V. The beauty of opting for the 115V is that once you plug it into a standard outlet and fill it with your garden hose, you will need no further installation assistance. While 115V models are not as powerful, they're a great option for those who do not want to pay a licensed electrician to handle the electrical requirements. 

While there will be complaints for every hot tub brand, Sunrise Spas has overall positive reviews. As with all mechanical appliances, issues do arise. Leaks, breakage and parts replacement for the heater, pump, skirting and covers have all been noted by some Sunrise Spas owners. 

Other Spa Brands To Consider

We think it's wise for buyers to be aware of all their options before settling on one. For that reason, we've assessed two comparable competitor brands.

Jacuzzi's J-355

While the $14,923 price tag on Jacuzzi's J-355 model may be closer to the higher-end Sunrise Spas we've reviewed, this model will not disappoint.

It seats 7, is in the middle of the road in terms of size, and features a HydroSoothe™ no-splash jetted massage pillow.

For added costs, you can opt for corner accent lighting on the cabinet as well as an extra layer of installation to keep the water hot in frigid weather.

Head over to our Jacuzzi Hot Tub Reviews for additional model details.

If you're looking for pricing on the lower end of the spectrum, Hudson Bay is our recommended brand. The Hudson Bay HB19 spa is one of the most popular hot tubs in the lineup. 

This spa is priced competitively at below $4,000 and is an excellent choice.

With 19 hydrotherapy jets and a backlit waterfall, this model aims to create a truly relaxing experience.

It is Ozone ready and has digital controls. The manifold plumbing system ensures every jet is receiving equal flow.

Foam insulation is one feature that keeps this model warm when needed. 

Anti-fungicide tubing prevents buildup in plumbing lines, which results in transparent water and decreases the need for harsh chemicals.

Head over to our Hudson Bay Spas Reviews for additional model details.

The Bottom Line - Are Sunrise Hot Tubs Good?

Leisure Manufacturing Group designs Proflo Swim Spas, Dream Maker Spas and Sunrise Spas. This company uses state-of-the-art engineering and is well-trusted in the hot tub industry.

The aspect that stands out to us about Sunrise Spas' lineup is the execution of excellent craftsmanship.

Buyers in the market for the best hot tubs with ample jets and top-quality add-ons would be happy to do business with this company.

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