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Choosing a new hot tub can be a confusing process. There are so many brands out there, each with its own special features and benefits, which one should you go for?

Industry leaders, Evolution Spas have been producing high-quality hot tubs and spas since the mid-90s. They teamed up with Costco ensuring their models are available all over the country with an affordable price tag.

Continue reading our Evolution Spas reviews to learn about prices, models, selection of features, and more!

Our Top Choices For Evolution Spas


1. Monarch

  • 90 stainless steel jets
  • 7 seats including a lounger
  • Top features: Premium three-pump system, floating weir filtration system, ozone / ultraviolet light water sanitation.
  • Best for families

2. Highlands

  • 75 stainless steel jets
  • 6 seats including a lounger
  • Top features: Two Captain's chairs, a full-body lounger, ozone water purification
  • Best for relaxation

3. Paradise

  • 56 stainless steel jets
  • 6 seats including a lounger
  • Top features: Programmable, multicolor LED lighting, water feature, LED-lit drink holders
  • Best for luxury features

4. Genesis

  • 28 stainless steel jets
  • 5 seats with a lounger or six seats with no lounger option
  • Top features: Ice bucket, programmable LED lighting, ozone water purification
  • Best for value

Evolution Spa Price Points

Evolution Spas hot tubs can be found amongst the Costco hot tubs. Like many other Costco hot tubs, an Evolution Spas hot tub won't break the bank.

Unlike a traditional hot tub dealer and some other hot tub brands, buying a Costco hot tub can save you loads of money. The Costco business model of buying products in large quantities, allows them to sell at much lower prices than you would expect. You can get all the benefits of a fancy hot tub without the associated price tag.

Evolutions Spas hot tubs can be purchased from Costco for between $4,599 and $8,999 for the basic tub. There are additional costs if you opt for extra features.

The Genesis plug-and-play is the least pricey Evolution Spas hot tub model starting from $4,599. The Paradise hot tub is $6,999 with prices increasing to $7,999 for the Highlands spa. The most expensive model is the Monarch for $8,999.

Of course, don't forget about the hidden costs of a new hot tub, which include pricing for delivery and installation. Plug-and-play hot tub models are generally cheaper to install as you won't need an electrician for the wiring. You can fill them up, plug them in and use right away.

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Leading Models

To help you find the right Evolution Spas tub, next let us take a look at their most popular spa models.

Monarch - Best For Families

Evolution Spas' Monarch is a square-shaped hot tub measuring 91" by 91" and is 36" deep. This large hot tub has enough room for the whole family, seating for seven adults including a full-body lounger seat.

The Monarch features a whopping 90 stainless steel jets that deliver a luxurious hydrotherapy experience. Let the hip, leg, feet, back, and shoulder jets soothe your sore muscles with neck support from the comfortable headrests.

Enjoy your favorite tunes with the Bluetooth sound system whilst the underwater lighting creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

This Evolution Spas model comes with a synthetic cabinet made with a realistic-looking woodgrain which requires minimal maintenance. Other features of this tub include a premium three-pump system, ozone and ultraviolet light water sanitation unit, a high-efficiency 4 kW water heater, floating weir filtration system, spa steps, and an insulated spa cover.

Evolution Spas' Highlands offer relaxation and luxury with an affordable price tag. You can't really go wrong with this six-seater tub measuring 85" by 85" and 35" in depth.

Designed for ultimate relaxation and hydrotherapy, this lounger spa with two captain's chairs features seventy-five stainless steel jets for targeted massages to sore muscles. It also has water features and underwater lighting for a soothing atmosphere.

For added relaxation, you can chill out to your favorite music as this Evolution Spas model has a Bluetooth-capable sound system with a couple of speakers.

Features include two powerful pumps for massage and a blower pump, ozone water purification, a floating weir filter system, no-maintenance synthetic Driftwood cabinet, exterior lighting, full-foam insulation, digital spa controls, insulated spa cover, three comfortable headrests, and a 4kW water heater.

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If you are after luxury features, take a look at the Paradise hot tub.

It has a captain's chair, a full-body lounger, and enough room for six people, measuring 85" by 85" and 36" deep.

Let the heat of the water soothe and relax your tired joints. Enjoy the massaging shoulder jets and neck jets as well as the comfortable headrests featured on this tub.

This spa has a total of fifty-six stainless steel jets with thirty-eight adjustable jets and eighteen air jets so will deliver an excellent hydrotherapy experience.

Features of this luxury spa include two powerful pumps, an LED-lit water feature, programmable, multicolored LED underwater lighting, LED-lit drink holders, as well as exterior lighting.

It also comes with spa steps, user-friendly digital controls, an insulated spa cover, a filter cover, ozone water care, a no-maintenance cabinet in choice of gray or espresso, and a 4kW heater.

Genesis - Best For Value

Evolution Spas' Genesis is a great choice if you are on a tighter budget. It is a 120V plug-and-play tub so doesn't have the installation costs associated with the 240V setups we have looked at so far. Simply fill it with water, plug it in and let it heat up, and you are ready to go.

It is the smallest tub, measuring 74.5" by 74.5" with a depth of 32" so is also a good choice if you have limited space. It has enough room for five people if you go for the lounger option and six people for the non-lounger setup.

Evolution Spas' Genesis features twenty-eight stainless steel massage jets and a two-speed pump so you can adjust your hydrotherapy experience. 

It also has plenty of great features such as a double-column water feature, digital controls, and programmable underwater LED lighting.

This spa is a good choice if you like entertaining, such as hot tub parties as it has a conveniently placed ice bucket to chill your drinks.

Other features include ozone water purification, spa steps, insulated spa cover, easy access panel, and a 1kW heater.

Strengths & Weaknesses

When it comes to quality, innovation, and excellent customer service, Evolution Spas are industry leaders. They have been producing high-quality hot tubs and spas since 1995.

Evolution Spas holds several patents and pride themselves on top-quality spas. Now that they have teamed up with Costco, they can ensure that their spas and hot tubs are available at affordable prices all over the US. Costco also has a good returns policy, if you decide the model is not for you.

Evolution Spas' models are all very energy efficient saving you money on your power bills. Their spas and hot tubs meet the rigorous standards of the California Energy Commission when it comes to efficiency.

The choice of Evolution Spas models at Costco is quite limited, only the four models we have reviewed are available. If you are after a hot tub with enough room for more than seven people or something much smaller, then you would have, of course, to try another hot tub company.

Other Brands To Consider

It's always a good idea to check other hot tub brands before you make your final purchase.

Another exclusive Costco hot tub brand is Aquaterra Spas. They offer spas in a similar price range to Evolution Spas however they have a wider range of models, plus you'll still get all the benefits from buying an Aquaterra Spa at Costco.

Aquaterra also has more plug-and-play hot tub models and a larger selection of cheaper spas, so are worth a look if you have a smaller budget.

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Strong Spas are another comparable brand. Like Evolution Spas, this brand has unique patents. Every Strong spa comes with a retractable spa cover, the DURA-SHIELD® HardCover.

You can pick a Strong spa for a similar price as an Evolution spa and there are similar features such as full-body lounge seats and LED lighting. Strong Spas also have a much wider selection of hot tub models.

The Bottom Line

With years of experience in producing high-quality spas and hot tubs, Evolution Spas are a great choice of hot tub brand. They offer plenty of great features and their hot tubs are very affordable.

I hope our Evolution Spas reviews have helped you find a suitable hot tub model to purchase at the right price. Remember, you'll get all the benefits of buying from Costco, such as their great returns policy and cheaper price tags.

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