Lifesmart hot tub reviews

Lifesmart Hot Tub Reviews

Lifesmart hot tub models vary in size, capacity, jet system, and price. And we're here to help you decide whether or not this is the perfect hot tub brand choice for you.

Continue reading, as our Lifesmart hot tub reviews will enable you to make the best purchase decision possible!

Our Top Choices For Lifesmart Hot Tub


1. LS 600DX

  • Seats 7
  • 65 hydrotherapy jets
  • Jets massage backs, legs, and feet
Rock Solid Plug and Play spa

2. LS 100 

  • Seats 4
  • 13 hydrotherapy jets
  • Plug and play model makes installation simple
LS200 -T

3. LS 200

  • Seats 4
  • 13 graphite hydrotherapy jets
  • Jets are adjustable

Lifesmart Spas Price Points

Our pricing is estimated, as the exact cost for your Lifesmart hot tub will depend on your location, delivery fees and the dealer from which you make your purchase.

LS 600 DX: $5,000 - $7,000

LS 100: $5,500 - $6,500

LS 200: $2,500 - $3,500

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Leading Models

LS 600DX

The 600DX is a visually stunning, virtually indestructible, and classically styled hot tub, perfect for those seeking both entertainment and relaxation. You can take your hot tubbing to the next level with this spacious spa that comes equipped with 65 jets and 14 jet nozzle turbo blasters.

It is a 240V, not a plug-and-play model like others in the Lifesmart hot tubs lineup, so professional installation is required.

This model features jets positioned for the legs and feet, a feature that sets this hot tub apart from the competition. Foot jets are especially rare to find within this price range. 

The jets are equipped with comfort valves, allowing heated air to be combined with the water so that users can adjust the pressure of their hydrotherapy massage.

Furthermore, the 600DX hot tub is loaded with pumps that are ultra quiet, adding to the overall state of Zen that you will be lulled into during your soak. It uses an energy-efficient Eco-Smart system, keeping the water hot and minimizing the hot tub's impact on your energy costs.

The LS 100 4 seater is both elegant and functional. Constructed with rotationally molded polyethylene, this is an enduring and structurally sound hot tub.

Because this is a 120 V plug-and-play model, you can get right to soaking soon after it gets delivered! Installation is as simple as filling your unit with a garden hose, then plugging it into an outlet. However, it is fully convertible to 240V.

This model is super lightweight, and only takes two strong adults to lift it.

The 13 powerful jets within the design can change direction at your control using the Balboa digital display system. 

In addition, you can add warm air to the water to increase water temperature for an enhanced soaking experience.

Energy costs should remain manageable thanks to the full foam insulation and included durable hot tub cover. The cover not only locks in heat, but prevents debris, dirt, and disruption from animals.

This model features 3 built-in cupholders, multicolor underwater LED light, the maximum temperature reaches 104 degrees, and it is available in sand or taupe.

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Perhaps the most simplistic design Lifesmart has to offer, this four-person hot tub is very easy to use. 13 adjustable graphite jets push the water throughout the base of the spa, allowing for a massage experience in the deep bucket seats. This is certainly the best value for buyers seeking hydrotherapy on a budget.

One unique addition to the tub is the built-in ice bucket, which aids in keeping wine or champagne chilled for you and your guests.

A multi-colored LED lighting system adds to the overall ambiance of this hot tub, creating a sense of peace that is hard to find elsewhere. 

In addition, this hot tub utilizes a thermal friction heating system, which eliminates the need for a separate heater and promises a perfect water temperature.

The digital control system on this hot tub allows users to easily adjust the direction of the hydrotherapy jets, the LED lighting, and the water temperature with the touch of a button. The ozone water care system does some maintenance and cleaning work for you, so you can rest assured knowing there will be clear water for every use without adding an excessive amount hot tub chemicals and chemical treatments.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Lifesmart hot tubs are a great choice for many reasons. The plug-and-play models are perfect if you're intimidated by lengthy installation processes and convoluted owners manuals; they offer hassle-free installation. The optional waterfall feature and mood lighting offered in certain Lifesmart hot tub models, covers with safety locks, and energy-efficient systems make them a very attractive choice.

Each Lifesmart hot tub is built with Lifesmart rock-solid simplicity. Durable and environmentally friendly materials are used in their build. The foundation and cabinets are constructed using anti-rotting materials, so buyers can rest assured that their new spa will last for years. An energy-efficient hot tub Ozonator ensures lower electricity costs on the different hot tubs offered by this brand.

One unique attribute of Lifesmart hot tubs is the ability to add heated air to the water, which increases the temperature and, therefore, the therapeutic value of your soak.

The weaknesses of this brand is that there are severely limited feature upgrades. If you'd like more luxury features such as lounge seating, color options to choose from, a bluetooth sound system, or wireless control for remote monitoring, you won't find them in a Lifesmart spa.

Other Hot Tub Brands To Consider

Hudson Bay Spas

Hudson Bay's HB450R spa model is of comparable price to the Lifesmart hot tubs we've reviewed. Topping off at just below $4,000, this reasonably priced hot tub seats 6.

And 27 stainless steel jets push water powerfully throughout the well, making any seat within the tub massage ready.

The digital controls on the hot tub make it easy for users to adjust the parameters of the spa and stay on top of cleaning and maintenance schedules with the energy-efficient, Ozone ready system.

This Hudson Bay hot tub comes in two stunning shades and features multi-colored underwater mood lighting for added ambiance to an already breathtaking tub experience.

If higher end features are what you're after, we recommend the 880 LP by Barefoot spas.

Priced at around $12,000, this 6 person model comes with 2 LED lit water features, and a massaging neck rest.

There is 1 full body lounge chair with arm rest, while the remaining 5 seats are set at various depths to give each user the precise comfort that they're looking for.

A spa cover is not included in the price, but can be purchased separately.

The Bottom Line

Lifesmart is one of the best hot tub brands for those who want a rejuvenating spa experience in their own backyard or patio without breaking the bank.

With Lifesmart rock solid simplicity, you'll get a straightforward tub with sufficient build quality that also provides energy efficiency.

Shoppers have a large selection of models to choose from, so if you're not looking for a spa with all the bells and whistles, Lifesmart just may be the perfect brand for you.

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