Saratoga Hot Tubs Reviews

Saratoga Hot Tub Review

Named after the famous Saratoga Springs in New York State, Saratoga Spas have been redefining hydrotherapy for decades. Their new technology brings valuable health benefits right into their customers' own backyards.

Not sure which Saratoga Spas model to go for? You have come to the right place.

Continue reading to learn about their 4 leading hot tub models, special features, pricing, competition, and more.

Our Top Choices For Saratoga Hot Tubs


1. Broadway

  • 9-person capacity
  • 78 jets
  • Passive & Direct Impact™ Therapy System, ozone generator, deluxe spa cover
  • Best large luxury spa

2. Polo

  • 2-person capacity
  • 22 jets
  • Passive & Direct Impact™ Therapy System, Luxury Splash™ Lighting, deluxe spa cover
  • Best for couples

3. G50

  • 6-person capacity
  • 57 jets
  • Lounge seat, MultiWeather™ cabinet, TriLayer™ spa shell
  • Best for entertaining

4. Whitman

  • 5-person capacity
  • 38 jets
  • Lounge seat, LED lighting, water feature
  • Best budget spa

Saratoga Hot Tub Price Points

Like many spa companies, Saratoga Spas pricing details aren't listed online. Getting in touch with one of their dealers is the only way to get accurate information. Because each dealer sets their own prices, final costs vary by location.

As a ballpark, you can expect to pay in the region of $4,000 to $12,000 and upwards, depending on the spa model and features you choose.

Saratoga Spas offer three hot tub collections. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, their Cottage Spas Line is a great value purchase. The Special Edition Line has a good balance of hydrotherapy, special features, and spa sizes. And if you are after high-end models with loads of top features, the Luxury Spa Line is where you'll want to focus.

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Saratoga Spas Hot Tubs - Leading Models

Saratoga Spas have been redefining hydrotherapy for decades with its new technology and special features. Let's take a peek at some of their top spa models.

Broadway - Best Large Luxury Spa

Part of the Luxury Spa Line that features a total of eight models, the Broadway measures 92" by 108" with a depth of 40". It's Saratoga Spas' largest hot tub with a nine-person capacity and the highest jet count in their line-up.

The Broadway features Saratoga Spas' Passive Impact™ CFE® Therapy System that includes two Power Massaging jets, two Power Massage Plus® jets, and four Deflector Stream™ jets.

The Direct Impact™ Therapy System features sixty-six Versa-Flo™ jets and a Vortex Jet™ bringing the grand total jet count up to whopping seventy-eight jets for this complete hydrotherapy system.

Other top features of this Saratoga spa include three pumps plus a dedicated circulation pump, deluxe spa cover, Whisper Zone™ ozone generator, TriLayer™ Spa Shell, Luxury Splash™ Lighting, and a weir-activated top loading skimmer.

Polo - Best For Couples

Another model from the Luxury Spas Line, the Polo can accommodate two people making it a great choice of hot tub for a romantic retreat with all the high-end spa features.

This Saratoga spa measures 57" by 80" and 29" in height so is also suitable if you have a small space. It has many of the same luxury features as the Broadway, just on a smaller scale.

Enjoy a top-notch hot tub experience from the twenty-two hot water hydrotherapy jets including two power massaging jets, nineteen Versa-Flo™ jets, and a Vortex™ jet.

The Polo has a dual-speed pump and a circulation pump as well as a weir-activated top loading skimmer, Whisper Zone™ ozone generator, TriLayer™ Spa Shell, Luxury Splash™ Lighting, and deluxe spa cover.

Optional extras include the Luxury Whisper Clean® System which comprises a continuous purity circulation pump and antimicrobial filtration and luxury insulation systems.

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The Special Edition Spas Line features eight models and the G50 is one of the larger spa models in this line.

Measuring 89" by 93" and 40' high it has seating for six people and features a lounge seat. It is ideal for a hot tub party or for entertaining the kids, as well as just relaxing with company.

Enjoy a powerful yet soothing massage from the fifty-seven jets including fifty-six Versa-Flo™ jets and a Power Massage® jet. This Saratoga spa features two pumps, a 4kW heater, and the Saratoga Lighting Package, maintaining cost efficiency.

Other standard features of this spa include Thermal Bond™ wrap insulation, MultiWeather™ cabinet, TriLayer™ spa shell, and LED-lit water feature.

Whitman - Best Budget Spa

Saratoga Spas' smallest collection, the Cottage Spas Line features three models that offer great value. Measuring 80" by 84" by 36" the Whitman has room for four to five people and also features a lounge seat.

This Saratoga spa has thirty-seven Versa-Flo™ jets and a Power Massage® jet all powered by a dual-speed pump. Enjoy the hot water health benefits and features such as built-in headrests, treaded footwell, LED lighting, water feature, and top loading skimmer.

Additional features include a deluxe spa cover, antimicrobial filtration, ozone generator, Thermal Bond™ insulation, and if you like to relax to tunes, the Saratoga Sounds™ audio system.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Leaders In The Spa World

In New York State, Saratoga Springs has been popular for a hundred years plus, as a sanctuary where you can enjoy a rejuvenating soaking experience and the health benefits of hot water.

Since only a few people at a time can enjoy Saratoga Springs, the Saratoga Spa Company® have redefined hydrotherapy with their new technology, bringing the soaking benefits that can revive a tired body to everyone, with their range of hot tubs.

With forty-five years plus in the hot tub industry and members of the Imperial Pools family, the Saratoga Spa Company® offers patented technology in their spa products as well as maintaining cost efficiency.

Patented Spa Technology

Passive Impact™ Therapy System

Saratoga Spas' patented Coplanar Fluid Ejector™ or C.F.E.™ therapy system is a hydrotherapy jet that creates a current of water parallel to the spa user. The Coplanar Fluid Ejector™ was further developed, becoming a complete hydrotherapy system called Power Massage®.

The unique system offers tension relief all along the curves of the spa user with the Power Massage® jet. The specially designed contours of the spa shell help to guide the therapeutic water ribbons down the length of the back.

The patented jets of the Power Massage Plus® system are hidden in the headrest offering one of the best experiences of the spa world.

Saratoga Spas' Power Stream® jets combine the parallel motion of water and air for a soothing therapeutic massage stream for the arms and legs.

Direct Impact™ Therapy System

The Saratoga Spas Direct Impact™ Therapy System comprises three unique systems. The Versa-Flo™ Hydrotherapy System offers the spa user relaxation with direct pressure allowing them to direct to a different relief point on multiple body locations.

The patented Roto Stream® Sequencing System gives an automated massage experience by sequencing hydrotherapy automatically via four set positions and the spa user can alter the speed or target a specific area if they prefer.

The Saratoga exclusive ProJet Stream™ hydrotherapy system features a uniquely concealed jetting system tucked away in the spa shell. The rotating ProJet Stream™ valve controls the hydro-driven jet, bringing relief and relaxation to tight shoulder and neck muscles minus the restrictive feeling of a reverse molded spa.


Saratoga Spas don't list their prices online which some customers may find frustrating, however, this isn't unusual in the spa world.

Since there are many optional extras and customizations the final price for each hot tub customer will vary greatly, plus you have to factor in costs such as delivery and installation which, again, will differ on an individual basis, so spa pricing is done by quotation only.


Saratoga Spas offer nineteen spa models in total, eight in the Luxury Spa Line and Special Edition Spa Line but just three in the more affordable Cottage Spa Line, which may be consider limited in comparison to some to some other brands.

Other Brands To Consider

Geyser Spas

Geyser Spas is a branch of Saratoga Spas.

They offer a barrier-free setup of traditional circular hot tubs with the modern design of triangular and rectangular spas.

They offer a selection of jet options for a personalized massage and are handcrafted using the highest quality materials.

Featuring a hardy spa shell and durable all-weather cabinetry, Geyser Spas offers reliability and relaxation.

To see additional top rated companies, head over to our Best Spa Brands page.

Tuff Spas offer hot tubs in a similar pricing bracket although their collection is a little smaller than that of Saratoga Spas.

They have a variety of sizes in their Standard Series and their Platinum Series offers more of the fancy hot tub features such as full body hydrotherapy and muscle trigger point targeting.

Tuff Spas have a patented hardcover system that not only insulates the spa but unlike a regular spa cover, doesn't collect water and sag down when it rains, or go moldy with time.

The hardcover lays flat when open so does not obscure the view around the tub and also doubles as a shelf or bar.

The Bottom Line

I hope you have enjoyed discovering Saratoga Spas with us.

They certainly bring together state-of-the-art hydrotherapy technology, traditional hot water relaxation and health benefits all in one tidy package.

With three varied hot tub collections, the Luxury Spa Line, Special Edition Spa Line, and Cottage Spa Line, they are likely to have a spa model to suit most needs.

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