Catalina Spas Reviews

Catalina Spas Reviews
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With so many spa brands out there, how do know which one to pick?

Catalina Spas offers plenty of great hot tubs and swim spas with fantastic features. Known as the 'original' swim spa company, Catalina's products are some of the best around.

But are they right for you?

Continue reading to find out which of Catalina Spas' collections would best suit you and to see how they stack up against the competition.

Our Top Choices For Catalina Spas

Luxury Collection

1. Luxury Collection

  • Six hot tub models: Kennedy, Armstrong, Carlton, Berkshire, Hampton, & Nantucket
  • 3, 5, 6, and 7 seaters
  • Top features: SynthaWood™ Skirting, Eternitree™ Forever Frame, & LED Backlit Magnetic Pillows
  • Best for high-end, luxury hot tubs
  • Classic Collection

    2. Classic Collection

  • Eight hot tub models: CL 360, Neptune Premium, Samoa Premium, XL 21000, XL 22000, XL 26000, Raptor Premium, Saber Premium.
  • 5, 6, and 7 seaters
  • Top features: LED lighting packages and waterfall features
  • Best for customization options
  • Catalina Monterey 14

    3. Catalina 600 Series

  • 5 swim spa models: Catalina Monterey, Catalina, Catalina Dual Temp (3 sizes available)
  • Sizes 14', 16', 18' and 20'
  • Top features: temperature areas & exercise equipment
  • Best for large swim spas
  • Catalina Spa Price Points

    Catalina Spas offer mid-range to high-end hot tubs and swim spas. Smaller more basic models can start from as little as $5,000 whereas the luxury line models cost a lot more money and can have MSRPs upwards of $20,000.

    Aqua Living Factory Outlets sell the Catalina Spas Luxury Line models at a significant discounts, between $13,599 and $19,599. However, you have to contact them for a quote. Their Catalina swim spas start from $9,995.

    Like many big names in the spa industry, Catalina Spas' prices aren't listed on their website. The final price of your Catalina spa will vary depending on the model you decide to pick and the specific features that you choose to customize your spa with.

    There may also be variation between spa dealers, as delivery costs will depend on your location. When putting together your overall budget, don't forget to factor in how much money the hot tub installation will cost, as well as long-term running and maintenance costs.

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    Leading Models

    Catalina Spas has two hot tub collections, the Luxury Range and the Classic Range. When it comes to swim spas they offer four collections, the Fitness 200, Olympic 400, Catalina 600, and the Pool 800 Series.

    Luxury Collection - Best For High-End, Luxury Hot Tubs

    The Luxury Lineup features six hot tub models: the Kennedy (3 seats with lounger), the Armstrong (5 seats with lounger), the Carlton (6 seats with lounger), the Berkshire (6 seats with lounger), the Hampton (7 seats), and the Nantucket (7 seats).

    The Catalina Luxury Line is described as a fusion of science and art. These Luxury Line hot tubs feature luxurious amenities, elegant design, excellent performance, and top-quality parts and components.

    Standard options for these high-end models include SynthaWood™ Skirting, Eternitree™ Forever Frame, LED Backlit Magnetic Pillows, Gecko K-1000 LED lighted controls, Balboa WaveTEC 254 ultraviolet, and Clear View H-100 Ozone water sanitization systems.

    Enjoy the attractive features that help create the perfect ambiance for relaxation such as the multiple LED-lit water features and floating crystal spheres.

    The LED-lit cup holders and sound system with Bluetooth compatibility make these the perfect hot tubs for entertaining.

    Catalina Spas' Classic lineup has eight models: the CL 360 (5 seats with lounger), the Neptune Premium (6 seats with lounger), the Samoa Premium (7 seats), the XL 21000 (6 seats with lounger), the XL 22000 (6 seats with lounger), the XL 26000 (6 seats with lounger), Raptor Premium (6 seats with lounger), and the Saber Premium (7 seats).

    This Classic Line had plenty of customization options which are quite extensive.

    These include a sound system with Bluetooth compatibility, Balboa Wi-fi system, spa cover, handrail, and circulation pump,

    More options include multiple LED lights including underwater lights and cabinet LED lighting, LED lighted controls, various cabinet colors, water features such as LED-lit waterfalls and Trevi® Pop-Up Fountains, and a Zika misting system.

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    Bear in mind, not all these additional features are available for all the Classic range models but this gives you a taste of the extent of options available for this Catalina Spas range.

    Catalina 600 Series - Best For Large Swim Spas

    Next, let's take a look at the swim spas in the Catalina 600 Series which features five of the largest swim spa models by Catalina Spas: the 14' Catalina Monterey, 16' Catalina, 16' Catalina Dual Temp, 18' Catalina Dual Temp, and the 20' Catalina Dual Temp.

    A swim spa is a great alternative to a traditional swimming pool as it costs a lot less and you don't need as much space for it. Ideal for many types of aquatic exercise, they also offer the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub in one convenient location.

    The dual temperature feature of some of these Catalina models allows the water temperature of the hot tub area and pool zone, which are separated by a divider, to be controlled independently.

    This means you can relax and enjoy a warm hydrotherapy experience in the hot tub part while someone else swims laps in the pool zone at a cooler temperature, more suitable for training.

    Like some of the other Catalina ranges we've looked at, there are plenty of options, allowing you to customize your spa exactly as you see fit. Choose from fabulous features which include the Bluetooth sound system with subwoofer and speakers. If you enjoy working out along with your favorite tunes, this is a feature that may benefit you.

    More options for these wi-fi enabled models include an exercise equipment kit, providing loads of great training options. Ozone water sanitization systems, LED lighting including jet lighting and an LED lit control panel are also optional upgrades.

    The best aspect about these spas is that they have plenty of room. The larger models have four hot tub hydrotherapy seats and space in the pool area for many more users. They have eight-person to twelve-person total capacity.

    If you're primarily focused on swimming and not as interested in hydrotherapy, one of the largest swim spas out there is the 21' Pool, a part of Catalina Spas' Pool 800 Series.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Catalina Spas have been around for decades. Curtis Swim Spas manufactured the first swim spa and were later bought by Catalina Spas in the mid-1980s, so Catalina is known as the 'original' swim spa company.

    If you are after a customizable swim spa, they have an excellent range in a variety of distinct collections. Catalina Spas hot tub collections are a little small compared to other manufacturers on the market in terms of the number of models and seating capacity. They do however offer plenty of great features.

    Noteworthy amenities include LED-backlit magnetic pillows found in the Luxury Range, which not only add an extra layer of comfort but have a protective seal that helps them maintain their shape and prevents the build-up of germs.

    The Clear View H-100 Ozone water care system is also great at keeping the water clean and clear. The Synthawood skirting available in various cabinet colors also has protection against ultraviolet damage so won't fade with time.

    Catalina Spas' hot tubs and spas come in a good variety of colors. Choose your color scheme by matching cabinet colors, tile colors, and spa cover colors to coordinate with your home.

    Other Brands To Consider

    It's always good to take a look at some of the other manufacturers out there. Another brand on the market with similar price points to Catalina is Hot Springs.

    Hot Springs Spas have three distinct hot tub collections from basic plug-and-play tubs to high-end, luxury spa models. Like Catalina Spas' lineup, they have loads of five, six, and seven-seater hot tubs to choose from.

    If you are after a swim spa rather than a hot tub, it's worth taking a look at Master Spas. Not only does this company offer a great range of hot tubs, but they have a swim spa range endorsed by the famous athlete Michael Phelps, ideal for all you budding Olympians.

    For more options, head over to Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed. And if a swim spa is what you're after, visit Best Swim Spas

    The Bottom Line

    Catalina Spas have a good collection of mid-range to high-end hot tubs.

    One of our favorite aspects about this brand is that with so many feature options, you can really individualize your hot tub or swim spa to your liking.

    The 'original' swim spa company, Catalina Spas has an excellent range of luxury swim spas. Those into aquatic workouts would benefit from scoping out their range.

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