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Buying from a hot tub dealer can be stressful. Some of them are incredibly difficult to find, and comparing prices and policies between them can be a huge hassle. Luckily, Costco has just made it easier.

For those who don’t ever shop at Costco, this massive wholesale store is great for those who want to save money on larger purchases. From restaurant-size quantities of food to high-end electronics, Costco truly has it all. If you’re looking to save some money on a new hot tub purchase, you’ll be happy to know that Costco sells those too!

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Costco does not list their prices on their website online, as they vary based on location.

To see pricing, click the red button above and on that page you will be able to compare price quotes and save.

Many people have noted that they saved anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars by purchasing their Bullfrog Spas through Costco.

This is because Costco has a different approach to pricing and profit margins, which helps them to sell most items at a lower cost, as they are selling higher volumes.

Bullfrog Spas Reviews
Bullfrog Spas


Costco has been selling hot tubs online for quite some time.

If you take a look at their website, you can see that they currently sell AquaTerra Hot Tubs, Divine Hot Tubs, OC Hot Tubs, and Evolution Spas.

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Finally, Bullfrog Spas can now be found at Costco! This brand is a luxury-style hot tub with unique JetPak Therapy systems that are manufactured here in the USA. This is a pretty big deal considering the fact that Bullfrog Spas is one of the top luxury hot tub brands that is in the game right now.

For many years, they have only sold direct or through small hot tub dealers that are scattered throughout the country. By entering the Costco market, the company is now opening themselves up to a larger population and making their hot tubs far more affordable and accessible for those who have never dealt with small time hot tub dealers.

Costco has special events that they call roadshows. Different companies will take part in Costco roadshows to help spread the word of their product to consumers. Anyone who has a Costco membership can attend these roadshows and purchase a Bullfrog Spa if they please!

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Your biggest question is probably,

“Is it worth it for me to buy a Bullfrog Spa From Costco?”

Of course, you could just by your Bullfrog Spa online, though Costco makes it so much more convenient. If you have tested the hot tub prior and want to purchase it, we would say that it is more than worth it to get it from a Costco roadshow. You will save some money using Costco’s UPC barcode that they put on the product and you will also get to have access to Costco’s return policy.

You can end up saving a few thousand dollars if you are lucky. They will also usually let you return a hot tub up to a 12-month period after you have purchased it for a full refund. You won’t find this kind of refund policy in many places.


While Costco sells a lot of their hot tubs online, they currently only sell Bullfrog Spas during their roadshows.

Theses roadshows happen all over the United States and are listed on their website according to different regions.

They typically last about a ten day period, where manufacturers are able to come and bring their hot tubs into the warehouse to try and sell to Costco members.

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You will most likely find that they start on a weekend, have a week in-between, and end on the next weekend, meaning there is plenty of time to get to one if you have a roadshow happening at a warehouse near you.

You can check the link above to see if there is a roadshow that is coming to your region this year!


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