Best Swim Spas

Best Swim Spas

Shopping for the right swim spa can be confusing. With such a huge number of brands out there, how do you know which one to choose?

We're here to help narrow down the selection.

The 7 recommended brands below are built with the highest quality and come with some of the most impressive features on the market.

Continue reading to find out which of these has everything you're looking for.

Our Top Choices For Best Swim Spas

Tidalfit's Fitspas EP-15

1. Tidalfit's Fitspas

  • Four models: DT-19, DT-21, DTL-6, and DTL-8
  • Top features: Separate hot tub section, L-shaped configuration option, semi-inground installation option, dual temperature controls, Tidalfit's Aquatic Training System.

  • Most unique design

Master Spas' Michael Phelps Swim Spas 150

2. Master Spas' Michael Phelps Swim Spas

  • Three models: MP Signature D, MP Momentum D, and the MP Force D.
  • Top features: Wave XP Pro Propulsion™ System, H2Xercise Fitness System, Xtreme Therapy™ Seat, Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

  • Best for elite swimmers

Master Spas' H2X Fitness Swim Spas Challenger 18D

3. Master Spas' H2X Fitness Swim Spas

  • Thirteen models: Trainer 12, 15, 15D, 18D, 19, & 19D, Therapool SE, D & 13, Challenger 15D, 18D, 18D Pro, & 19D
  • Top features: H2Xercise™ Fitness System, VIP Technology Propulsion system, StressRelief Neck & Shoulder Seat, Airless VIP jets, Programmable workouts on the Aquaspeed VSP.

  • Best for general fitness

ThermoSpa Swim Spas

4. ThermoSpa Swim Spas

  • Four models: 12' Aquacisor, 14' Swim Spa, 17' Swim Spa, Aquacisor
  • Top features: Aqua Fitness Kit, Total Control Therapy®, SoftStride™ matting, UV-resistant low maintenance cabinets.

  • Best Exercise Pool

PDC Spas' Swim Spas

5. PDC Spas Swim Spas

  • Nineteen models in four series: TruSwim® Series, Summit Series™, Synergy Series™ & Vitality Series™
  • Top features: TruSwim® dual prop propulsion system, Air’assage™ Air Massage Therapy, AccuLok™ spa covers
  • Best for choice

Hydropool Hot Tubs' Swim Spas

6. Hydropool Swim Spas

  • Eleven models in three collections: Play Collection, Aquatic Collection, & Executive Collection
  • Top features: Self-Cleaning Technology, energy-efficient AquaBoost pump, Hydrowise Heat Shield spa cover, NASA-inspired insulation, Eco-Heat Exchange Technology
  • Best for energy-efficiency
ATV Swim Spas ATV-14

7. ATV Swim Spas

  • Six models: ATV-17 Kona, ATV-17 Sport, ATV-14 Sport, ATV-14 Splash, V150P, & V150W
  • Top features: High-flow hydrodynamic design, spacious swim area, very strong polymer-bonded resin shell, multicolored LED lighting, water features
  • Best portable swim spas

Price Points

In general, spa brands don't list their prices online. They instead provide quotes on a customer-by-customer basis. Swim spa cost varies greatly depending on the model and the features selected. Installation requirements and delivery fees will also depend on the individual circumstances of the customer.

The cheapest swim spas cost around $7,000 to $15,000. These swim spa models may not have the highest quality components or be as energy efficient as pricier models. For this reason, they can end up having higher running costs in the long-run.

Mid-range swim spas start from $16,000 and go up to approximately $25,000. These spas usually have better quality parts, longer warranties, and are much more energy-efficient compared to cheaper swim spa models. Not only is build quality a factor that affects pricing, but the larger the swim spa dimensions are, the higher the price tag will be.

At the upper end of the market, we have high-end swim spas. These could set you back anywhere from $26,000 to $40,000 or more. These are usually the largest swim spa models with unique features for a luxury swimming experience. 

Remember that the initial purchase price is not the only financial consideration when getting a portable swim spa. Installation and delivery costs could run up to a few thousand dollars. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning is also required. You will need to factor in the cost of chemicals needed to keep your water clean and fresh.

Heating these machines consumes electricity and will increase your power bills. Expect to pay more for electricity during months that your portable swim spa is used often. 

Hunting down pricing quotes can be a time-consuming process, so let us do the hard work for you. Click on the button below to get swim spa pricing quotes from dealers in your area. Our service is FREE and incredibly time saving. 

Why Should I Buy A Swim Spa?

If you don't know much about swim spas, you might be wondering why you would spend so much money on a spa. Swim spas offer the benefits of both a pool and spa but there are various sizes and features available depending on what you looking to get out of owning one.

Swim spas are generally a cheaper alternative to getting a traditional swimming pool. Since swim spas are also all-weather pools, you can continue to enjoy the water even in cooler months. They are also much smaller than a regular swimming pool - are a great choice for those who don't have the space for a traditional swimming pool.

Swim spas offer many of the same benefits of swimming pools, plus you can engage in additional types of aquatic exercises. Besides swimming laps, you'll be able to enjoy rowing, strength training with resistance bands, interval training, and aquatic jogging.

Since you can adjust the strength of the swimming current, swim spas are suitable for beginners all the way to advanced swimmers. Of course, swim spas can also be used for a fun splash around, providing enjoyment for the entire family.

Unless you are interested in a very basic model, most swim spas come with jetted spa seats where you'll get soothing massages, perfect for relaxing and easing sore muscles after aquatic exercise.

Higher-end swim spas often have a separate hot tub section bringing the full package of benefits of owning a pool and hot tub. Some even have dual temperature controls, allowing the hot tub section to stay nice and warm for hot water hydrotherapy, while the swim area remains cooler for another user to simultaneously be working out.

If you are still unsure, see our are swim spas worth it article. 

The 7 Leading Swim Spas

The swim spa and hot tub industry is quite large and there are many swim spa manufacturers to choose from. To help you find the perfect swim spa for your backyard, here's our best swim spa guide.

Tidalfit's Fitspas - Most Unique Design

Tidalfit has an excellent range of swim spas from a simple endless pool designed for swimming laps to uber-luxurious large, dual temperature swim spas.

Specializing in swim spas they offer nine different models in total.

Their Exercise Pool range consists of five models, Active EP-12, Active Plus EP-12, Premium EP-14. Pro EP-15, and the Core Swimmer. These pools are ideal if fitness and exercise are your main focus.

The Fitspa range features four luxurious swim spas, DT-19, DT-21, DTL-6, and DTL-8. These swim spas offer a separate hot tub section and dual temperature controls so the water temperature in the pool area and hot tub can be set independently.

One of the best features of the Tidalfit swim spas is the Fitspas' design. You can choose between two different setups, one with the hot tub attached to the side so producing an L-shaped swim spa, and the other with the traditional arrangement of the hot tub at one end forming a rectangular shape.

These swim spas also have plenty of other great features such as the BellagioFall water feature, full foam insulation and ABS base, and a digital control system.

There are lots of optional extra features as well, such as LED spa lighting options, wifi unit, sound system, Ozonator, and semi-inground installation. Tidalfit's optional Aquatic Training System maximizes the variety of aquatic exercises and includes equipment such as resistance cords, rowing bars, and swim tether.

For reviews of this brand's top 3 models, head over to Tidalfit Swim Spa Reviews.

Master Spas have an awesome range of hot tubs and several swim spa models. Their Michael Phelps swim spas range features three spas, the MP Signature D, MP Momentum D, and the MP Force D.

These swim spas are endorsed by the famous Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and are the perfect choice for advanced swimmers but are also suitable for relaxation and family fun. They feature a large swim area perfect for swimming, with the Wave XP Pro Propulsion™ System to create a wide, smooth swim current.

If you are after hot water hydrotherapy in your swim spa, the MP Momentum Deep features a separated hot tub and pool area with independent temperature controls. These swim spas also feature the Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System that used magnets to help boost circulation and reduce inflammation.

Other features of these swim spas include EcoPur® water filtration, Master Blaster foot therapy jets, Xtreme Therapy™ Seat, Wifi, Fusion Air sound system, fancy cover, and more.

For those of you into aquatic exercises, you can get the H2Xercise Fitness System which includes resistance bands and rowing bars to maximize the variety of swim spa workouts you can do.

For more in depth model reviews, check out our Michael Phelps Swim Spa page.

Free Hot Tubs Quotes from

The Master Spas company offers two swim spa lines, the Michael Phelps Swim Spas and the H2X Fitness Swim Spas.

The H2X Fitness Swim Spa range doesn't leave you short on choice.

It features a whopping thirteen swim spa models in three basic categories, Therapool, Trainer, and Challenger. The Therapool swim spas comprise three models, the Therapool SE, Therapool D, and Therapool 13. 

They are a great choice for less advanced swimmers, those looking to improve their fitness, and also for those who want to enjoy some hydrotherapy. They are also perfect for a family fun splash around.

The Trainer swim spas have six models, the Trainer 12, 15, 15D, 18D, 19, & 19D. These models deliver a far superior exercise and swimming experience compared to a regular air-jetted swim spa, with their VIP Technology propulsion system.

The Trainer swim spas have loads of great hydrotherapy features such as the Xtreme Therapy Cove, Master Blaster foot therapy, massage jets, StressRelief neck and shoulder jets, and the Bio-Magnetic Therapy System.

Lastly, the Challenger Series has four models, the Challenger 15D, 18D, 18D Pro, & 19D which are perfect for exercise enthusiasts. The VIP Technology propulsion system along with the Airless VIP jets create a wide but smooth current.

The touchscreen Aquaspeed VSP controls offer programmable workouts and adjustable speed settings ideal for all sorts of workouts, including interval training.

ThermoSpa has four swim spa and exercise pool models, the 12' Aquacisor, 14' Swim Spa, 17' Swim Spa, and Aquacisor.

They offer jet customization so there are various jet options for their hot tubs and swim spas. ThermoSpas' Total Control Therapy® system allows each spa user to adjust the jet settings to their seat.

ThermoSpa have the Aqua Fitness Kit allowing a variety of aquatic exercise plus you can also get the rowing kits for the larger swim spas. 

Their Aquacisor exercise pool is ideal for aquatic walking or jogging as it has a very deep footwell along with powerful current systems.

Other ThermoSpa features include cushioned pillows, SoftStride™ matting and padded steps for extra comfort and safety, LED lighting, titanium water heater, powerful pumps, swim jets, and current systems.

The internal shells are available in a choice of attractive colors including white, light great, dark grey, and black. The spa cabinets are made from a UV-resistant material that requires minimal maintenance.

PDC Spas' Swim Spas - Best For Choice

PDC Spas not only produce a huge range of hot tubs but their swim spa range is enormous.

It features nineteen models in four stunning series, the TruSwim® Series, Summit Series™, Synergy Series™, and Vitality Series™.

PDC Spas offer their patented TruSwim® dual prop propulsion system which creates the widest swim current on the market, spanning 29".

This current is perfect for any type of aquatic workout or swimming routine and also for any abilities.

When it comes to hydrotherapy, PDC Spas' Air’assage™ air therapy produces a relaxing massage using oxygen bubbles which boosts skin rejuvenation as well as your general energy level.

PDC swim spas covers have a unique lightweight design that traps heat and is resistant to water. The AccuLok™ thermal spa cover is available for their hot tubs and swim spas plus it comes with a seven-year warranty.

PDC Spas are one of the best swim spa companies, leaders in the swim spa and hot tub industry, they have been given the 'best swim spa of the year' title by TopTen Reviews.

Hydropool Hot Tubs offer eleven swim spa models in four collections, the Play Collection, Aquatic Collection, & Executive Collection. They are one of the biggest hot tub manufacturers worldwide and offer state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and eco-friendly practices.

Hydropool swim spas have wide swim channels and customizable current systems so the speed can be adjusted according to the user's needs. They are also suitable for aquatic interval training.

Hydropool swim spas come with Self-Cleaning Technology using ozone and UV light, with Hydroclean filtration jets, leaving the spa water clean, fresh, and backed by the Hydropool's 'safe water guarantee'. The spa water filters are also completely recyclable.

This efficient filtration system cleans all the spa water around every fifteen minutes making it one of the most energy-efficient filtration systems on the market.

Other features include the powerful yet energy-efficient AquaBoost pump, the hard Hydrowise Heat Shield spa cover which is perfect for cold winters and is also a suitable safety barrier, NASA-inspired triple insulation, and Eco-Heat Exchange Technology.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Hydropool Hot Tubs are one of the top brands globally for energy efficiency and stand-by wattage. They were also amongst the first brands to gain approval from the California Energy Commission under their strict requirements for energy usage.

ATV (Aquatic Training Vessels™) has six models, the ATV-17 Kona, ATV-17 Sport, ATV-14 Sport, ATV-14 Splash, V150P, & V150W.

ATV swim spas offer some of the best above-ground or portable swim spas, allowing you to enjoy hydrotherapy and an endless pool for swimming.

ATV swim spas are actually produced by the big hot tub and spa manufacturer, Marquis®.

These high-flow hydrodynamically designed spas are versatile, powerful, and have plenty of space so are ideal for exercise, relaxation, or family fun.

Various exercise kits are available for these 'Aquatic Traning Vessels'. Enjoy swimming laps with the swim tether or strength training with the resistance band. There is also a rowing kit and aqua aerobics step available for the ultimate swim spa work out.

ATV swim spas are made from an incredibly tough, hardwearing bonded polymer resin, producing one of the strongest swim spa shells on the market. Most other swim spas have acrylic shells that can crack and craze with time.

Other great features include fountain water features that arch along the wall of the swim spa, multicolored LED lighting, a Bluetooth sound system with subwoofer, and a floating remote control.

Our ATV Swim Spas Reviews page provides more information on this brand.

Can I Customize My Swim Spa?

The swim spa brands we have looked at so far offer optional extras and upgrades but there are some brands that have much more flexibility when it comes to individualizing your swim spa setup.

Endless Pools offer pools and swim spas with a 'build your own' option and a 3-D builder interactive tool that allows you to see your progress. Endless Pools swim spas offer loads of exclusive features, such as the Swimcross Exercise Systems which use an airless jet current, a far superior system to regular a jetted swim spa.

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Arctic Spas produce a great range of hot tubs and 'all-weather pools' (swim spas). Their swim spas have customizable jet options and are designed and engineered to be suitable for use in the harshest of climates. The best thing is that an Arctic spa will most likely set you back a lot less than an Endless Pools swim spa.

Additional Top Rated Companies

The Bottom Line

We have reviewed what we think are the best swim spa brands out there. From customizable Endless Pools swim spas to Master Spas' fabulous swim spa lines, you should find something suitable in our line-up.

Costs will vary greatly between brands and depending on the features you opt for, but remember that a swim spa is generally much cheaper than a traditional in-ground swimming pool, plus you also get all the fabulous hydrotherapy benefits if you select one with jetted therapy seats or a hot tub area.

I do hope our swim spa reviews have been helpful and that you now have a better idea of which model to go for. I bet you can't wait to be chilling out in your new swim spa!

To save yourself a load of time and hassle, fill out the questionnaire below. You will receive swim spa pricing quotes from local dealers near you, based on your personal preferences. There is zero obligation to make a purchase, and our service is FREE! Just let us know what you're looking for.


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