Cal Spas Reviews

Cal Spas Reviews
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Choosing your first hot tub can be overwhelming in the beginning, as there are so many different brands and models to choose from. 

We're here to help! Cal Spas offer a huge range of hot tubs and swim spas, from high-end models with luxury features to more basic setups. With a little background knowledge, you'll know which of their collections to focus on.

Continue reading to learn all about this excellent hot tub and swim spa brand, and its most popular models on the market.

Our Top Choices For Cal Spas

La Jolla PL-894L

1. La Jolla PL-894L

  • Feature-rich luxury option
  • Platinum™ Spa Series
  • 6 person capacity
  • 94 jets
Cancun-X EC-867BX

2. Cancun-X EC-867BX

  • Best for entertaining
  • Escape™ X-Series
  • 7 person capacity
  • 67 jets
Kona Plus PPZ-543L

3. Kona Plus PPZ-543L

  • Best for couples
  • Patio™ Series
  • 3 person capacity
  • 34 jets
Commander-X F-16781X

4. Commander-X F-16781X

  • Best swim spa
  • Swim Spa X-Series
  • 12 person capacity
  • 81 jets

Cal Spas Price Points

Like many hot tub manufacturers, Cal Spas' prices aren't listed on their website, so requesting price quotes from local dealers is the best way to get accurate costs on specific models.

Cal Spas offers an excellent range of hot tubs at a variety of pricing points in four distinct series, Platinum™Series, Escape™X-Series, Escape™Series, and Patio™ Series.

They also have two collections of swim spas. Cal Spas products also include various lifestyle items such as saunas and gazebos.

You will be sure to find something to suit your budget and a hot tub model with features perfect for your own personal circumstances.

Cal Spas' entry-level hot tub models cost around $3,000 to $7,000 while their high-end luxury hot tubs start at about $13,000 and can reach $20,000 or more.

Rather than trying to track down price information from specialty dealers, save yourself some time and effort by clicking on the button below. You'll get multiple hot tub pricing quotes from local dealers, and this service is completely free!

Leading Models

Cal Spas offers four distinct series of hot tubs and two swim spa collections. Before you make your own investment in a new hot tub, to assist you with picking the right Cal Spas hot tub, let's take a look at Cal Spas' leading models.

La Jolla PL-894L - Best Luxury Hot Tub

Cal Spas Platinum™ Spa Series features four uber-luxurious six-seater models.

La Jolla is one of the largest in this fabulous Cal Spas collection measuring 93" x 93" x 40.5".

This Cal Spas hot tub has nine-four jets and comes with three powerful pumps so delivers an exceptional hydrotherapy experience.

The patented Adjustable Therapy System™, which comes as standard, gives you massage customization options with its dedicated control panel and motor with nine different pressure settings.

Relax in the ergonomically designed lounger seat with your head on one of the hot tub pillows, or in one of the captain seats to enjoy a massage while listening to the soothing sounds of the 20" curved cascade LED waterfalls feature.

Other innovative features of the Cal spa include a 5.5 kW titanium heater, LED lighting packages, Aquatic Air Therapy™ jets, circulation pump, BioClean Filters™ in the Dyna Flow Filter System, Hybrid Clear Water System, Twin Pure Silk Ozone System, full-foam insulation, wi-fi module, and more.

This Cal spa comes with a ten-year structural warranty, seven-year finish warranty, five-year cabinet warranty, and five-year parts and labor warranty.

Cal Spas Escape™ X-Series showcases fourteen hot tub models. The Cancun-X measures 93" x 93" x 40.5" and has seating for seven people making it the perfect choice for a hot tub party.

This Cal spa features captain seats and a full-sized contoured bench plus it has sixty-seven jets to deliver a soothing yet powerful massage to the whole body. It has a cool-down seat allowing you a break from the heat of the water whilst still remaining in the spa.

The Cancun-X spa has user-friendly Cal Touch™2 high-tech digital controls featuring a high-gloss, LCD touchscreen. It also has attractive LED lighting packages and comes with three powerful high-performance pumps with adjustable controls.

Other excellent features of the Cal spa include the Elite™ Horizontal Cabinet, Pure Silk™ Ozonator, Thermo-Shield™ Insulation, BioClean Filters™, 5.5 kW heater, plus loads of other great features. The Adjustable Therapy System™ is an optional extra for this hot tub.

This Cal Spas hot tub comes with the same limited warranty as the La Jolla hot tub model.

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The Cal Spas Patio™ Series features compact hot tubs ideal for small spaces such as patios. There are four Patio™ spas in this delightful collection, the smallest of which is the Kona Plus hot tub.

Measuring 64" x 84" x 34", this three-seater Cal Spas hot tub is the perfect choice for couples or those with limited space. Relax in the lounge seat or one of two captain's seats whilst enjoying a massage from thirty-four powerful jets (including a whirlpool jet) and listening to the sound of running water produced by the beautiful Cal Spa cascading waterfall feature.

This Cal Spas hot tub also has plenty of the excellent Cal Spas features including multi-colored LED lights, WhisperHot™ Heating System, Ozonator, 6BHP pump, Thermo-Shield™ Insulation, digital controls, and more.

The warranty on this Cal spa is less than the other Cal Spas hot tubs we have looked at so far. It comes with five years on the structure, two years on the finish, parts, and labor, and just one year on the cabinet.

Cal Spas also produce two ranges of swim spas. Swim spas offer all the benefits of a pool and spa all in one, usually at a much cheaper price compared to a traditional swimming pool.

The Commander-X is one of Cal Spas' largest and most feature-rich swim spa models measuring 93" x 200" x 51". This Cal Spas swim spa can accommodate twelve people as it has bench seating as well as two hydrotherapy massage seats.

This Cal Spa swim spa features a whopping total of eighty-one jets including twenty-three stainless steel jets and fifty-four rain jets. The swim spas jet system has three different types of jet which create a smooth yet powerful swim current perfect for swimming or other forms of aquatic exercise.

Other standard features of this Cal Spas swim spa include an Eliminator High Performance™ pump, three powerful swim jet pumps, LED lights, Cal Touch™ color LCD touchscreen controls, Ozonator water care, Elite™ Horizontal Cabinet, as well as fitness anchors and tether anchors to maximize your workout.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Cal Spas has been in business for over forty years, starting out as California Acrylic Industries which originally built pools.

They used to build miniature acrylic pools for display purposes however they received many requests for them to build acrylic spas. California Acrylic Industries eventually switched to building hot tubs full time, due to a high demand for their products.

Today, Cal Spas is the number one Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products, producing a variety of lifestyle products. Cal Spas products also include fire pits, gazebos, saunas, and barbecue islands.

Cal Spas' U-Select™ service allows you to fully customize your spa. You chose your jet configurations and then have your perfect spa built. There are many U-Select™ jet options to choose from so this is ideal if you can't quite find what you want in their already quite extensive hot tub collection.

Cal Spas hot tubs have also had plenty of great customer reviews over the years. There have also been a few negative customer reviews however most of these relate to issues with dealers rather than the build quality of the Cal spa.

One of the drawbacks of Cal Spas hot tubs, like many hot tub manufacturers is that you have to request pricing information, which can be frustrating especially when you just want a rough idea of the price to help guide your selection process.

Also, the majority of Cal Spas models are six-seater hot tubs. If you are looking for less than a six-seat capacity spa, the choice is quite limited.

Other Brands To Consider

There are plenty of other great hot tub brands out there. Let's take a peek at a couple of other hot tub manufacturers you might want to consider.

The most famous name in hot tubs is Jacuzzi. A leader in the hot tub industry, this company has been around for decades. Jacuzzi produces four distinct hot tub collections from high-end luxury hot tubs to spas featuring plug-n-play technology, with similar price points as Cal Spas. They also have a great range of swim spas as well as other products such as saunas and bathroom fittings.

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Master Spas is another excellent hot tub and swim spa brand. They have four hot tub collections and two swim spa ranges including models endorsed by the famous Olympic athlete Michael Phelps. Master Spas have hot tubs to fit most budgets from spas featuring plug-n-play technology to luxury hot tubs with all the features you could possibly want.

Head over to our Master Spas Reviews page to browse the brand's most popular models.

And if you'd like to see the full list of brands we recommend, visit Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed.

The Bottom Line

This company offers years of experience in its excellent range of hot tubs, swim spas, and other lifestyle products.

With so many Cal Spas hot tub models, you are definitely not short on choice as they have a hot tub to fit most budgets. I do hope our Cal Spas reviews have helped to decide which model to get as your home spa.

Don't waste your precious time trying to hunt down pricing information for hot tubs. Instead, fill out the questionnaire below and we will send you a bundle of quotes based on your ideal hot tub setup. You will receive these quotes from local dealers with zero pressure to make a purchase, and our service is completely free!


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