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Are you thinking about buying a new spa? Confused about which brand to go for?

Well, look no further! Pinnacle Spas offer great value, reliable, durable, stylish hot tubs, and swim spas at a variety of prices. They have plenty of features and can deliver a truly great hydrotherapy experience.

Continue to read our Pinnacle Spas review to find out all about this excellent hot tub and swim spa company.

Our Top Choices For Pinnacle Spas

Pinnacle PR982 Spa

1. Pinnacle PR982 Spa

  • 82 jets
  • 6 seats
  • Best choice if you are after a high-end feature-rich luxury hot tub.
  • Pinnacle PP851 Spa

    2. Pinnacle PP851 Spa

  • 51 jets
  • 4 seats
  • Best choice for relaxation as it features two lounger seats.
  • Pinnacle PS612 Spa

    3. Pinnacle PS612 Spa

  • 12 jets
  • 5 seats
  • A lower-priced spa, best for budget buyers.
  • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18

    4. Swim Spa Dual Zone 18

  • 39 jets plus 3 high-volume swim jets.
  • 4 seats in the hot tub area.
  • Best choice if you like aquatic exercise but also want all the features of a hot tub.

  • Pinnacle Spa Price Point

    Pinnacle Spas offer great value, you can pick up a Pinnacle hot tub for as little as $5,495. They do offer high-end end luxury models with prices of around $20,000.

    Pinnacle Spas have three distinct hot tub collections, Pinnacle Standard, Pinnacle Plus, and Pinnacle Premium, as well as a large range of swim spas.

    The Pinnacle Standard Collection features the lowest cost models, fifteen in total with prices starting from $5,495 and increasing to $13,499.

    The Pinnacle Plus Collection features eight models. These are a bit more expensive than the ones in the Pinnacle Standard Collection with prices ranging from $11,999 to $13,999.

    Pinnacle Premium Collection features their three most expensive luxury models which cost between $14,999 and $19,999.

    There are eleven Pinnacle swim spa models with prices starting from $27,950 increasing to $48,995 for the larger luxury models. Of course, the final cost will vary if you pick optional extras, and don't forget about delivery and installation costs when calculating your budget.

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    Leading Models

    To help you decide which one to go for, next let's take a look 'underneath the hood' of some of the leading Pinnacle hot tubs on the market.

    Pinnacle PR982 Spa - Best For High-End Features

    Part of the Pinnacle Premium Collection, this high-quality, large luxury spa measures 91″ x 114″x 38″ and accommodates six people. The peak of hydrotherapy experience, the PR982 features eighty-two LED-backlit jets.

    Lay your tired head on one of the comfy pillows and relax in the lounge seat or bucket-style seating with plenty of space to enjoy all the benefits of a soothing massage.

    It features illuminated waterfalls and a deluxe lighting package that creates the perfect ambiance for entertaining. You can control the operation of the spa using the digital touchscreen controls.

    If you are into music, this hot tub comes with the Deluxe Stereo System. This feature includes in-built speakers, a subwoofer, Bluetooth, and a wifi system.

    The spa shell is made from Lucite® Cast Acrylic which you can customize with your choice of color and the exterior is made from a low maintenance synthetic material.

    Other standard features of this 220V spa include a Thermozone insulated support structure and ABS base, filtration system, ozone water care, three powerful jet pumps, a circulation pump, and a heavy-duty cover.

    All this does come with a significant cost however, the MRSP is $19,999.

    Pinnacle PP851 Spa - Best For Relaxation

    Our next spa, the PP851 is found in the mid-range Pinnacle Plus Collection.

    This double lounger hot tub accommodates four people and is perfect for reclining whilst enjoying a soothing hydrotherapy massage.

    This 220V Pinnacle spa measures 91″ x 91″ x 36″ and has fifty-one hydrotherapy jets plus five cushioned head pillows so you can really lay back, relax, feeling lighter than air floating in the warm water.

    There is LED lighting around the jets, spa perimeter, cup holders, and waterfall feature.

    Other features of the excellent spa include two jet pumps, digital controls, a filtration system, Thermozone insulated structure and ABS base, ozone water care, Lucite® Cast Acrylic shell, low maintenance synthetic exterior cabinet, stereo system with speakers, subwoofer, and Bluetooth.

    For those with young children, the heavy-duty cover comes with a safety child lock. When it comes to cost, the MRSP is $13,999.

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    The Pinnacle PS612 spa resides in the Pinnacle Standard Collection.

    Measuring 70″ x 76″ x 30″, it has seats for five people including a lounger, and has a great price of only $5,495.

    This PS612 features twelve hydrotherapy jets and a single two-speed pump to deliver a soothing massage.

    It also has digital controls, LED lighting, Lucite® Cast Acrylic spa shell, minimal maintenance exterior cabinet, Thermozone insulated support structure and ABS base, filtration and ozone system, and a cover.

    This Pinnacle spa is a 110V plug-and-play spa which means installation is much cheaper compared to standard 220v hot tubs as you don't need an electrician to do the hardwiring.

    However, this Pinnacle spa is convertible to 220V should you wish to have more power and be able to run the pump had the heater on high settings at the same time. To convert your spa in this way you require a qualified electrician.

    If you are into aquatic exercise, you might want to consider a swim spa to help you reach the peak of fitness. Enjoy all the exercise benefits of a swimming pool and a hot tub in one.

    A bit bigger than just a regular hot tub and less expensive than a traditional swimming pool, this model measures 213″ x 89″ x 58″ and has an MRSP of $42,250.

    The swim zone and hot tub area are separated by a divider and have separate controls for the water temperature so it can be tailored to the user's needs in each area.

    The Dual Zome 18 allows you to customize your swim in the wide swimming lane, with adjustable air control valves and three swim jets that can be used all together or individually. You can upgrade and get the rowing oars and resistance bands to boost your workout as well as opting for the deluxe stereo system if you like to exercise to music.

    The hot tub area features four seats including a lounge seat with comfortable head pillows, and thirty-nine jets so very much delivers a relaxing warm water experience.

    Other features of this Pinnacle Spas swim spa include LED lighting, digital controls, two ozone generators, a filtration system, a powerful jet pump, Lucite Cast Acrylic shell and maintenance-free cabinet, strong steel frame structure, ABS base, insulation, and cover.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Leaders in the hot tub industry, Pinnacle Spas have been manufacturing spas for over thirty years. Their leading team has a combined experience of more than a hundred years in the hot tub industry offering peak value, energy efficiency, reliability, and design.

    When it comes to energy efficiency, this brand offers peak efficiency. Their spas feature Thermazone blanket insulation which brings better insulation than the foam alternatives and easier access to the components meaning the tub is easier to service and repair.

    This type of insulation either meets or exceeds the properties of foam insulation, as shown by the California Energy Commission, which has strict standards for energy efficiency.

    Pinnacle Spas offer value for money. They have a network of factory-direct dealerships across the US so it is possible to purchase the newest spas without having to fork out the full market cost.

    This company has also had plenty of positive customer feedback about the customer service and sales teams. Like with any big brand though, there are some customers who had a negative experience mostly relating to delays to repairs or the occasional leak.

    Other Brands To Consider

    There are many other companies that have been manufacturing spas for as long as this company. Let's take a look at a couple of other great brands you could consider.

    If you are liking the idea of swim spas, consider Master Spas. They have an excellent set of swim spas and high-end hot tubs endorsed by the famous athlete, Michael Phelps.

    Like Pinnacle, this brand also offers lower-priced plug-and-play hot tubs.

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    The famous hot tub brand, Jacuzzi, produces premium luxury hot tubs with all the bells and whistles as well as plug-and-play models plus they have a good collection of swim spas and various other products such as bathroom fittings and saunas.

    To see our full list of trusted manufacturers, head over to our Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed page.

    The Bottom Line

    A company with a management team with over a hundred years of combined experience and many years of operation, Pinnacle Spas offer high-quality products with peak value, design, peak energy efficiency, and great customer service.

    With a large range of hot tubs and swim spas at various price points, from feature-rich luxury tubs and high-tech swim spas to plug-and-play hot tubs, they really do have something to suit most budgets. I hope our review has helped you to decide which Pinnacle spa to buy.

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