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Buying from a hot tub dealer can be stressful, as comparing prices and policies between dealerships is a huge hassle. Luckily, Costco has just made it easier.

For those who don’t ever shop at Costco, this massive wholesale store is great for saving money on larger purchases. From restaurant-size quantities of food to high-end electronics, Costco truly has it all. If you’re looking to save some money on a new hot tub, you’ll be happy to know that Costco sells those too!

Our Top Choices For Bullfrog Spas Costco

Bullfrog M9

1. Bullfrog M9

  • Best for large parties
  • 10 Seats
  • 7 JetPaks
Bullfrog Spas STIL7

2. Bullfrog Spas STIL7

  • Best Ultra-Modern Design
  • 6 Seats
  • 3 JetPaks
Bullfrog Spas A8L

3. Bullfrog Spas A8L

  • Best Lounger
  • 7 Seats
  • 6 JetPaks
Bullfrog Spas R8

4. Bullfrog Spas R8

  • Best Classic Hot Tub
  • 8 Seats
  • 4 JetPaks
Bullfrog Spas R5L

5. Bullfrog Spas R5L

  • Most Portable Hot Tub
  • 3 Seats
  • 2 JetPaks


Hot tub prices are not listed on the Costco website because prices vary across Costco locations.

Customers have saved anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars by purchasing their Bullfrog Spas through Costco. This is because Costco uses a different approach to pricing and profit margins. By selling higher volumes, items can be sold at lower costs.

By clicking the red button below, you'll be provided the lowest quotes in the pool and spa industry. Or service is completely free and there is no obligation to make a purchase. 


Costco has been selling AquaTerra Spas, Divine Hot Tubs, OC Hot Tubs, and Evolution Spas online for quite some time. Our Costco Hot Tubs Review page offers more insight into these brands.

Finally, Bullfrog Spas can be found at Costco roadshows! This brand consists of luxury-style hot tub models with unique JetPak Therapy systems that are manufactured here in the USA.

This is a pretty big deal, considering Bullfrog Spas is one of the top luxury hot tub brands in the pool and spa industry.

For many years, Bullfrog has been sold direct or through small hot tub dealers scattered throughout the country. By entering the Costco market, this company is now opening themselves up to a larger population and making their hot tubs far more affordable and accessible, a major plus for those who have never dealt with small time hot tub dealers.

Costco has special events known as roadshows. Multiple companies take part in Costco roadshows to help spread the word of their products to consumers. Anyone with a Costco membership can attend these roadshows and purchase a Bullfrog Spa if they please!


Bullfrog Spas M9

The Bullfrog Spas M9 is one of the largest Bullfrog Spas hot tubs in the lineup, featuring room for up to ten people - the greatest amount of seating in its class.

Customization options include the ability to integrate seven JetPak Therapy System packs into this model, providing seemingly endless hydrotherapy possibilities. 

Pair that with the comfortable seating that this model offers, as well as the large interior space to move around in, and you have yourself the most thoughtfully designed Bullfrog Spas hot tub.

The water care options are simple, the operation feels intuitive, and the modern lighting makes for a luxurious ambiance. For total control over your spa experience, you can utilize the Premium Touchscreen Control, featuring a water-resistant interface and an easy-to-navigate parameter list.

Bullfrog Spas included the CoverMater Cover Lifter with the M9, which was a good move on the company's part, considering how large the cover is. All of this is wrapped into Bullfrog Spas EnduraFrame Construction, which is a 100% wood-free frame for long-lasting support.

It's a truly iconic piece of relaxation technology, perfect for those who like the idea of throwing hot tub parties for family and friends.

Bullfrog Spas STIL7

Finding a hot tub with an ultra-modern design while retaining comfortable features can be difficult.

No other companies have mastered this combination as well as Bullfrog Spas.

The STIL7 one of the most elegant Bullfrog models. The simple yet thoughtful design has an open-concept layout, providing plenty of space in the interior.

This hot tub can act as the centerpiece of any modern backyard thanks to its stunning lines and sophisticated arrangement of features.

You'll have enough room for six people, which is plenty for most hot tub users, and your choice of three Bullfrog Spas bio-engineered JetPak massagers. The unique dual lounge seating layout will allow you to spread out and enjoy a powerful massage experience.

This tub was the winner of the iF Design Award for Excellent Product Design for a reason!

The A8L was built with versatility and comfort in mind. This seven-person Bullfrog Spas hot tub is one of the roomiest hot tubs in the Bullfrog hot tubs lineup.

There are seven different seats found within the hot tub, giving you plenty of options for hydrotherapy experiences.

Beyond your standard comfortable seating, the A8L has a therapeutic corner captain's chair and a premium bent-knee lounger.

You can choose up to six JetPaks to suit all of your hydrotherapy needs, all while retaining ample space for socializing with friends and family.

The A8L comes with a wide range of luxury features, including the CloudControl 2 WiFi module for wireless spa control, a hot tub cover lift for functionality and convenience, and a high-end audio system for enjoyment of your favorite tunes while you soak!

Free Hot Tubs Quotes from BuyerZone.com

The R8 is found in Bullfrog Spas' premium line. This extra-large model has a classic hot tub design with open seating and ample room for moving around and socializing. If you need a bit more space than your average hot tub user, the R8 is an excellent choice.

You can choose up to four JetPaks, enhancing your hydrotherapy system to your standards.

The R8 comes with beautifully integrated calming waterfalls, perfect for added ambiance. The soothing sound of falling water cascading over colorful lighting is quite the treat. For durability, the R8 has Bullfrog's EnduraFrame construction, built using the strongest materials in the spa industry. 

For added protection, this hot tub also utilizes the Bullfrog Patio Performance cover, which features UV-resistant fabric and energy-efficient insulation.

Overall, the R8 is a wonderful middle-of-the-road hot tub from a quality spa brand and has all of the best features you could want for your soaking pleasure.

Many don't have room in their yards for large hot tubs, and not all manufacturers in the hot tub industry manufacture ultra-portable hot tubs to accommodate small spaces.

This is where the R5L hot tub shines. It's an economical two or three-person spa that provides all of the best hot tub hydrotherapy features you'd expect from Bullfrog.

With its portable size, it's an excellent choice for those looking to take advantage of hot tub hydrotherapy in small spaces.

We highly recommend the R5L for singles, couples, and empty-nesters who want a small spa without sacrificing quality. The beauty of the R5L is that it can fit through most standard doorways, and it's super easy to install. The unit uses a 120V plug-and-play option, allowing you to get it up and running without hiring an electrician to hardwire it to your home's electrical unit.

Within the hot tub, you'll find a comfortable lounge seat with ergonomic contouring and dual JetPaks, creating the perfect personal hydrotherapy experience.

You'll get many of the same features that come with other Bullfrog hot tubs, including premium integrated cascading waterfalls, EnduraFrame construction, a Patio Performance cover, and high-density insulation.


Your biggest question is probably,

“Is it worth it for me to buy a Bullfrog Spa From Costco?”

Of course, you could just buy your Bullfrog Spa online, though Costco makes it so much more convenient. If you have tested the hot tub prior and are certain you want to purchase it, we would say that it is advantageous to get it from a Costco roadshow. You will save money using Costco’s UPC barcode that they put on the product and you will also have access to Costco’s remarkable return policy.

You can end up saving a few thousand dollars if you are lucky. And hot tubs usually have up to a 12-month period after you have purchased it for a full refund. This type of refund policy will not be provided elsewhere.


While Costco sells other hot tub brands online, they currently only sell Bullfrog Spas during their roadshows.

Theses roadshows take place all over the United States and are listed on the Costco website by region.

Roadshows typically last for a ten day period, where manufacturers are able to bring their hot tubs into the Costco warehouse to sell to Costco members.

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They generally start on a weekend, run for a week, and end the following weekend. If a roadshow is happening at a Costco warehouse near you, this provides more than enough time to make your new hot tub purchase.

To see Bullfrog spa prices, as well as the cost of other leading brands in the spa industry, answer the few quick questions below. Our completely free service brings hot tub price quotes directly to you!

You won't have to call around to your local dealer or local Costco for instant pricing on your new spa, there is no obligation to buy, and it won't cost you a penny.


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