Hot Spring Spas Reviews

Hot Spring Spas Reviews
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Looking for a new hot tub? With all the different brands on the market, it can all get pretty confusing.

Have you considered a Hot Spring spa? This excellent hot tub company offers a wide variety of energy-efficient models from plug-and-play spas to large, luxury tubs, they really do have something for everyone.

Carry on reading to learn all about Hot Springs Spas' price points, models, and how they stack up to competing brands.

Our Top Choices For Hot Spring Spas

Grandee Model

1. Grandee

  • Hot Spring Highlife Collection
  • 7 seats
  • 43 jets
  • Best large luxury hot tub.
  • Flair

    2. Flair

  • Hot Spring Limelight Collection
  • 6 seats
  • 43 jets
  • Best for relaxation and comfort
  • TX Model

    3. TX

  • Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection
  • 2 seats
  • 11 jets
  • Best for budget buyers
  • Hot Spring Spa Price Points

    Like most hot tub brands, Hot Spring Spas don't list their prices on their website because prices will vary based on several factors such as features chosen.

    Hot Spring Spas start at around $7,000 and can reach up to $20,000 or more, they don't offer the cheapest, entry-level hot tubs. Their hot tub models are sorted into three collections, the Hot Spot, Limelight, and Highlife Collections.

    Hot Springs' value-priced Hot Spot Collection features six hot tubs and has prices starting at $7,000.

    Hot Spring's premium Limelight Collection of hot tubs starts from $11,000. There are five models to choose from in this Hot Spring collection

    Hot Springs' most expensive hot tubs are found in their luxury Highlife Collection which can start at around $13,000 with prices for some models reaching $20,000 plus. This is Hot Spring's largest collection of hot tubs, featuring nine models.

    Hot Spring offer transparent pricing and use a pricing key to give you a rough idea of the price. The number of dollar signs corresponds to a pricing bracket, so a single dollar sign is used for the cheapest models with five dollar signs for the most expensive Hot Spring hot tubs.

    An important factor to consider when working out your budget is the installation cost. Plug-and-play hot tub models, for example, have lower installation costs as they don't require hardwiring by an electrician.

    Getting hold of hot tub quotes can be a time-consuming process. Let us do this for you by clicking on the button below to get pricing information based on your hot tub preferences, from local dealers.

    Leading Models

    Owned by the spa industry leaders, the Watkins Wellness company, let's take a look at Hot Spring Spas' leading models on the hot tubs market today.

    Grandee - Best Large Luxury Hot Tub

    Hot Spring Spas' largest and most luxurious hot tub, the Grandee measures 8'4" x 7'7" x 38" and has seating for seven adults.

    Hot Springs' Grandee hot tub is part of their luxury Highlife Collection, Hot Spring's biggest collection of hot tubs. Relax and enjoy a feeling of pure bliss as the warm spa water soothes your tired muscles.

    This high-quality spa has a total of forty-three jets including two Moto-Massage® DX jets that deliver a great back massage. There are also several other jet types such as rotary and directional hydromassage, SoothingStream®, Directional Precision, and JetStream® jets, all working together to create the perfect spa experience.

    The Grandee has plenty of different features as standard. The Tri X-Filters and FreshWater® Salt System for water care mean you use fewer cleaning chemicals to kill bacteria and spend less time on water maintenance.

    Use the wireless touchscreen remote control to adjust your spa settings such as the Luminescence® LED lighting, Titanium No-Fault® water heater, and three hot tub pumps.

    The Grandee has foam insulation and is certified to the strict energy efficiency standards of the California Energy Commission.

    This hot tub also comes with a spa cover. The spa cover lifter is an optional extra, as is the wireless music system, and the spa steps

    Another excellent Hot Springs model is the Limelight Collection's Flair.

    Lower in price than the hot tub models in the Highlife Collection, the Flair model is an excellent choice for comfort and relaxation.

    Measuring 7’ x 7’ x 36”, this quality Hot Springs spa has seating for six adults and features a lounge seat. Recline whilst enjoying a blissful massage from the plentiful hydrotherapy jets.

    It has forty-three in total including Directional Precision® jets perfect for a deep massage.

    This hot tub model has loads of great features including the FreshWater® Salt System, top-loading, dual-action filtration system, three pumps including a circulation pump, spa cover, Titanium No-Fault® water heater, water feature, LED lighting, and more.

    When it comes to energy efficiency, this tub, as well as the other five models in this Hot Spring collection, has FiberCor® insulation, so your energy bills are kept to a minimum.

    You can get a spa cover lifter and steps as extras. The wireless entertainment system is also available as an upgrade for this Hot Spring spa.

    TX - Best For Budget Buyers

    The TX is a two-person spa with more of an entry-level price tag. It is the perfect hot tub for couples, those on a tight budget, or with limited space.

    It measures 6' x 6' x 29" and has one corner of the square 'cut' away making it almost triangular in shape, an ideal corner spa.

    Enjoy a relaxing massage from the eleven jets including the Hot Spring's patented Moto-Massage® jets.

    It also features rotary and directional hydromassage jets, and precision jets so you can direct power from the jets to various body areas for a soothing massage experience.

    This sleek, modern-looking spa features LED lights, No-Fault® heater, FiberCor® insulation, Wavemaster® 4200 two-speed pump, FROG® In-Line water care system, and vinyl spa cover.

    The spa steps, cover lifter, SilentFlo® 5000 circulation pump, and FreshWater® III ozone water care are optional extras for this Hot Spring spa.

    The TX is available as a standard 230V spa and also as a 115V plug-and-play. If you are really looking to keep spending to a minimum, plug-and-play spas have lower installation costs as they can just be plugged into a standard electrical socket and don't need an electrician for the wiring.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Hot Springs spas are manufactured by and are one of the registered trademarks of Watkins Wellness. Watkins manufacturing processes and designs have resulted in their truly excellent Hot Spring brand, partially due to their partnership with the BMW Group Company.

    They have one of the largest network of spa dealerships in the world so it should be easy to find a dealer near to your location. Gain first-hand personal experience with a wet test of different hot tub models if you can, as this should really help you in making the right decision.

    Hot Springs hot tubs have an excellent range of features, such as spa covers that come as standard, and state-of-the-art technology, particularly when it comes to water care.

    Their unique salt water system produces its own chlorine so you don't have to spend loads of money buying water care chemicals to kill bacteria. Also, the Hotspring Spas Tri-X® filter system has double the cleaning surface area of comparable cartridge filters, making water maintenance simple.

    When it comes to energy efficiency, Hot Springs hot tub models adhere to the strict standard of energy efficiency set out by the California Energy Commission. Their tubs are some of the most energy-efficient models on the market.

    With great customer reviews and an excellent range of high-quality hot tubs, Hot Spring is likely to have a model to suit most budgets.

    Unlike some hot tub companies, Hot Spring does not have swim spa range. If you are thinking about swim spas, then you will have to try elsewhere.

    Other Brands To Consider

    If you google hot tubs, you will find a load of brands listed. Hot Spring has got a great line-up, but what about some of the other great brands on the market?

    Caldera Spas offer a comparable range of hot tub collections with similar price points as Hot Spring Spas. They have great features such as saltwater systems for water care, and they take their energy efficiency seriously as well.

    Jacuzzi is undoubtedly the most famous name in the spa industry. Like Hot Springs they offer a similar range of hot tubs, from high-end, feature-rich luxury spas to the more basic plug-and-play models.

    Unlike Hot Springs, Jacuzzi also offers a range of swim spas. Swim spas are an all-in-one pool and hot tub, a good alternative to a traditional swimming pool because they take up less space and are much cheaper, while offering all the hydrotherapy benefits of a spa.

    For our full list of recommended spa brands, head over to Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed.

    The Bottom Line

    Hot Spring Spas have a truly great range of hot tubs on the market, with plenty of different features and optional extras to choose from.

    They have large luxury models with all the bells and whistles to more basic designs and plug-and-play spas, something for everyone. With excellent energy efficiency, water care systems, and jet varieties this brand really delivers on quality, reliability, and hydrotherapy.

    Don't waste a load of time and effort getting hold of quotes, instead fill out the questionnaire below to get a bundle of quotes for your perfect hot tub setup from local dealers.


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