Eco spa hot tub reviews

Eco Spa Hot Tub

Eco Spas is a popular hot tub brand on the market today.

But with dozens of other high-quality manufacturers to choose from, how do you know if Eco Spas is right for you?

Not only will we review this brand's top models, but we'll highlight the benefits and drawbacks of owning an Eco Spa hot tub, allowing you to see how they stack up to the competition before making your final purchase.

Our Top Choices For Eco Spa Hot Tub


1. E5

  • 2-person capacity
  • 23 jets
  • Eco Spa hard cover with cover lifter system & Ecozone Natural Spa Sanitation
  • Best for couples

2. E3

  • 3-person capacity
  • 23 jets
  • Lounge seat & Eco Spa hard cover with cover lifter system
  • Best for value

3. E4

  • 4-person capacity
  • 21 jets
  • Bucket-style seating & drink tray
  • Best for families

Eco Spa Price List

These models can cost in the region of $6,000 to $8,000. Keep in mind that the larger a hot tub is, the more it will cost and that opting for accessories will increase the overall price.

Since Eco Spas don't list their prices online, getting in touch with dealers for quotes is the best way to price shop. The cost of Eco Spa models will vary between spa dealers. Delivery and installation costs will also differ between customers based on location and the individual licensed electrician hired.

Eco Spa models are generally very affordable compared to other luxury brands. If you opt for one of their 110V plug-and-play hot tubs which can just be plugged into a regular electrical socket and don't need hardwiring by an electrician, you will have zero installation costs. If you opt for a 240V model, hiring an electrician is a necessary expense.

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Naming System

Eco Spas produce seven modern tubs with a no-frills naming system, the E1 through E5, plus the E3 Performance and E4 Performance.

The number refers to the amount of seats included. The only exceptions to this rule are the E1 which seats 4 people and the E5 which seats 2 people. 

With the E1 through E5 models, you can choose from the 120V plug-and-play version, or the regular 240V version.

The E3 performance and E4 performance are the only models where the plug-and-play version is not an option. These spas only come built with 240V and will require a professional to help with the installation electrical requirements.

Leading Models

E5 - Best For Couples

Ideal for a romantic soak with a loved one, the E5 features a lounge seat and bucket-style seat with a convenient drink tray.

Measuring 77" by 60" and 33" in height, this Eco Spa hot tub has 23 jets including targeted neck and shoulder jets.

It also features comfortable headrests, all which contribute to a soothing massage oasis in the comfort of your own backyard.

Eco Spa produces another 2-person capacity model, the E2. It has fewer jets, 21 in total, and is slightly smaller, 76" by 46". We recommend this option for couples with limited space. 

Optional accessories for the E5 and E2 include the Eco Spa hard cover with cover lifter system, multicolored LED lighting with nine color settings, Ecozone Natural Spa Sanitation featuring an ozone generator, chrome jets, useful spa steps with storage draws, and Wifi control systems.

Measuring 77" by 60" and 33" in height, the E3 has the same dimensions as the E5, but can fit an additional guest.

Eco Spa utilizes a different seating layout to fit in an extra seat while still featuring a lounger and a drink tray.

This model comes standard with 23 chrome jets to deliver a relaxing hydrotherapy experience that you can enjoy with more company than the E5. 

The E3 has all the same accessories available as the E5 such as the hard cover plus cover lifter system, LED lighting, Ecozone Natural Spa Sanitation, spa steps with storage and cooler, and a Wifi spa controls.

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The E4 is one of the largest capacity Eco Spas models. It measures 77" by 60" and can accommodate up to four people with its bucket-style seating. This is the best spa for families and  entertaining the kids.

Eco Spas' other four-person capacity hot tub is the E1. 

Slightly more compact than the E4, measuring 72" by 60" it features 12 jets with bench-style seating and is the ideal product for families with less space in their backyard or on their deck.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Durable With Hard Covers

Eco Spas are the original hard cover spa company. Having made massive improvements on its outdated predecessors, the hard cover is durable and along with the spa structure, has a true lifetime warranty.

The durable hard cover doesn't collect water when it rains, sag down, or go moldy like other types of spa covers. This is a money saving feature because purchasing replacement covers will never be necessary.

Energy Efficient Insulation

The hard cover features Ecobatt insulation. This helps to keep energy usage to a minimum and makes the Eco Spa models energy efficient.

They offer up to five times more insulation than other spas, and have great performance in terms of heat loss and energy usage.

Low Installation Costs

If you choose the E1 through E5 models, you'll be able to opt for a 110V plug-and-play version. 

These hot tubs don't require hiring an electrician to do the wiring. Simply fill it up with water, plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and that's it - you are ready to relax!

While the water may not reach as hot of temperatures, and the jets may not be as strong as their 240V counterparts, installation costs on 110V plug-and-play hot tubs are nonexistent. 

Limited Choice

Eco Spas only offer seven hot tub models. And they only make models that seat up to 4 people. This is very limited compared to other brands. If you are after large-sized hot tub with a 6 or more person capacity, Eco Spas is not the brand for you.


If you want an ultra luxurious hydrotherapy experience, we recommend that you look elsewhere. Eco Spa hot tubs are quite basic in terms of the number of jets, features, and accessories. They do provide some nice touches, such as drink trays in all their models, but their low prices reflect their limited amount of luxury features. 

Their note-worthy accessories include storage spa steps. The drawer inside these steps is perfect for towel storage. The included ice chests are convenient for cooling your drinks while you enjoy the warm water. And the Ecozone Natural Spa Sanitation does a great job at keeping the hot tub water clean and clear with its dual filtration system and ozone generation.

The hard covers, although they have plenty of major advantages as discussed previously, sit vertically when open. This can either be an advantage, as it provides privacy, or it can be a disadvantage for those who do not want their view blocked on one of the 4 sides of the tub.

Customers' Review

Some have raised concerns that the lifetime warranty was not honored when their hard cover warped and the arms of the cover had broken. Customers in cooler climates have experienced more issues with the covers warping than those who live in warmer regions.

Additional complaints have been related to the spa dealers rather than the Eco Spa models themselves.

There are also thousands of customers who absolutely love their Eco Spas hot tubs and have had no issues whatsoever. 

Other Brands To Consider

Before you make such a big purchase, it is a good idea to check out the competition. Take a peek at these other two great brands.

Tuff Spas

Tuff Spas also offer hard covers. The difference is that Tuff Spas covers lay flat when open, and won't block your view while you are inside the hot tub.

This cover doubles as a bar or shelf when the hot tub is in use.

While Tuff Spas have a small range of models to choose from, their selection is larger than that of Eco Spas. Plus, they have bigger tubs that can accommodate up to seven people.

There are two collections, Standard and Platinum, which have a few more customization options and luxury features than Eco Spas, while offering durable yet affordable models.

Consider Saratoga Spas if you want to fully customize your spa to fit your needs.

They have more affordable, plug-and-play options in their Cottage Spa Line but also offer great value and top features in their Special Edition Line.

If you're after luxury, their Luxury Spa Line offers a variety of sizes of hot tub with high numbers of jets.

In terms of hydrotherapy, they have patented the C.F.E.™ jet and Power Massage® system, for a top-notch hot tub experience.

For the full list of brands that we trust, head over to Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed

The Bottom Line

Eco Spas offer a cheap but durable range of roti molded plastic hot tubs. These modern hot tubs have great insulation and the hard covers offer a different look from other hot tub brands.

I hope our Eco Spas review has been useful and that you now have a better idea about whether or not this is a brand you'll continue to pursue. 

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