Hudson Bay Spas Reviews

Hudson Bay Spas Reviews
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Hudson Bay's innovative plug and play designs have made them an essential part of homeowners' backyards across the country.

But can Hudson Bay Spas provide all features you're looking for in your new purchase?

We're here to answer your questions, ensuring that you end up with the perfect hot tub brand for your needs.

Let's dive in and see if Hudson Bay has everything you're looking for.

Our Top Choices For Hudson Bay Spas

HB450R Spa

1. HB450R

  • 6 person capacity
  • 27 jets
  • Best for families
HB650R Spa

2. HB650R

  • 5 person capacity
  • 29 jets
  • Best for massage
HB250R Spa

3. HB250R

  • 4 person capacity
  • 20 jets
  • Best mid-sized value spa
HB150R Spa

4. HB150R

  • 3 person capacity
  • 11 jets
  • Best for couples

Hudson Bay Price Points

Don't let a small budget hurt your hot tub dreams!

While you may not want to fork over the cash for a top-of-the-line, super deluxe hot tub with cutting edge technology, there are plenty of spa models that are great for your health and wellness priorities and your budget.

You won't have to overspend if you ultimately go with Hudson Bay Spas, as they offer several models that starting at under $4,000. Choosing to add on multiple extra features can end up running around $10,000! This is great news for anyone looking for an affordable hot tub option that still delivers quality and performance.

Hudson Bay's purchasing process is set up to allow customers to configure their own perfect hot tub feature combination by picking and choosing options and prices. That way, consumers get exactly what they want — all while keeping their bank account in mind.

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Leading Models

To aid in your search, we'll highlight the benefits of Hudson Bay's 4 most popular spa models. Which one will you choose?

HB450R Spa

With sleek contours and contemporary styling, the HB450R 6-person hot tub is anything but ordinary. With the large seating capacity, quality time with your large family and friends will never be the same again! Featuring 27 stainless steel jets, this stylish spa allows you to customize your hydrotherapy experience.

Additional features include a Multi-colored Underwater Mood Light, Factory Installed Ozonator, spray foam insulation, and digital controls.

This model will allow you to experience soothing at-home hydrotherapy.

The HB650R hot tub will have you relaxing in the beauty of nature whether you choose coastal gray or mocha for the shell color. Its 29 stainless steel jets generate various soothing massage patterns.

This tub comes with a multi-colored underwater mood light, Ozone Ready and LED control panel, friction heater, insulated cover, and digital controls.

The HB650R also comes with two water temperature gauges, one in Celsius and one Fahrenheit.

Let the waters of your backyard oasis alleviate sore muscles after a long day.

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This mid-sized, four-person spa offers a sleek design with dynamic lines accented by the coastal gray or mocha color options. A multi-colored underwater mood light adds to your relaxation experience as you dip into the hot water of your new spa.

The HB250R also features 20 stainless steel jets that pulsate in order to massage your back muscles to the fullest, while reducing stress and tension in your entire body. Its digital controls make it incredibly easy to use, while its friction heater ensures efficient heating even during colder days.

The HB150R three-person hot tub offers versatility and convenience!

The multi-colored underwater mood light adds just the right touch of ambiance to any setting.

The 11 stainless jets make it more comfortable than ever to soak your cares away, while the Digital Controls enable you to maintain your desired temperature with pixel-precision.

And if that's not enough - add an ozone system for a whole new level of cleanliness and sanitation while using fewer hot tub chemicals. Experience your little corner of paradise in no time with this Hudson bay hot tub.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Buying a hot tub is a big decision—especially for those on a budget. Here are the pros and cons of choosing to go with the Hudson Bay hot tub brand:


Optional Accessories

Ranging from $35.00 to $299.00, the additional features you may choose to add include a factory installed ozonator and CopPure filter upgrade to help purify your spa water, a spa startup chemical kit to save you a trip to your local dealer, a rechargeable floating drink station just for fun, a cantilevered umbrella to help you beat the heat, a spa side handrail to assist with entering and exiting the water, and a spa booster seat for the little ones.

Energy Efficient

Hudson Bay Spas are a great way to get a quality hot tub that won't spike your energy bill too high.

These models' efficient insulation makes for much cheaper utility bills, and the natural heat retention over an extended period makes for a long-lasting soak. It's easy to see why buyers love the Hudson Bay Spas today.


The Hudson Bay Spas offer an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great deal. We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of these spas, especially considering such affordable prices.

Hot tub prices don't get much lower than this.


This company proudly manufactures their products in the United States, a major plus for the conscious consumer who wishes to stimulate the economy in which they live. Domestic Hudson Bay Spa purchases help support and sustain U.S. jobs.



Hudson Bay hot tubs only provides 110V powered models in their selection. If you're looking for a spa that will provide higher powered jets for stronger therapeutic massage and heating capabilities, you will need to continue your search elsewhere. These 110V models are often referred to as "plug and play" because the power cord can simply be plugged into an outlet, the tub can be filled with water from your garden hose, and the machine will start right up!

This does take the complication out of the installation process, as you won't need to hire or spend money on a licensed electrician, which very may well be considered a plus for you.

Other Brands To Consider

Dynasty Spas

Their products have received lots of good press, and the brand's reputation for quality is outstanding.

If you're not opposed to a higher price tag, you can select from an impressive list of optional features customized to your preferences.

These include Bluetooth audio, built-in underwater LED lighting, backlit air jets and water diverters, LED exterior cabinet lighting, padded headrests and premium hydro jets.

This brand a good choice for those looking to upgrade to a more luxurious hot tub.

Their hydrotherapy supersedes that of Hudson Bay's, as Dynasty spas typically come with a greater number of jets.

Like Hudson Bay, Artesian Spas are also manufactured in the United States.

The cost is parallel to Hudson Bay's including entry-level prices up to mid-level prices.

Artesian produces fiberglass and acrylic spas, jetted spas, and swim spas which come with a range of massage seats, seats with heaters, lighting systems, digital controls, and more.

There is something for everyone in the Artesian Spa line.

If you're looking to spend about what a Hudson Bay hot tub costs, take a look at Artesian before making your final decision.

For the full list of trusted spa brands, visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page.

The Bottom Line

Choosing to invest in a hot tub represents an investment in health, wellness, and relaxation. Overall, we recommend Hudson Bay hot tubs to those looking for a wonderful spa experience on a budget.

While you won't get the top-of-the-line technology that comes with the purchase of a more expensive spa, the Hudson Bay brand does an excellent job at providing the rejuvenating experience that you're in the market for, just at a lower price point.

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