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How often do you ask yourself, ‘when can I sit back and relax’?

Whether you are at work, out late with some friends for longer than anticipated, gone for a long hike, maybe even if you are just having a stressful day.

Now, think about that for a second, because there are many different avenues to take to make your relaxation happen, but which one are you gonna take?

One of the awesome options we recommend, that can be used rain or shine, is a hot tub!

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Our Top Choices For Costco Hot Tubs

Devine Hot Tub

1. Portage By Divine Hot Tubs

  • 100 jets
  • 4-person capacity
  • Head rests, LED lighting, & water features
Auqaterra Spas

2. Ventura By Aquaterra Spas

  • 96 jets
  • 6-person capacity
  • Digital controls, waterfall feature, & Bluetooth audio system
Evolution Spas

3. Hilton By Evolution Spas

  • 120 jets
  • 7-person capacity
  • Multi-colored glow jets, water features, LED-lit cabinet & cupholders
Divine Hot Tubs Blakely

4. Blakely By Devine Hot Tubs

  • 65 jets
  • 4-person capacity
  • ProLoc High-Flow Jet System, & zero gravity lounger

You can’t really go wrong with the calming jets and the soothing hot water, both make for never-ending relaxation and create a paradise-like atmosphere, right in the comfort of your own home.

While hot tubs are used for a variety of things, we recognize them as a must have for your Summer nights and all days in between.

This is the kind of investment for your health, body, mind and well, occasionally a good-time with a few friends or family. You can choose from a portable one and take it with you on your camping trips or a stationary tub for at home-only use, both are great choices!

Below are our top picks from the best hot tub brands on the market today. 


Costco offers a wide range of hot tubs and prices range from $2,000 to 7,000 for traditional hot tubs. 

Alternatively, Inflatable hot tubs typically cost several hundred dollars. 


Maybe you’ve been looking for a more comfortable way to spend your evenings in after a long day’s work, if so, Divine Hot Tubs released the Portage 100-Jet 4-Person Spa, perfect for unwinding.

Yes, this is a 4-person spa, but don’t feel obligated to use it for just that, as it is a perfect size for even one person.

This spa comes equipped with Comfort Valve controls that allow you to change waterflow, whether you would like to increase it, decrease or divert the flow from your legs and feet to your seating area.

For nighttime use this spa has LED lighting around the headrests, water features and around the top edge of the tub, creating the perfect mood and atmosphere.

Amplify your hydrotherapy experience with interior and exterior LED lighting and a waterfall feature and maybe add an Ozone WaterCare System, with those you get the 6-person, 96-jet the Ventura by Auqaterra Spas.

This luxurious hot tub holds six people and also features a Bluetooth connect feature (2 speakers, 1 subwoofer), so you can always ensure a good time, whether enjoying your tub with loved ones or solo. For maximized comfort there are sculpted pillows inlaid in the shell to rest your head and neck.

The construction of this is rather impressive as it has a thermal locking cover with a hinge sea to add heat retention.

Has fully foam insulation for major energy efficiency, to help save on those utility bills, and also has an incredibly easy to use digital control panel.

Along with the light features there is a marine grade audio Bluetooth connector, this not only makes things more fun but a lot more convenient as you won’t have to lug your Bluetooth speaker outside with hopes that it won’t get ruined near the hot tub.

With all of the awesome external features, the Portage 4-Person Spa has immaculate internal construction. Divine’s RTB (Reflective Thermal Barrier) insulation eases the heat sink effect that is frequently linked with flat bottomed spas, as well as this insulation being efficient in preventing the heat sink effect it is also Certified  to the California Energy Commission's standards.

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The shell is a highly durable quadruple-layered, ABS-backed acrylic and has a clear acrylic top coat with a steel mesh in weight-loaded areas, this is all sprayed with a reinforcing EcoSpray for maximum durability and support. The structure of this hot tub is made of rot-proof, rust-proof and mold-proof PVC system, which is much for safe and longstanding than metal or wood support beams.

With the EPS insulation and the ABS flooring system this hot tub is raised above ground, so you will be saved from a host of pests and issues that come along with flush to ground hot tubs. Basically, this tub is a knockout with all that it has inside and out. 

A spa experience isn’t something you want to go out and pay for, you’d much rather have it at your fingertips, so why pass up the chance to have that spa experience you want all while being able to share it with some of your closest friends and family!

With the Hilton 120-Jet 60R 7-person spa, there really is no escaping the tranquility that comes with your spa experience.

This hot tub is absolutely equipped to leave you feeling pleasurable and at ease, with its 53 swirling, multi-colored glow jets and LED cabinet and cupholder lighting for easy vision all while having the mood set just right.

One of the more eccentric features on this hot tub is the beautiful LED lit water features, this adds to the tranquil feel all while bringing about a conversation piece. 

There are more than just the key cosmetic features on this hot tub that make it a great buy for those on the market for one.  Sit back and relax the amazing 120 jet Divine Spa with the full jetted seats, each seat has 56 back jets, 22 leg jets, 14 seat jets, 8 seat jets and 6 foot jets.

Luckily for those who enjoy a nice cooldown before hopping out of the tub there is a cooldown seat with 48 back jets, 16 neck and shoulder jets, 16 hip jets, 12 seat jets and 28 foot jets. This tub is a knockout bound to give you the spa experience you’ve been looking for at home.

This hot tub is the ideal space saver at no cost to its cutting edge technology also used in its larger counterpart Portage Spa.

This specific tub features patent ProLoc high flow jet systems that cause for a better air/water integration, circulation and a more full massage.

With each of these features comes the sleek aesthetic of this hot tub, there are many cosmetic features that make this 65-Jet, 4-person spa a must have.

There are beautiful LED mood lights and an excellent zero gravity lounge that allows you to float with your natural buoyancy.


There really is no going wrong with a portable hot tub, especially one with a built-in hard water treatment system that makes your time in the spa just like home with soft water.

This specific hot tub is a great taking along on camping trips where there are hose hookups, while it also a great thing to bring along to a friend’s barbeque.

The PureSpa bubble spa comes with more than just the easily inflatable tub, but with other really essential items to make your experience the one it needs to be.

First off this spa comes with an insulated cover and lock to retain heat and block any debris from entering your water. Along with the cover comes a heating system that brings the water from 68-102 degrees fahrenheit, so you can have an easily adjusted heat based on what you are comfortable with.

Lastly the PureSpa comes with 3-way test strips, 2 filter cartridges, a floating chlorine dispenser, a thermal ground cloth, inflation hose and a carrying bag.

Each of these items are essential to your spa experience with the Intex PureSpa and with that we hope you can take this portable bubble massage spa out with you wherever deemed necessary!

Here is yet another inflatable hot tub bound to catch more than a few eyes.

Coleman’s Lay Z Spa is packed with awesome features to make you portable spa experience the best yet.

One of the many surprising features on this tub is the automatic start/stop heater timer, this makes it easy to sit back and relax your experience rather than sitting around and waiting for far too long for the water to heat and begin to bubble.

This massage tub has a puncture resistant exterior made of Tri-tech 3-ply reinforced material, the walls of this are also constructed with I-beam construction allowing the tub to be used without bending or buckling.

The cushion air pad floor included in this spa is great for keeping insulation as well as keeping your feet and body more comfortable.

This spa has multiple features that sets it apart from other portable, inflatable spas, making it a top of the line buy for your next trip.

The Spa-N-A-Box by Comfort Line Products is a truly portable hot tub that sets up in close to 30 minutes.

When you think of a portable hot tub you probably think of inflatable bubble spas, but you probably never thought of this easy take down and put up tub.

For maximum comfort this hot tub reaches a maximum temperature of 104 degrees, though the temperature is fully adjustable.

There are over 100 micro-air jets in this spa to leave your body feeling well-massaged and content with your spa experience, whether you are spending time alone, with that someone special or just with a group of friends.

The heavy duty spa liner is composed of Marine Grade 3-ply vinyl allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of a soft vinyl floor rather than a hard acrylic floor.

Another great feature to this product is the lack of tools, plumbing and wiring necessary to make it work, all you need is a 110 volt grounded outlet and you are good to go!

If you are looking for a 5-6 person hot tub with a classic aesthetic, look no further!

The Decorum Acrylic hot tub’s exterior is lined with wood panelling to make for a more clean, classic spa look.

This 6 person tub is equipped with 51 (two-tone) stainless steel adjustable hydro-jets and 16 stainless steel air-jets, making for 65 lovely massage jets that will leave your body feeling relaxed and cared for. This tub has a custom LED waterfall, LED lit controls and three total pumps.

If music is something you enjoy while sitting back in your spa, there is a treat that is featured in this tub, it is equipped with a bluetooth compatible speaker and sub system.

A cool thing about this specific tub is the cooldown seat, located on the interior step for when you are just about ready to get out of the spa and have a relaxing evening at home.

When ready to use plug this hot tub into a 240 V grounded outlet for energy-efficiency.

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Here are a few other great items featured with this product; a stainless steel heater, an underwater LED light, an ozonator, filter spa steps and a hardwearing insulated cover.


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