Large hot tubs

Large Hot Tubs

With so many spa manufacturers claiming to be the best, how can you navigate the market and find the right deal?

Don't worry, we know the industry inside and out. Because it's such a big purchase, we want to make sure you get all the features you're looking for in your new spa - for the right price.

From swim spas to 10 person hydrotherapy tubs, we'll separate fact from fiction and set you on course to getting the perfect large hot tub for your backyard.

Let's dive in.

Our Top Choices For Large Hot Tubs

Integrity Spas Big Kahuna

1. Integrity Spas Big Kahuna

  • 10-person hot tub
  • Head-to-toe massage seats
  • Works as a swim spa

  • Built-in ice chests
Sun Spas Saint Moritz

2. Sun Spas Saint Moritz

  • Party size hot tub
  • Seats for 12 people
  • Foot and calf jets

Bullfrog Spas M9

3. Bullfrog Spas M9

  • 10-person hot tub

  • Customizable massage seating

  • Simple to maintain
  • Lights and water features

Is it a hot tub? Is it a swim spa? The 12.5' x 7.5' x 45.7" Big Kahuna from Integrity Spas has the space, seating, and features to do it all.

The Big Kahuna can easily accommodate up to 10 people.

The quality of massage offered by the 123 jets is right up there with other top models, offering a range of hydrotherapy options depending on which seat you're in. 

The placement of the jets allows you to target anywhere from your neck right down to your feet.

If that wasn't enough, the Blaster jets at one end are so powerful they double-up as swim jets. When your hot tub isn't full of guests, you can enjoy a relaxing swim against the current they produce. The flow isn't as powerful as a more exercise-focused swim spa model, but it's plenty for casual users and well worth using.

With all this, don't think Integrity Spas have sacrificed form for function. The Big Kahuna is packed with attractive design elements including multiple water features, and plenty of LED mood lighting to set a spectacular scene at night. There are even built-in ice chests so when you have friends over you can offer them a cold beverage without leaving the hot tub.

For more detailed brand information, visit our Integrity Spas Reviews article.

Unlike the Big Kahuna, Sun Spas 129" x 94.5" x 38" Saint Moritz focuses entirely on doing the same thing as the best small hot tubs, only on a larger scale.

Hot tub dimensions don't come much bigger than this without edging into swim spa territory, and the Saint Moritz has plenty of space to seat 12-14 people as a result.

Not only can this Xtra-large hot tub accommodate a whole party of guests, but there is plenty for them all to enjoy while soaking in the spa.

133 stainless-steel jets operate with 10HP of pump power, providing a very comprehensive massage experience. 

Contoured neck pillows provide extra comfort in the corner seats and all the space is well used, with extra foot and calf jets filling the central foot-well.

If your main focus is on how many people your new spa can seat, while still having room to relax, the Saint Moritz hot tub is hard to beat.

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If you're wondering which large hot tub gives the most versatile massage, search no further than the M9 from Bullfrog Spas.

This innovative backyard spa has seats to accommodate 10 in total, while seven people can simultaneously benefit from Bullfrog's groundbreaking JetPak seating system.

JetPaks are interchangeable jet systems allowing you to customize the massage for each seat.

The types, power, and arrangements of jets vary depending on your preferences, so you can decide how many seats focus on which body parts. 

The options for the M9 allow for a staggering total of up to 323 jets!

As well as the fantastic hydrotherapy, the M9 is a great choice for a party spa. It comes with premium interior and exterior lights, fun controllable water features, and an optional Bluetooth surround sound system to rival any other hot tub in its class.

The M9 is even easy to maintain, thanks to the premium spa cover, Simplicity filtration, and EOS Ozone systems. If the cost isn't an issue, purchasing a Bulldog Spas M9 will really lift your backyard spa experience.

For even more large hot tub recommendations, see our 10 Person Hot Tub guide.

Large Hot Tubs Vs. Swim Spas

So you're looking at two products, they both claim to accommodate ten people but one is listed as a 10 person hot tub and the other is a swim spa. What's the difference?

Swim spas are, unsurprisingly, designed for people who enjoy swimming. They use an extra pump and large, high-powered swim jets at one end of the spa to produce a current. This means you can swim whilst remaining in one place, allowing swim spas to take up much less space than a traditional swimming pool.

Aside from swim training, many of the best swim spas feature optional exercise accessories for different activities, from rowing to resistance exercise.

Most portable swim spa manufacturers include some hot-tub style massage seats in their models, although not as many as a true hot tub of similar dimensions (due to the amount of room needed for exercise).

If you and your friends/family prefer a more "active fun" type lifestyle to just sitting relaxing in the tub, purchasing a swim spa instead of a pure hot tub might be your best choice. Just bear in mind the extra pumps etc. do carry a higher price tag (and electricity bill) compared to most hot tubs.

The Bottom Line

The most popular sizes for hot tubs are usually the smaller models. However, unless you're just two people and don't entertain guests, going as big allows more spacious seating, the option to use your hot tub as a party pool, and more fun in general.

Make sure you consider the total cost of a large hot tub though. In addition to the higher purchase price, the weight means you will need to install a concrete pad for support (unless placing your hot tub on an existing patio). 

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There will also be higher electricity usage than compared to smaller hot tubs, especially if you're running all the lights, water features, and a sound system in your new party tub.

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