Largest Swim Spa

Largest Swim Spa

The pool and spa industry is huge and there is just so much choice! Becoming confused during the shopping stage is normal.

But if you're after plenty of room for exercise in addition to a relaxation space for the entire family - no need to worry. We've got you covered.

Continue reading as we review 3 of the biggest swim spas available.

How Large Is A Swim Spa?

Swim spas offer year-round access to many of the fitness and family fun activities associated with pools, with much of the hydrotherapy benefits associated with hot tubs or spas. It is vital to take into account the size of your yard when selecting the perfect swim spa dimensions for you.

Smaller swim spa models measure from 10 - 11 feet in length. These smaller spas often consist of a pool area for swimming and exercise and may feature a couple of spa seats for relaxing.

Medium-sized swim spas are around 12 - 16 feet long, while larger swim spas reach 17 - 18 feet. The largest swim spas, considered extra-large, are usually about 19 -21 feet in length. There is one exception, the Jamaican Extreme, which spans 25 feet.

Larger, more expensive swim spas often feature a separate hot tub portion next to the swim area. The best swim spa models have dual-temperature controls allowing you set the hot tub section to a different temperature to the swim area, making both exercise and hydrotherapy more comfortable.

Largest Swim Spa Models

Of course, it is best to visit a swim spa dealership to check out the models in person. But since there are loads of swim spa manufacturers out there, we'll help narrow down your buying options so that you know what to ask for when you visit the dealership. Here are 3 of the biggest swim spas.

Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa - Largest Swim Spa

The biggest swim spa on the market today is the Jamaican Extreme swim spa by Integrity Spas.

The Jamaican Extreme swim spa is 25.5' (306") in length, 90" wide, and 61" in height.

It has four high-flow 6-horsepower water pumps that power the Turbo swim jets, creating a swim current with 237 gallons of water each minute, in the wide swimming lane.

These swim jets are fully adjustable so you can create the perfect current for a large variety of workout routines, whether you want a slower current for resistance exercises or a strong, fast current for swimming.

At the opposite end to the pool or swimming area, there are four hydrotherapy spa seats where you can relax after a fitness session and enjoy a soothing massage to those sore muscles.

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Standard features of the Jamaican Extreme swim spa include sixty-six stainless steel jets, LED lighting, a circulation pump, water features, a 5.5 kW heater, spa pillows, fiber-glass base, Ozonator, ice chest, and maintenance-free cabinetry in three color options, coastal grey, redwood, or mahogany.

Catalina Spas are known as the "original swim spa company", being the first company in the spa industry to produce swim spas.

If you aren't too fussed about hot tubs and hydrotherapy, then their 21' pool is worth a look.

Part of their Pool 800 Series the 21' Pool measures 90" by 250" and is 62" deep. These pools don't include a separate hot tub area so are perfect if you want a swim area for exercise with a current or a small pool for a family fun splash around.

This swim spa comes in various setups including portable or in-ground installation options. Features of this Catalina Spas swim spa pool include twenty stainless steel jets, powerful river jets to create a swim current, a swim harness, a Bluetooth sound system, waterfall water features, a huge array of LED lighting, Ozonator, Zika Mist system, digital spa controls, and more.

Not the biggest swim spa but still very large and deep, Master Spas' MP Momentum Deep is over 19 feet long and offers plenty of room for exercise and space the entire family can enjoy for fun and relaxation.

Measuring 231" by 94" and 60" deep, this model is one of Master Spas' deepest swim spas.

The MP Momentum Deep is endorsed by the famous Olympic athlete Michael Phelps so is a great choice if you are into exercise and fitness.

This large swim spa is the perfect combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool as it features a separate hot tub section. The water temperature in each area can be controlled separately, so you can have the pool or swim area at a cooler temperature ideal for swimming and other exercise, whilst the hot tub water is nice and warm, perfect for relaxing.

This luxury swim spa has a huge heap of fancy features, such as forty-five jets, Xtreme Therapy™ seating, Master Blaster for foot massage therapy, a fitness system with resistance bands and rowing oars, non-slip floor cover and safety steps, a wi-fi module, biomagnetic therapy system, LED lighting, water features, and more.

See our Best Swim Spas page for a broader view of what is on the market.

Final Thoughts

A large swim spa is a great option if you have the space for a full sized pool but are leaning towards something portable, cheaper to install, and are interested in hot tub features as well.

Overall, your total swim spa cost will be lower than pool ownership.

Whether you're just window shopping for price, or ready to make a purchase, see accurate and FREE price quotes on swim spa models near you.

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There is no pressure to buy, and we take the time and hassle out of price shopping. Answer a few quick questions below to let us know the specifications you're looking for. 


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