Four winds spas reviews

Four Winds Spas Reviews

Four Winds Spas is a popular name in the hot tub industry, but are they right for you?

We'll explain everything you need to know in order to determine whether you'd like to purchase a brand new hot tub from Four Winds, or rather if Four Winds hot tubs lack the features that you're looking for, and it'd be best to shop elsewhere.

Let's dive in.

Our Top Choices For Four Winds Spas

Titanium II

1. Titanium II

  • Seats 5
  • 4 ergonomic pillow rests
  • 46 Max Pro Jets

2. FW200

  • Seats 3
  • Green Energy System
  • 19 Max Pro Jets
Bahama II

3. Grand Bahama II

  • Seats 6
  • LED Rainbow Lighting
  • 52 Max Pro Jets
Cabo II

4. Cabo II

  • Seats 5
  • Balboa Control Systems
  • 46 Max Pro Jets

Four Winds Spas Price Points

Four Winds hot tub models range in price from $7,000 to $14,000. However, exact dollar amounts will vary according to the customer's individual customization preferences, delivery fees, and the ultimate deal that the customer arranges with the dealer.

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Leading Models

Titanium II

The Titanium II is part of the Cyclone series, seats up to five people and has a whopping total of 46 Max Pro Jets, plus 1 master massage jet.

These jets were created using cutting-edge technology to ensure a powerful, yet soothing massage.

Within the Titanium II are two 5hp dual-speed pumps to keep everything in working order.

LED Rainbow lighting cascades over the side of the unit, creating a tranquil and calm atmosphere while the Green Energy retention system promotes energy efficiency, resulting in lower electric bills.

For those in the market for professional-grade hot tubs with excellent features in a smaller capacity, the FW200 hot tub by Four Winds Spas' Tropical series is a fantastic choice.

This plug-and-play spa seats up to three people, boasts one full lounge seat, Diamondiod XTR shell, LED Rainbow Lighting and an Ultra-Pure Filtration System to keep the debris away.

With 19 total jets in this model, designed specifically to target muscle groups that are easily forgotten about, the FW200 is a competitive spa. 

The customer looking to save some money while still purchasing a highly effective machine may find the FW200 the most attractive on our list.

This Four Winds spa seats up to six and is a fan favorite.

With 53 total Max Pro Jets, you're sure to get the hydrotherapy experience you're looking for at an affordable price.

The Bahama II is part of the Cyclone series and comes standard with a Rainbow LED light, 360 filtration, a spa cover, green energy retention system and Wi-Fi capability. 

For additional costs, customers can choose to add an audio system, cover lifter, steps, ozonator, aromatherapy capabilities and LED lit cupholders.

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Another model from the Cyclone series, the Cabo II seats 5 comfortably and features 46 jets.

With the most classic and traditional configuration of all the models in this line up, you can expect streamlined simplicity and modern technology all wrapped up in one tidy package.

Customers can select between Balboa TP600 or VL600U 6-Button top side controls. Balboa is the quite possibly the best manufacturer of spa components, and these intuitive control systems make running filter cycles easy.

Strengths & Weaknesses

With many durable, energy efficient and affordable product options, American spa company Four Winds presents a wide variety of quality spas. Using only the finest in construction materials, Four Winds partners with reliable companies such as Aristech, Lucite, Waterways and Balboa to create the best spa experience possible.

Since they have been manufactured in Smyrna, Tennessee for over 20 years, any replacement parts that you may need down the line will be easy to come by, as there are multiple sources from where replacement parts can be purchased.

Overall, this spa company consistently ranks high among customer reviews. Their customer service is known for quick response times and helpfulness. Four Winds has also earned an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Their warranties include 5 years for surface finish and shell, 1 year for plumbing, electrical and mechanical components, labor, and structure. One weakness that we will point out is that some other hot tub brands offer longer warranties. You can view more detailed warranty information on Four Winds hot tubs and swim spas on the Four Winds website.

Other Brands To Consider

The savvy consumer recognizes that when searching for long-term home addition like a spa, it is important to be aware of all that the market offers. The two brands we'll touch on below offer the same high quality as Four Winds Spas.


Founded in 1915 by the Jacuzzi Brothers, Jacuzzi is a well-established spa brand.

A great comparison to the Cabo II and Bahama II spas from Four Winds is Jacuzzi's J-365. This 6 person model features 4 hydrotherapy seats and a total of 46 jets. These jets are designed to target specific muscle groups for maximum relaxation. With special features like illuminated headrests, this spa is a top competitor.

Upgrades on the Jacuzzi J-365 Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub include smart spa enhancements.

Opting for this upgrade allow users to connect their smart devices to the spa itself, making adjusting the water temperature and getting energy and maintenance reports from a distance possible.

Jacuzzi hot tub models have higher MSRPs across the board than the Four Winds Spas models, but as with most products, increased cost comes with increased quality and reliability.


For consumers searching for smaller plug-and-play models like the FW200 by Four Winds, the Select 300 by Aquarest Spas is a fantastic 2 person hot tub.

This smaller, but efficient model has become popular for its sale price of less than $4,000. Even though this is a more budget-friendly choice, it still contains 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets.

Installation by a professional licensed electrician won't be necessary, as you can simply fill it with water, plug it in and operate it without the added cost of installation.

The seats within the Select 300 are equipped with lumbar arch support to help achy backs unwind. 

Additionally, this model is equipped with a multi-color LED backlit waterfall to add to the ambiance of your spa experience. The controls are digital, and at 31 inches deep, this model is perfect for simplicity and relaxation.

The Bottom Line

Four Winds Spas offers a multitude of hot tub and swim spa models made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This company consistently receives high praise from their customers, and for good reason. There is something for everyone in the Four Winds Spas catalog.

Four Winds Spas has plenty of excellent brand-new hot tub models to choose from. We hope we've helped you take a step closer towards making your hot tub purchase.

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