Dynasty spas reviews

Dynasty Spas Reviews
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Dynasty Spas has been making waves in the hot tub industry lately. They've got excellent, quality models that homeowners will be thrilled with.

However, with so many competing brands on the market, how do you know which brand really is the best?

In this case, it comes down to personal preference.

We'll show you all that Dynasty Spas has to offer and also point you in the direction of similar brands if you'd like to continue on your shopping journey.

Let's dive in.

Our Top Choices For Dynasty Spas


1. Hideaway Series

  • C316 and C324 (2-seater loungers)
  • L516, L524, DL524, and the DL416 (3-seater bench with a lounger combo)
  • Premium hydro jets & padded headrests
  • Built-in LED lighting & digital temperature controls with easy-to-read display.

2. Passport Series

  • B742 & B842 (bench seating)
  • L742 & L842 (lounger)
  • Two-tone hydrotherapy jets & Bluetooth audio system
  • LED filter well lighting & underwater LED lighting

3. Affinity Series

  • L5644, L6749 & L5864 (lounger)
  • B5862 & B5749 (bench seating)
  • Two-tone hydrotherapy jets with air & water diverters
  • Bluetooth audio system & digital controls

4. Allure Series

  • L749 & L862 (lounger equipped), L759 & L872 (lounger & three-pump system)
  • B749 & B862 (bench seating), B759 & B872 (bench seating & three-pump system)
  • Illuminated jets with air & water diverters
  • Digital controls & jet color packages

5. All-New Radiance Series

  • 7B & 8B bench seating
  • 7L & 8L lounge seating
  • Full-color touch screen display & In-touch.2 remote control
  • LED exterior cabinet lighting & backlit air jets

Dynasty Spas Price Points

Dynasty spas have been dominating the top 10 list for a reason. A large part of the appeal lies in the scope of their price points. Dynasty spas are available at various price points to meet any budget.

Dynasty Spas ranges anywhere between $4,600 and $17,000, so you definitely have options. Of course, you'll also want to factor in the cost of installation and delivery. It is important to note that these are base prices and customers are charged added fees for choosing to include luxury features.

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Dynasty Spas' 5 Series

Dynasty spas offer five different spa lines: Hideaway, Sovereign, Passport, Affinity, Allure, and the All-New Radiance.

Hideaway Series

Upgrade your backyard with a great-looking and affordable Hideaway Series hot tub.

Enjoy premium hydro jets, air & water diverter, built-in LED lighting, padded headrests, and digital temperature controls featuring an easy-to-read display.

Hideaway Series Hot Tub models:

  • C316 and C324 (2-seater loungers)
  • The L516, L524, DL524, and the DL416 (3-seater bench with a lounger combo)

For the ultimate in relaxation, this hot tub series has it all. If a hydrotherapy massage and a good soak are what you're looking for after a long day at the office, the Passport Series is designed for you.

With two-tone hydrotherapy jets, LED filter well lighting, underwater LED lighting, and Bluetooth audio, the passport gives you full control over both lighting and music.

Passport Series Hot Tub models:

  • B742 & B842 (bench seating)
  • L742 & L842 (lounger equipped)

Pampering has never been easier than with the Affinity Series. With two-tone hydrotherapy jets and Bluetooth audio, you’ll enjoy an immersive experience each time you enter your hot tub.

Featuring simple digital controls, a 100sqft filtration system, and air & water diverters, this hot tub series is easy to maintain and has a generous seating capacity.

Affinity Series Hot Tub models:

  • L5644, L6749 & L5864 (lounger equipped)
  • B5862 & B5749 (bench seating)

Allure Series hot tubs feature illuminated jets that make your relaxation experience feel like a day at the spa.

Air and water diverters give you a custom massage, while the digital controls and jet color packages allow you to adjust the spa with just a touch of your fingertips.

The infinity Bluetooth audio speakers add to an unforgettable experience in your very own backyard.

Allure Series Hot Tub models:

  • L749 & L862 (lounger equipped)
  • L759 & L872 (lounger equipped & three-pump system)
  • B749 & B862 (bench seating)

  • B759 & B872 (bench seating & three-pump system)

Their All-New Radiance Series doesn't just shine, it radiates.

These hot tubs feature a full-color touch screen display and easy-to-use digital settings personalized to the user's preference.

Take note: the new in-touch.2 remote allows complete control of features such as the volume of music, water temperature, and light show settings without ever leaving the comfort of your tub.

They've taken this aspect even further with all-new LED exterior cabinet lighting and backlit air jets and water diverters, so your night soaking experience can shine as bright as you do.  

All-New Radiance Series Hot Tub models:

  • 7B 82" × 82" × 36" (350 Gallon Bencher)
  • 7L 82" × 82" × 36" (350 Gallon Lounger)
  • 8B 92" × 92" × 36" (425 Gallon Bencher)
  • 8L 92" × 92" × 36" (425 Gallon Lounger)
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Strengths & Weaknesses

Want to know the pros and cons of buying a hot tub from Dynasty Spas? We'll list both sides of the story.



Dynasty Spas have been a hit in the marketplace. Praised for their affordability and value, these hot tub models are worth every dollar spent. From the clean lines to sophisticated styling, they're a perfect addition to any backyard.

User Interface

The elaborate user interfaces in these hot tubs facilitate seamless communication between the hot tub and its users. Featuring mode and function selection wheels, an all-on/all-off key, interactive display icons, and on-screen reminders, you'll always be in control of your relaxation experience.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Dynasty Spas hot tubs are the pinnacle of hydrotherapy, with unique jet configurations on each model. Their full-body massaging jets keep muscles soothed and relaxed, while their biomechanical oscillating jets enhance muscle recovery after workouts. With all this unique technology, it's no wonder that Dynasty is leading the field in hydrotherapy!


Their lighting enables you to create the perfect ambiance for your family and friends. The lights not only include LED strips in the lid, the sidewalls, and cupholders, but you can opt for a variety of different lighting packages to suit your needs.

This extensive array of choices makes finding a Dynasty Spa that matches your style easy.


The options for customization of their spas are almost endless, with features ranging from the number and placement of massage jets to LED color-changing lights.

With so many ways to personalize your hot tub, you're in control of creating the perfect fit for your needs. It all depends on what works best for you—something to consider when choosing a Dynasty spa.


Optional Accessories

One of the major downsides to owning a Dynasty Spa is that many features consumers look for do not come standard. They typically cost extra.

And this can be frustrating. But never fear; you don't have to give up things like a hardcover, heavy-duty pump, water filtration system, or the convenience of multiple jet locations.

The good thing is that each one of these optional add-ons is engineered and designed specifically to match your particular hot tub model. You'll be able to see exactly what fits your tub best.

Other Brands To Consider

Before taking the plunge and buying a Dynasty hot tub or swim spa, it's a good idea to check out more options.

Master Spas

Master Spas earns its place as one of the premier companies in the hot tub industry today. Like Dynasty, this company produces a good selection of hot tub models in a range of distinct collections, including more affordable 110V plug-and-play hot tubs in their Getaway Collection all the way to high-end tubs with plenty of luxury features in their Michael Phelps Legend Series.

If you are looking into swim spas, Dynasty does produce five swim spa models, including dual-temperature setups.

Master Spas has a much larger range of swim spas split into two collections. For a broader range of exercise abilities, we suggest browsing their huge H2X Fitness Swim Spas. And their Michael Phelps Swim Spas are what we recommend for the more advanced fitness enthusiast.

American Whirpool offers a similar sized range of hot tub models with that of Dynasty. Plus, they have comparable pricing brackets and produce a line of swim spas as well.

American Whirlpool provides excellent guidance for choosing the right spa for your needs with their step-by-step filtering selection process on their website, so you will be ready to relax in your hot tub in no time.

They offer plug-and-play spa models as well as feature-rich luxury models in various seating capacities, and you aren't limited to having just the standard features.

You can customize your hot tub with various add-ons depending on the spa model.

For our full list of trusted manufacturers, head over to Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed.

The Bottom Line

With a wide variety of sizes and options to choose from, including premium seating, controls, air massage systems, lighting options, and more – you have a good change of finding a Dynasty Spa to suit your soaking style.

With affordable prices, industry-leading performance, and outstanding service, it's easy to see why they have one of the best selections of affordable hot tubs in the country.

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