Dr. Wellness Hot Tub Reviews

Dr. Wellness Hot Tub Reviews

Finding the perfect spa fit can be tricky. Dr. Wellness is a trusted spa brand with various models and features. But do they have what you're looking for?

We'll review the Dr. Wellness prices and 4 of their leading models while comparing them to other manufacturers.

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Our Top Choices For Dr. Wellness Hot Tub

G2000 Tranquility With Bluetooth Waterproof Audio

1. G2000 Tranquility Spa With Bluetooth Waterproof Audio

  • Comfortably seats 3
  • 26 stainless steel jets
  • Unique triangle shape that fits into corners
G-13 Tranquility With Bluetooth Waterproof Audio

2. G-13 Tranquility Spa With Bluetooth Waterproof Audio

  • Comfortably seats 7
  • 60 stainless steel jets
  • Ultra luxurious with plenty of modern features
X-2 Spa

3. X-2 Spa

  • Comfortably seats 3
  • 31 stainless steel jets
  • Calming waterfall included
X-11 Lifestyle Spa

4. X-11 Lifestyle Spa

  • Comfortably seats 7
  • 86 stainless steel jets
  • Multi-color underwater light

Dr. Wellness Spa Price Points

With models that range from $4,300 to $15,000, there is something for everyone in the Dr. Wellness collections. Keep in mind that the exact pricing of your spa will be determined by the dealer that you purchase from and costs can vary. It is also important to account for delivery and installation fees in the total cost.

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The Dr. Wellness G2000 is where luxury meets practicality. This cleverly designed, compact spa seats three, and its triangular shape fits perfectly into the corners of backyards and decks. Equipped with Bluetooth Waterproof Audio, speakers, and a subwoofer, it's easy to let those twenty-six stainless steel massagers lure you into harmony while you listen to your favorite tunes.

The G2000 has a handy spa cover to protect your hot tub from debris. It also comes standard with comfortable cushioned headrests to ensure maximum ease.

A quality underwater light illuminates the tub in dim tones, and the pricing of this spa is quite reasonable considering its amenities and reputation.

The G-13 Tranquility Spa is the epitome of luxury, with the company's premium multi-color light package. This larger spa package includes perimeter lighting for easy entry in the dark hours, underwater lighting to cast a soothing hue, lit fountain water massagers, and illuminated cup holders - so you never have to wonder where that margarita is.

The water massagers in this model hit the neck, shoulders, calves, and feet simultaneously, ensuring a targeted full-body massage. In addition, the G-13 is designed with multi-layered fiberglass reinforcement, providing long-lasting durability.

Overall, these new spas - particularly categorized as wellness spas - are a great choice for the consumer looking for a large tub with lots of fun features.

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This compact spa is perfect for the consumer looking for an excellent new spa experience without the encumbrance of a bulky unit in their yard or patio. The X-2 seats three people and holds 200 gallons of water.

You can customize the cabinet colors, so it's a great choice for those who want more control over the aesthetic of their hot tub.

Additionally, this hot tub comes standard with seven-color LED underwater hot tub lights, thirty-one stainless steel massaging streams, and energy-saving equipment to help keep those electricity bills to a minimum and save you money.

The X-11 is one of the most attractive spas out there. With color customization options in Coastal Gray or Mocha, a customers can select the aesthetic that suits their taste.

These spas come standard with fountain-powered streams and are equipped with user-friendly digital controls, making adjusting the temperature and other features a breeze.

100% anti-fungicide tubing is used for the plumbing, which goes a long way when protecting the machine from bacteria buildup.

This feature results in cleaner water and reduces the need for harsh chemicals, saving money along the way.

Strengths & Weaknesses

These models come standard with several features, including cushioned headrests, multi-colored LED underwater lights, and an impressive array of water massagers.

Almost every Dr. Wellness hot tub is customizable, with attractive add-ons such as Bluetooth speakers, a remote with a Wi-Fi connection, and even a rechargeable floating drink station. They all come equipped with particular energy-saving designs, easing the mind if financing is a worry. And it doesn't hurt that these hot tubs come in a very wide range of price points as well.

Finding a brand with such a variety of sizes of quality hot tubs is hard to come by. This attribute makes it easy to bring the ultimate relaxation experience to your own home even if you're on a budget.

One weakness that we will point out is the warranty coverage for Wellness Spas. Some of the shells on this list are only covered for a single year - a short length of time compared to other brands. We recommend reviewing the warranty before making any purchases.

Other Brands To Consider

It's a good idea to become familiar with multiple options before taking the plunge. Different hot tub brands incorporate different systems and features into their units and you may stumble across an attribute that you didn't even know existed!

Hudson Bay

If a smaller spa such as the G2000 and G-X2 are what you were leaning towards, Hudson Bay's HB14C may also appeal to you.

The HB14C is made in the USA and features 13 stainless steel jets - less than Dr. Wellness' models of similar size, but because it is 110V plug-and-play equipped all you'll have to do is plug it into a standard electrical outlet, fill it with water using a garden hose, and get to soaking!

This is an excellent option for those who do not want to hassle with hiring an electrician.

The water reaches up to 104 degrees, and these models come standard with Balboa controls, a backlit waterfall and multi-colored underwater mood lighting.

The Summit model by Marquis Spas has enough room to comfortably seat 7 and features 65 jets that you'll have control over.

The summit is luxury at its finest. While more expensive than the other models in this review, the massage aspect of this tub is more flexible and a larger variety of sensations are possible. 

Included are 2 Shiatsu massage seats, 2 deep tissue massage seats recommended for chronic pain, a relaxation massage seat and a Swedish massage seat. 

The Regal Whitewater 4 jet is placed in the footwell to soothe aching feet.

This hot tub was meticulously crafted and would also be a smart choice.

The Bottom Line

Dr. Wellness is a reliable, exciting brand with a variety of model options to suit all needs and budgets. This company has crafted a tasteful and practical line of spas.

This trusted manufacturer ensures as much comfort in its compact models as its larger models, and uses quality components and materials in its builds.

Head over to our Best Hot Tub Brands page to view the full list of companies we recommend.

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