Clearwater spas reviews

Clearwater Spas Reviews

Clearwater Spas is a well-known brand that consistently produces high-quality products.

But what are their features like? What do they cost? And are they right choice for you?

Our Clearwater Spas reviews will cover everything you need to know in order to make a well-informed purchase decision.

Let's dive in.

Our Top Choices For Clearwater Spas

Clearwater Spas Myrtle Beach

1. Myrtle Beach - Beachcraft Series

  • Seats 6
  • 62 hydrotherapy jets
  • Includes comprehensive LED mood lighting
Clearwater Spas Broadmoor

2. Broadmoor - Northwest Series

  • Seats 5
  • 51 hydrotherapy jets
  • Breathtaking water features
Clearwater Spas Liberty Lake

3. Liberty Lake - Northwest Series

  • Seats 5
  • 51 hydrotherapy jets
  • Compact build, great for smaller spaces
Clearwater Spas ES76R

4. ES76R - Evergreen Series

  • Seats 4
  • 40 hydrotherapy jets
  • Full lounger seat

Clearwater Hot Tub Price Points

This brand is ideal for the budget-minded buyer, as most Clearwater Spas models go for under $10,000. They are priced lower than high-end luxury brands without sacrificing the therapeutic hydrotherapy experience that consumers are looking for.

Keep in mind that your location, delivery and installation fees, and any optional extras that you choose to add on are among the factors that will go into exact purchase prices.

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Leading Hot Tubs

While Clearwater Spas manufactures a wide range of good hot tubs with plenty of quality features, we'll be taking an in depth look at 4 of their most popular spa models.

Clearwater Spas Myrtle Beach

Of the Beachcraft series, the Myrtle Beach model is best built for entertaining. It's traditional design with four bucket seats and two raised ones - is big enough for you and 5 of your closest friends.

Models in the Beachcraft series are the highest priced of the Clearwater Spas lineup.

Both spacious and soothing, they Myrtle Beach comes standard with programmable LED mood lighting, LED lights in the footwell, and a cascading waterfall, adding to the overall ambiance.

There are 3 pumps - more than other brands of similar sizes - which operate to continuously push water through to the jets at equal pressure.

The Broadwater hot tub is the largest model in the Northwest series. This is a 5 person tub with a total of 51 hydrotherapy jets.

The Northwest series is one step down in price from the Beachcraft series. This category of models maximizes space while keeping prices reasonable.

The LED water arches act as a soothing focal point, and this Clearwater spa is E-Smart & CEC Certified in terms of energy efficiency.

This Clearwater Spas hot tub comes with a reflective thermal barrier to assist the heater in keeping the water temperature up.

There are five cabinet colors to choose from which is great news for buyers looking to personalize their purchase to fit the aesthetic of their back yard.

The full body lounger jets target the upper leg, calf, foot, arm, elbow and wrist in addition to the commonly placed jets which run along the spine and shoulders. 

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Also a part of the Northwest series, this low-priced five-seater has 51 jets and 22 LED accent lights.

Because it is a compact version of the Broadmoor spa, this smaller hot tub is perfect for those with smaller yards or patios.

It comes standard with multi-colored mood lighting, LED lit coasters, stunning LED water arches and digital touch screen control.

Buyers have the option to include the CLEAR water management system for an additional cost. This purification system ensures that users will be spending time in naturally clear and odorless water.

Like the Broadmoor, the Liberty lake also incorporates a lounge seat, perfect for getting a massage on all the major pressure points of the body. Sitting in this lounge seat feels like a little slice of heaven.

As a part of the lowest priced Evergreen series, this budget-friendly hot tub is our brand-spanning favorite for tight spaces.

With room for up to three people, this model is ideal for those not concerned with entertaining larger groups. Although the ES76R is smaller, it still has a grand total of 40 hydrotherapy jets to ease aches and pains.

A full lounger seat is also incorporated into this design, allowing users to relax their entire body in a unit that won't take up the whole backyard.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Clearwater Spas takes an environmentally conscious approach in their manufacturing. The shells are produced without fiberglass resin which is harmful agent that eats through the earth's ozone. This consideration is not standard in the hot tub industry, so it truly sets the company apart from competitors.

Clearwater hot tubs are built with DuraTech in the cabinetry. This material looks like wood but is much more durable and resistant to rot and infestation. DuraTech is a non-toxic, encapsulated material that will not leech chemicals into the environment, so buyers who are environmentally conscious may find Clearwater to be the company of their choice.

All Clearwater hot tubs are built with 24 hour circulation pumps designed to be near silent. This pump works all day and night to filter the hot tub's water, eliminating the need to set reminders for cleaning.

Another outstanding feature of Clearwater Spas hot tubs is the comprehensive plumbing systems. Instead of using 90-degree angled piping, Clearwater spas use sweeping curves. This approach results in water flow that has minimum drag.

The internal hot tub structure is made from PVC Pillar Support System, which will never mold or rust unlike other manufacturers that use wooden or steel frames. These foundations support 10,000 pounds and come with a comprehensive 20 year warranty.

One weakness that we will point out is that this company offers little regarding add-ons. If you're looking for lots of optional extras, you won't find them with the Clearwater Spas brand.

Other Brands To Consider

Carefully considering your choices when making large purchases is a great idea. For that reason, we want to discuss two Clearwater Spa alternatives.

Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay HB650R is large enough for 3 people, features 29 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, and a sales price of between $3,700 - 4,500.

Like the Clearwater Spas models, it has a multi-colored underwater mood lighting to create a luxurious spa experience. 

Though it offers a lower number of jets than the Clearwater Spas models, the jets included in Hudson Bay models flow in different patterns to produce a soothing, all-over massage.

It also comes with digital controls so that you'll have easy control over the water temperature while inside the hot tub

If more spaciousness and luxuriousness is what you're after, the M8 by Bullfrog Spas is a quality contender.

With enough room for 9 people, adjustable headrests, 3 jet pumps that feature 2 pump speeds, these hot tubs are sure to melt the stress away.

You're friends and family will have flexible options and can choose between sitting in bucket style seating, lounge seating and even elevated seating for those times that a break from being fully emersed in the water is needed.

Because this is a luxury spa, the price is close to $26,000. Bullfrog is one of our favorite hot tub manufacturers, due in part to their comprehensive warranties. 

The Bottom Line

The production of budget-friendly hot tubs without sacrificing high-end craftsmanship is what makes Clearwater Spas a clear winner. Lower-priced hot tubs that still deliver quality can be tricky to find. A Clearwater Spas hot tub is a great investment for anyone seeking a trusted, lower priced brand in the hot tub industry.

In terms of overall reliability and functionality, we give Clearwater Spas an A+! To see additional brands that we trust, head over to our Best Hot Tubs Reviewed page.

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