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Softub has moved on from its humble days as a small hot tub manufacturer from Los Angeles.

This now-worldwide corporation still feels like a small company thanks to their amazing customer service and consumer-focused designs.

Committing to a hot tub brand out can be difficult if you're in the beginning stages of shopping.

If you want a solid hot tub but aren't sure whether Softub is right for you, continue reading. Our Softub reviews helps consumers make informed purchase decisions.

Our Top Choices For Softub

Softtub Sportster 140

1. Sportster 140

  • Best for affordability
  • 2 person capacity
  • 4 adjustable jets
Softub Legend 220

2. Legend 220

  • Best selling model
  • 4 person capacity
  • 5 adjustable jets
Softub Resort 300

3. Resort 300

  • Largest Softub model
  • 6 person capacity
  • 5 adjustable jets

4. Portico

  • Best hydrotherapy experience
  • 6 person
  • 8 adjustable jets including a powerful Poseidon jet



This is the perfect model for those looking for a more intimate experience in their home, as it can accommodate up to two adults.

Although it is the smallest hot tub on our list, it features four adjustable jets which provide targeted deep muscle massages.

The entry-level price makes it easily affordable, and because the Sportster 140 runs about five feet in diameter, it lends itself to those with space limitations on their property.

It only weighs 107 lbs when empty, and the lightweight and portable design make it easy to maneuver. The deluxe features include multi-colored LED underwater lighting and a folding lid with security locking straps. Inside the tub, the inner shell is constructed of durable Polybond foam, while you can select between Marine grade vinyl, Leather Tex, or SynTex for the upholstery.


The 220 was the very first model that Softub designed, and to this day, it remains their most popular model.

With seating for up to four adults, and at only six feet in diameter, this is a surprisingly portable option like the Sportster.

There are five customizable jets onboard which are very easy to adjust, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding your perfect position once you enter the chill zone.

The Legend 220 is made with very soft material so that no matter where you are sitting in the tub, you’ll feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. The top rim of the tub is also soft, allowing users to tilt their heads back while enjoying a soothing massage.

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If you're looking to entertain, we recommend the Softub 300. It seats up to six adults, includes a therapy seat, and runs about 6.5-feet in diameter.

Unlike the other two Softub hot tubs that we’ve reviewed, the Softub 300 comes with three inches of extra depth.

The therapy seat elevates you into the most ideal soaking position, perfect for when you are feeling sore and need to relax your muscles. The strategically-placed jets on the Resort 300 pulsate along the upper and lower back.

As with all models, it comes with a Hydromate unit, smart chip patented technology, a deluxe folding lid with locking straps, and multi-colored LED underwater lighting.

The Portico is the most impressivel model in the lineup. This energy-efficient hot tub model takes hydrotherapy to the next level.

It is designed atop a Resort 300 frame, though the Portico replaces a single standard jet with the higher-quality Poseidon jet. This jet can be controlled while you are sitting inside of your hot tub by simply twisting the face of the jet. 

You'll have the option of diverting all jet power to one Poseidon jet if you are looking to get the most pressure possible. This creates an incredibly powerful therapeutic performance jet, outputting 100 volts of pure pleasure. In addition, when a simple attachment is added, you can transform the tub into a whirlpool!

The Portico model comes complete with Hydromate smart chip patented technology and a deluxe folding lid with locking straps. The underwater lighting is upgraded with dual LEDs and it comes with a therapy seat that is similar in design to the Resort 300.


Softub Spas prices rise incrementally, so you can expect additional features and increased sizing with every price increase. Because these are 120 V plug-and-play spas, they are priced for budget-minded buyers. You can expect to spend between $3,800 and $6,200, which is much less than other hot tubs.

For accurate pricing on the model that will suit you best, click the button below. We provide FREE price quotes.


We are not alone in highly recommending this brand. See Softub Spas consumer reviews below:

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Unlike some hot tub brands that are on the market, the company does not sell its Softub hot tubs through their own channels. They do not have their own website or storefront for sales.

Instead, Softub has cut deals with dealers around the country. If you want to find a Softub for sale, we recommend heading on over to their Dealer Finder and throwing your zip code in the find to locate a dealer in your area.


One of the best places to find Softub hot tub parts and accessories is Softub Direct. Here you can find a variety of genuine Softub hot tub replacement and repair parts, including Hydropacks, covers, and more.

Although this dealer is local to California, they primarily make sales through their website. You can order online and have parts and accessories delivered to your doorstep.



If you’re looking for a manual to help you with troubleshooting or just to learn a little bit more about your new purchase, you can check out the Softub manual here. The beauty of the Softub company is that their hot tubs all operate on the same basic principles, so the manual works for all models.


Hot tub covers can go pretty fast if not taken care of. Luckily, there are plenty of online stores that sell hot tub covers designed specifically for Softub models, and Florida Spa Covers is one of them. Through the various online retailers, you'll be able to find a variety of different Softub cover and accessories to pick from, including vinyl cover lines, locking straps, cover inserts, replacement covers, and much more.


Softub hot tubs use special chlorinating granules for their hot tubs. You can buy this Softcare Chlorine at Softub Direct.


Not all Softub filters are made equal. Their filters have changed quite a bit over the years. Every Softub that was made after 2009 uses an 8553 filter number, while Softubs before 2009 use an 8555 filter number. These filters can be purchased at Softub Direct.


Without a pump, you’re pretty much out of luck. There are many different replacement pumps that can be purchased through the Spa Pumps and More site.


To get your Softub warranty up and running, you'll need to register your Softub online first. Every Softub comes with a five-year warranty. You can read more about that warranty here.


There are plenty of reasons to purchase a Softub over a standard acrylic, hard-design hot tub. With Softubs, zero site preparation is required. You'll just need a level surface. Traditional hot tubs require a more permanent location.

Because these are 120 V plug-and-play models, plugging right into a household outlet is all you'll need to do in order to get ample jet power. Each Softub hot tub includes a ground fault indicator, so that you can make sure you’re plugging in safely. Traditional hot tubs require a 60 amp line with 220 volts and a hired electrician to get them up and running.

You can roll Softubs through doorways and move them across the yard with ease. Traditional spas can weigh about 400 pounds when empty and are much more cumbersome to maneuver.

Lastly, Softub Spas are incredibly simple to operate and use very little energy. In average 65-degree temperatures, you can heat a Softub to an optimal temperature with just 4 kw hours of electricity per day. Traditional hot tub models usually require a separate heating element, which can cost anywhere from $40-75 per month.


Rotospa inflatable hot tubs are a lot like Softubs in that they are portable and they do not require the same type of power that standard hot tubs do. The main difference with Rotospa tubs is that they are made with rotational molding. The shell is placed in a mold and is very strong, perfect for harsh-weather environments.

We highly recommend the Rotospa brand over the Softub brand for those who live in places with more extreme weather.


Though Softub brand tubs are very lightweight, they are not inflatable. Softub brand tubs are made with a soft and squeezable polypropylene foam material that is covered with either LeatherTex, SynTex or Marine grade vinyl. Inflatable tubs are typically made nylon material. While inflatable units are far more portable than Softubs, they're much more susceptible to damage. This can be caused by harsh climates or through puncturing.

Because inflatable hot tubs are cheaper than Softubs, so we highly recommend them for hot tub buyers that are on a budget.


One of the biggest issues with the Softub is that the filter sits on the inside of the tub instead of the exterior. While it’s not a huge deal, it does take up a bit of space on the inside of the tub.

Another common complaint is that that Softub does not have as many dealers as potential buyers would prefer. 


There is no reason not to purchase a used Softub, as long as it is in good standing. To insure you are purchasing a fully functioning tub, it is crucial to perform a full inspection. A Softub that has been taken care of can work just as well as a brand new hot tub. Keep in mind that warranties are no longer valid once the unit changes hands to a second owner.   


Unlike inflatable hot tubs, Softub hot tubs are quite durable. But as with all equipment that utilizes mechanical components, failure can happen. The motor might break, the jets might need replacement, or you might just be dealing with an aesthetic repair. While there are videos online showing you how to repair specific aspects of the tubs, we highly recommend getting in touch with a service center that can diagnose and repair the issue.

Because Softubs are easy to transport, you can simply take them apart and travel to your local service center, who will ship them back when they are done repairing it.


For those who don’t want to deal with third-party hot tub dealers, you’ll be happy to know that Costco sells Softubs. You can check out Softub models on the Costco website, or wait for a hot tub roadshow to come through your area so that you can purchase one in person.


Overall, the Softub company produces the most convenient and portable therapeutic hot tubs available. Not only will these models fit into just about any space, but the economical pricing lends itself to a smart buy.

If you're after the luxurious features found in higher-end spas, you'll need to continue your search elsewhere. Softub is one of the simplest hot tub manufacturers on the market, and will last you for years.

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