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Dream Maker Spas Review
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Dream Maker Spas offer a fabulous range of affordably priced hot tubs. This hot tub industry leader has one of the largest fabricators of roto-molded spas in the world.

But is this the right brand choice for you?

Lets find out if Dream Maker Spas' models offer the specific features you're after.

Continue reading for an in depth look at 4 of their top spa models so that you can keep this brand on your list, or decide to search elsewhere.


Crossover Collection

Cabana Collection

Comfort Collection

Stonehenge Collection


80″ x 80″ x 36″

80″ x 80″ x 34

82″ x 82″ x 32

78″ x 68″ x 32″

Seating Capacity

5 to 6 people

5 people

5 to 6 people

4 to 5 people

Number Of Jets






3 HPR two speed pump plus 2.5 HPR one speed pump

3 HPR two speed pump plus 2.5 HPR one speed Pump

2 HPR two speed pump

2HPR pump

Basic Price


($8,499 for suite)


($8,299  for suite)

$5,799 ($6,799 for suite)

$4,999 ($5,999 for suite)

Best For

Most Luxurious Hot Tub

Best For Families

Best For Value

Best For Budget Buyers

Dream Maker Spas Price Points

Unlike many companies in the spa industry, Dream Maker Spas do list their hot tub prices on their website. All of the Dream Maker Spas come with the suite option which includes a bundle of features: spa steps, planters, handrail, storage, and a spa cover lifter. The most expensive, high luxury Crossover Collection features four hot tubs. A Dream Maker spa from this line will set you back between $6,999 and $7,499. Those that opt for the extra features in this collection can expect to pay between $7,999 and $8,499.

The Cabana Collection has four premium spas from $6,799 to $7,299. Prices increase to $8,299 for the additional comfort enhancing features including in their suite option. Next, there is Dream Maker Spas' Comfort Collection which comprises three spa models. Prices start at $5,299 and go up to $5,799. The lowest price suite in this collection is $6,299 and the highest is $6,799.

The Stonehenge Collection has three budget spa models with base prices from between $4,999 and $5,499. A Stonehenge Collection model with optional suite extras costs between $5,999 and $6,499. Also, you should account for other expenses such as loading, delivery, and installation. Preparation of the site must also be planned in advance. Hot tubs can sit on a concrete, brick, or wood surface, a patio or deck.

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Leading Models

With fourteen excellent hot tub models by this quality spa manufacturer, let's take a peek at some of their leading spa models.

Crossover 740L - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

The Crossover 740L is Dream Maker Spas' most luxurious hot tub. This spa measures 80″ x 80″ x 36″, can seat five to six people and features a lounge seat for ultimate relaxation.

It has a whopping total of forty stainless steel jets so you can enjoy targeted massages of the back, shoulders, and feet, as part of a full-body hydrotherapy experience.

For extra comfort, there are three pillowed headrests, and the LED spa lighting and backlit waterfall create the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Ideal for a backyard, patio, or deck, the 740L comes complete with features such as a 4kW heater, two pumps, digital controls, the insulated Weather Shield spa cover, foam insulation, Easy Kleen Convex 2 filtration system, ozone system, and footwell light.

The 740L spa has a basic price of $7,499 and for a little more money, you also go for the suite at $8,499 which includes various accessories such as spa steps, rail, and cover lifter.

The durable spa shell comes in seven stylish color combinations. Plus, you can upgrade your spa by getting the Bluetooth sound system and Ambiance LED light package, however, this will come with an increased cost.

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Another one of Dream Maker Spa's premium models, the Cabana Collection's 3500S measures 80″ x 80″ x 34 and has seats for five people.

It's the perfect spa for entertaining the family on a sunny afternoon, as it comes with an in-built cooler compartment and you have the option of getting the stylish black sun umbrella to help you escape the heat of the day.

The Cabana 3500S also delivers an excellent hydrotherapy experience with thirty-five massage jets. These adjustable jets can target various problem spots such as the feet, back, and shoulders. 

This spa also features contoured cushioned headrests for a truly relaxing massage.

Other features include two powerful pumps, LED lights for the cabinet and footwell, waterfall feature, insulated spa cover, foam insulation, Syncrylic™ spa shell, digital controls, Easy Kleen Convex 2 filtration, and ozone water care.

This Dream Maker spa has optional extras available, including a Bluetooth sound system and the Ambiance LED light package. It's similar in price to the Crossover 740L spa, costing $7,299 and for the suite, you pay $8,299.

Part of the Dream Maker Comfort Collection, the Comfort 2300L measures 82″ x 82″ x 32 and can accommodate five to six people.

It's a great idea if you are after a decent-sized spa but don't want to pay those premium hot tub prices.

Let the lounge seat support your entire body whilst the twenty-three jets soothe your tired muscles.

The LED lighting and waterfall feature also create the perfect ambiance for chilling out.

One of the best things about this model is that it is fully convertible so you can get it as a 120V plug-and-play or a standard powered 240V spa if you get an electrician to install it. The heating system isn't quite as strong if you opt for the 120V setup but you still get the 2 HPR two-speed pump.

Other standard features include foam insulation, spa cover, eight corner LEDs, footwell LED lights, waterfall feature, and Syncrylic™ shell. The factory-installed ozone system is optional.

For all this, the cost is $5,799 and if you want the suite which includes the spa steps and various other extras, it will be $6,799.

Dream Maker Spas' Stonehenge Collection showcases their more budget spas. The EZ Spa measures 78″ x 68″ x 32″ and is a good choice if you are on a tight budget as it costs under $5,000.

The Stonehenge Collection EZ Spa has sixteen jets, and bucket and bench-style seating for four to five people.

Like the Comfort 2300L, this Dream Maker spa has can be upgraded from 120V to 240V. The 240 V is more powerful, and you'll most likely have to hire an electrician to install it.

Standard features of the EZ Spa include a 2HPR pump, LED lights, LED-lit controls, the EZ Kleen/Convex2 filter system, foam insulation, and spa cover. 

The factory-installed ozone system and the Ambience lighting package are optional extras.

The EZ Spa comes in seven different color combinations of Syncrylic™ and the exterior panels are available in textured wicker or brick options.

Strengths & Weaknesses

This company is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of rotationally molded hot tubs and has been a leader in this method of fabrication since it brought it to the spa industry over two decades ago.

As an industry leader, Dream Maker Spas demonstrate innovative design and technology with their patented Syncrylic™ that they use for the spa shells. This material is tough, durable, and lightweight making it ideal for hot tub shells.

Dream Maker Spas have excellent customer service. Their support staff are very helpful and they are happy to answer any queries whether you contact them by email, phone, or in-person at a dealership. They also have a very user-friendly website with clear images of their hot tubs.

There are plenty of positive customer reviews out there. As with any big brand, there is the occasional negative customer review. Some customers had issues with needing a replacement cover after only a year, however a custom cover is generally straightforward to find. Seals around the jets are another item that some customers reported needing replacing.

Dream Maker spas have a decent warranty compared to similar brands. Their spas come with a five-year warranty on the shell and structure, a one-year warranty for equipment and plumbing, and a one-year warranty on the labor.

Other Brands To Consider

Jacuzzi and Hot Springs Spas both have hot tub collections with various spa models at a similar price point to the Dream Maker spas.

Hot Springs Hot Spot Collection offers value-priced spas and plug-and-play hot tubs with a starting price of around $7,000. These hot tubs are energy efficient, with in-built water sanitizing systems and acrylic shells.

They also offer smaller-sized spa models, two and three-seaters, for those with limited patio or backyard space.

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The most famous name in the spa industry is Jacuzzi. They offer high-end luxury hot tubs but also have a good number of entry-level priced hot tubs in the $4,000 to $7,999 price range. Check out the smaller models of the J-200 Collection and the Jacuzzi Play Collection that offer an excellent hydrotherapy experience at an affordable price.

For additional brands that we recommend, visit our Best Hot Tub Brands page. 

The Bottom Line

Rather than splashing out for a pool in your backyard, consider a Dream Maker spa that won't break the bank since it won't cost half as much as even a small in-ground pool.

Dream Maker Spas produce a fabulous range of lightweight, quality spas with a very affordable price tag. I hope our Dream Maker Spas review has been helpful so that you can now look forward to relaxing in your new hot tub.

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