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There is no question about it - a brand new spa can be quite an expensive purchase.

Most don’t have tens of thousands of dollars that they are willing to throw at a brand new spa. And this is where Nordic Spas comes in. 

Known for their affordable prices, Nordic carries a wide selection of high-quality, stylish and therapeutic spas. As one of the best hot tub brands, you can create a relaxing home experience without the guilt of over-spending.

Ready to sink into one of these hand-crafted tubs?

We've researched each series in their product line, allowing you to make the best purchase decision possible.

Our Top Choices For Nordic Hot Tub

Luxury Series

1. Luxury Series

  • Most luxurious features
  • 4 models
  • 6 - 8 person capacity
  • Dual Therapy System (DTS), Dual-pump system, Adjustable NordicStar jets
Sport Series

2. Sport Series

  • Best for post-exercise 
  • 6 models
  • 2 - 7 person capacity
  • Nordic DTS stainless steel jets, Northern Lights package
Modern Series

3. Modern Series

  • Most versatile
  • 7 models
  • 1 - 7 person capacity
  • Nordic DTS stainless steel jets, 110V plug-and-plays available
Classic Series

4. Classic Series

  • Best round hot tub
  • 5 models
  • 5 - 6-person capacity
  • LED lighting, 110V plug-and-plays available



The Luxury Series comes with four different models to choose from, including the Rendezvous, Encore, Jubilee, and Escape, which range in size from 6-8 adult capacities.

The Luxury hot tubs provide the top amenities with dual pump systems and high-quality hydrotherapy, all while retaining a relatively low price.

Some of the standard features on the Luxury Series Tubs include the Northern Lights Package, DTS, and adjustable stainless steel NordicStar jetting.

The DTS dual therapy system provides you with a combination of targeted direct pressure jets and high volume whirlpool flow, giving you some of the best hot water therapy that you’ve ever felt.

The NordicStar jets provide a high water flow with the perfect amount of pressure for that much-needed deep massage.

If you are looking for the best possible hot tub in terms of jet pressure, we highly recommend looking at the Sport Series.

These tubs are very similar to the Modern Series below, though the jets have a bit of added power to help give you the best water flow possible.

There are six different tubs to choose from, including the Encore SE, Jubilee SE, Escape SE, Retreat SE, Stella SE, and D’Amour SE, which range from two seats to seven seats.

These tubs come standard with Nordic DTS, adjustable stainless steel Nordic Star jets, and the Northern Lights Package.

For those who are in the market for versatility in design, the Modern Series is excellent. Here you can find the largest selection of shapes and sizes for any size home or family.

There are seven models in all, including the Escape MS, Retreat MS, Stella MS, D’Amour MS, Bella MS, Encore MS, and Jubilee MS, each of which are comfortable and stylish in their own unique ways.

The Modern Series ranges from one to seven seats and work with either 110V or 220V electrical hookups.

These tubs come standard with Nordic DTS, adjustable stainless steel Nordic Star jets, and the Northern Lights Package.

If you’re a fan of the classic round hot tubs, there is no better Series for you than the Classic Series.

These tubs were the very first in the Nordic line and still remain some of the most popular. They deliver benefits of comfort while offering barrier-free seating.

There are five different models to choose from, including Crown XL, Warrior XL, Crown Classic, Crown II, Impulse DP, and Impulse.

They come complete with adjustable stainless steel Nordic Star jets and LED lighting, as well as an option for the Mood Lighting Package. You can covert most models to 110V or 220V electrical.


Nordic Hot Tubs are some of the best in their price range, which ranges from about $3000-$5000.

If you are interested in finding out more about the price of your desired tub, make sure to check out this website to compare quotes and save.

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easy to cover


While you can’t purchase Nordic Hot Tub parts on their website, Nordic Hot Tubs has dealers all over the country that carry their parts and accessories. Many of these parts include heaters, blowers, spa pumps, ozone generators, jets, covers, and other miscellaneous plumbing parts.

One of the best places to find Nordic Hot Tub Parts is at Hot Tub Outpost. They carry tons of accessories as well, including LED lights, rails, steps, and much, much more. Most parts that you buy through Hot Tub Outpost ship in about a day, so you won’t have to wait long.

If you aren’t sure what part you need to get, make sure to check out the serial number that is located on your Nordic Hot Tub. You can usually find the serial number around the outside of the spa or screwed to the base. If you can’t find the serial number, they accept photos as well.



Losing the manual for your hot tub can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are trying to troubleshoot something. Luckily, Nordic understands that, and they’ve made all of their owner’s manuals available on their website. You can find your proper manual here.


Hot tub covers can take a lot of abuse over the years. If you want to maintain your hot tub cover as long as possible, you’re going to want to make sure to inspect and clean it regularly. If your hot tub cover is past the point of no return, you can look into getting a new hot tub cover from a wide variety of hot tub dealers, such as Hot Tub Outpost or Spa Mart.


Nordic hot tub filters can be purchased from different dealers around the Internet. If you aren’t sure what type of filter your Nordic tub uses, you can check out this large filter list here.


A broken pump can completely ruin your hot tub experience if not taken care of. If you’re interested in replacing your Nordic hot tub pump, there are different places around the Internet where you can find the model you are looking for, including Hot Tub OutpostSpa Depot, and more!


One of the reasons that customers love Nordic so much is that they have an incredibly comprehensive warranty. They have limited warranties for their Permashell, Perma-Wood Cabinet, heater, and other components. If you’re interested in learning more about their warranties, check out their website here.


Nordic works with a variety of hot tub dealers around the country to make sure that their tubs are as accessible as possible. If you want to find that Nordic hot tub dealer nearest to you, make sure to check out their dealer locator on their website


Because Nordic sells their hot tubs through a variety of dealers, customers will have to ask the specific dealer about their financing options. Major hot tub dealers typically offer financing for expensive hot tubs, so make sure to inquire!


This brand has a good reputation in the public eye, with customers and have a A+ with the Better Business Bureau® (BBB)


From full-size luxury hot tubs to plug n’ play models, Nordic has about everything you could want for your personal hydrotherapy experience and stands up to other competitor brands.

The best part is, all of their tubs come at a great value, making them more than affordable for the average consumer.

We hope that our Nordic Spa reviews have inspired you to bring one of these hot water therapy systems into your life!

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