Caldera vs Hot Springs Spas

Caldera Vs. Hot Springs Spas

There is nothing quite like having a hot tub at home to help you unwind after a long day. Hot tubs are the most natural forms of therapy out there, helping to keep you happy and healthy, and free from stress and pain.

Caldera Spas and Hot Spring Spas are two of the most popular hot tub brands on the market. So which one is better?

We're here to help you make your buying decision with confidence.

Let’s hop in and discuss the features that each brand can offer you. Continue reading to learn more!


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Hot Springs Spas was created in 1977 by Jeff and John Watkins and they later acquired Caldera Spas. Their hot tubs are more traditional with hydromassage capabilities and directional water jets, including a mixture of rotary jets and Moto-Massage jets. They utilize ACE saltwater systems, which help to automatically generate chlorine and other cleaners, giving you a much fresher spa experience compared to traditional tubs. Hot Spring is also known for its innovative water care systems, which help to keep the water clean without the fuss of constant maintenance.


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Caldera Spas has been around since 1976. This hot tub company has made a name for itself as one of the leading producers of premium products. They sell hot tubs that blend design, performance, and comfort. They produce hot tubs with sculpted seats and contoured pillows, which, compared to traditional tubs, help provide the most comfortable soaking experiences that you can imagine.

While their hot tub variety isn’t the widest, they do offer an array of high-tech spas with top-notch entertainment systems and design features that complement their modern, elegant and eye-catching shell designs.


Both Caldera and Hot Springs spas prices run on the higher end of the spectrum. Because the two brands both include luxury premium spas, you can expect to pay between $6,000 to $25,000 for models in both collections.



Hot Springs




Shell Material


Acrylic, Thermoplastic

Exterior Skirting Material

Simulated Wood, Premium Wood

Maintenance-free Simulated Wood, Redwood, Espresso, Coastal Gray

Insulation Material

Full Cabinet Foam Insulation

Completely insulated with multiple layers of closed-cell foam


Separate jet controls for each model

Interchangeable rotary and directional jets. Each of the jets is adjustable for flow

Optional Features

Aquatic Melodies Audio System, SpaGlo LED Lighting, Monarch Water Management, Acquarella Waterfall, Atlas Neck Jet System, Orbissage Jet, EcoTech Cabinet

SpAudio Music System, Everfresh water care system, Luminescence LED Light System, Retractable Cover Removal System, Everwood Spa Steps, WellSpring and BellaFontana Water, Tri-X filter technology, IQ 2020 Navigator remote control

Price Range




5 years on components, 3 years on cabinet,  10 years on structure

5 years on components, 7 years on surface / structural components.

No warranty on leaks or cabinet


Now that you have better insight into the basic features and costs, we'll dive in a bit deeper and explore each of their most popular hot tub collections.

The Hot Spring Highlife Collection and the Caldera Spas Utopia Series are most in demand. Let's hop in for a digital hot tub wet test.

Hot Spring Highlife Collection

Hot Springs developed these hot tubs in conjunction with the BMW Group Company, DesignWorks, which is why their hot tub design features are some of the best on the market today,

You'll find several premium spas within this Hot Springs hot tub lineup, all of which use durable materials and features that focus on energy efficiency.

There are five hot tubs in this collection, ranging from the seven-person Grandee NXT, which delivers a large tub experience, to the three-person Jetsetter NXT, which delivers a portable, energy-efficient design.

In the Hot Spring Spas Highlife Collection, you'll find high-end Moto-Massage jets, rotary jets, and precision clusters for a full-body massage experience

These Hot Spring spas also utilize the freshwater salt system, full-color control panels for adjusting the spa jets and water temperature, and advanced four-zone lighting.

Caldera Utopia Series

These are similar tubs to the Hot Spring Spas lineup above. They use full-foam insulation for energy efficiency and you'll have the option for a freshwater salt system.

You'll find six Caldera spas in this collection, ranging from the Caldera Spas Cantabria eight-person large tub to the Caldera Spas Provence four-person portable tub for more energy-efficient soaking.

On average, there are more jets in Caldera Spas hot tubs than in Hot Spring spas, including the Caldera Spas Euro-Pulse, VersaSage, and AdapaSsage jets.

Each of these Caldera Spas hot tubs comes with durable cabinetry, the Advent touchscreen control system, multi-colored LED zone lighting, and the freshwater salt system

The beauty of the freshwater salt system is that it generates chlorine from salt, keeping your spa water clean and clear for a longer time period.

Overall, both Caldera and Hot Spring offer spa models that can help you relieve stress at the end of a long day.


While they're owned by the same company, each brand is wonderful in its own right, offering high-tech spas with unique features for rejuvenating hydrotherapy . The unique qualities found within each of these two brands make them stand out to different consumers.

The main factor on whether you decide to go with a Hot Spring spa or a Caldera Spa will depend on which jet types you prefer and which design appeals to you.

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