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Master Spas probably sounds familiar to you because they have one of the biggest names in the hot tub industry… but are they the best?

That is what we are here today to uncover.

These hot tubs are built with top-notch materials such as clamped plumbing and hand-rolled, self-supporting shells, but we are getting ahead of ourselves, more on that later.

Scroll down to our Master Spas reviews for an honest overview of the brand.

Our Top Choices For Master Spas

Master Spas Legacy Series

1. Legend Series

  • Michael Phelps endorsed
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Larger sized models
  • Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
Twilight Series Spas Review

2. Twilight Series

  • Exclusive design & high-end features
  • Corner spas available
  • Smaller sized models
  • Master Blaster Foot Therapy & Neck and Shoulder massage jets
Healthy Living Hot Tubs Review

3. Healthy Living Series

  • Most affordable collection
  • Energy-efficient
  • Larger sized models
  • Upgrades include Dream Lighting & Fusion Air Sound System.


Master Spas is one of the biggest spa manufacturers in the world. They are based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and manufacture their large line of hot tubs on a 32-acre campus, meaning no outsourcing to different countries.

Though the brand has only been around for just over 20 years, their combined experience goes back a century. In terms of innovation, they were the very first hot tub brand to use fiber-optic lighting and one-piece polymer skirt panels.

They were also the first to introduce the Spa Theater System, allowing people to enjoy cable and or movies from the comfort of their tub.

Fast forward to today and their hall-of-fame facility is the biggest in the world. Still, they pride themselves on customer service and pricing. Let’s dig into our Master hot tubs reviews!



The Legend Series Spa, otherwise known as the Michael Phelps Spa, as he owns and endorses one of these, is a hot tub like no other.

The ergonomic design is meant to complement the contours of the human body, making it easier than ever to sit down and relax in the most natural position possible.

Each form-fitting seat is crafted with comfortable jets, giving you head-to-toe hydrotherapy.

The Master Blaster Foot Therapy system feels just as good as a traditional foot massage, helping to provide you with a number of reflexology benefits.

Their Legend Tubs utilize reverse molding on the neck and back areas, providing the more sensitive parts of the body with the utmost support.

Their Legend Series includes the Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, which is unique to the brand. While Magnetic Therapy has been used for decades, Master Spas now includes this wonderful therapy to improve circulation, relieve pain, and reduce stiffness. The tub even comes with an illuminated Orion Light System and Fusion Air Sound System, providing you with a sound and sight experience like no other. They even have an integrated Wi-Fi module so that you can set the mood with your smartphone! Overall, it is a legendary spa with top-notch features that are difficult to beat.


The Twilight Series Spas run just below the Legend Series, though share the same ideals in bringing the ultimate relaxation and comfort to users.

The Twilight tubs come with an array of high-quality features for people to indulge in.

We love the ergonomic design, as it really makes the difference in comfort compared to your standard, 90-degree angle hot tub seating.

It complements the contours of the human body really well, and also comes with strategic jet placement that provides full-body hydrotherapy.

It comes with the same Master Blaster Foot Therapy system that the Legend Series comes with, giving users complete foot reflexology benefits.

The Neck and Shoulder Seat is made with Stress Relief reverse molding to help give your more sensitive parts much-needed attention. Compared to your standard hot-tub seating, which doesn’t even reach the back of the neck, this is a solid addition. Of course, it also comes with the patented Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System as well.

In terms of extras, you get the Orion Light System with an array of illuminating controls, as well as a Noise Reduction System for an overall quieter spa experience. Owners also have the option of upgrading with the Fusion Air Sound System, Wi-Fi Module, and Dream Lighting.

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The Healthy Living Hot Tub models are all about feeling healthy and feeling relaxed.

They are lower on the price scale than the aforementioned hot tubs, though provide you with a ton of the same features.

You get the Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat and the Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System for an overall soothing experience.

When it comes to extras, the tub comes with the Orion Light System and Noise Reduction System, although you can also upgrade with Dream Lighting and the Fusion Air Sound System.

Just like the other Master Spas models, this one comes with pristine insulation that helps to keep energy costs as low as possible.

While the Healthy Living Tubs may not be as jam-packed with features as the other two, they still provide a relaxing, stress-free spa experience for all.


So now that you’ve had a look at some of our Masters Spas Hot Tub Reviews, you might be wondering to yourself, “how much do these hot tubs cost?”

If you would like to see Master Spa pricing as well as be able to compare quotes and save, click the button above.

Master Spas does not actually list the price of their hot tubs on their site. Instead, they give you the option to customize your tub and then hit you with a price after that. Through our research, we’ve found that the lowest cost tub will run you about $3,200.

If you’re looking to buy the Michael Phelps model with all of the additional features, you can expect to spend upwards of $25,000 or more. Regardless, they have a wide range of prices for almost any consumer who is looking for a high-quality hot tub.

Relax in a master spa
Easy to protect


They earned a 4.2 star rating (out of 5 stars) with 102 customer reviews. We are not alone at highly recommending this brand.

Here are a few Master Spas consumer reviews below:

Master Spas consumer review
testimonial two
testimonial one



The Master Spas Warranties vary depending on the model that you own. You can check out the warranty list here. On average, the warranty provides users with 3 years on the structure of the spa and the shell surface, 1 year on the equipment, LED light system, dream lighting, ozonator, audio equipment, and plumbing mechanisms, and 5 years or lifetime on the skirting.


Hot Spring Spas carry more traditional hot tubs that are great for those on a budget or for those who are just looking for something simple. It’s difficult to compare the two, as they are aimed at different markets. 

Hot Springs Spas uses your traditional directional water jets and a standard hydromassage system, while Master Spas utilize a high-tech Bio-magnetic hydrotherapy system. The Hot Springs Spas prices are much lower, though they do not come complete with the same high-tech features that Master Spas does, including the lighting and audio systems.

Overall, we’d recommend Hot Springs Spas for the traditional consumer that is in the market for a standard hot tub, as Master Spas is more of a long-term, luxury hot tub brand.

To see our favorite models, head over to Hot Spring Spas Reviews.


As one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world, they have many dealers across the nation. You can find a dealer near you using this form on their website.


Master Spas has different financing options for those who can’t afford to purchase their hot tubs outright. Their financing options are very flexible, giving consumers the option to finance directly instead of having the hassle of going through third-party lenders. To find out more about their financing options, we recommend filling out their form here.


No matter what kind of spa you are in the market for, Master Spas likely has one for you.  While they might not offer the same amount of customization as other top hot tub brands in the game do, they make up for it with high-tech features. Their spas are versatile, easy to clean, and come with some of the most relaxing features on the market.

We hope that our Master Spas Reviews was helpful in narrowing down your decision. If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort, look no further.

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