Beachcomber Hot Tub Reviews

Beachcomber Hot Tub Reviews
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Finding the right hot tub to buy can be a confusing process as there is just so much choice out there! How do you know which spa model to go for?

Have you considered a model by Beachcomber Hot Tubs? This excellent spa company offers a huge selection of hot tubs with plenty of great luxury features and designs, plus they have some more affordable options that are easier on the wallet.

Carry on reading to learn all about Beachcomber Hot tubs and find out more about their leading hot tub models.


SLB 700 Series

700 Series

500 Series

300 Series


89” x 89” x 38”

80” x 88” x 38”

80” x 88” x 38”

78” diameter, 34” depth

Seating Capacity

8 people (including 1 cool down seat)

7 people (including 1 cool down seat)

5 people (including cooling bench & lounger)

7 people (including 1 cool down seat)

Number Of Jets

Up to 192 jets

Up to 147 jets

Up to 106 jets

Up to 45 jets

Top Features

FLEXJETS™ & Ecstaseat™, EasyTouch 1000 touchscreen controls,

Quintessential Surround System 4.1(QSSS), CLEARTECH BLU™ UVC Sterilization System

FLEXJETS™, Everlite™& Crescent Moon™ lighting,

ECO4WALL™ insulation

FLEXJETS™, Everlite™ Moodlighting, Verta-Sage™ Seat, drink holders

Round shape, FLEXJETS™, Barrier-Free™ Seating

Basic Price





Best For

Best Feature-Rich Luxury Hot Tub

Best For Entertaining

Best Value Hot Tub

Best Round Hot Tub

Beachcomber Hot Tub Price Points

The Beachcomber Hot Tubs brand offers a good-sized range of quality hot tubs, from two-seater spas up to eight-seater models, at various price points.

Before you make your hot tub purchase, it is important to know how much the new tub will set you back as well as any additional costs such as delivery and installation fees.

To buy a Beachcomber hot tub, expect to pay anything between $7,999 up to $23,499 plus depending on the hot tub you pick out.

Their cheaper models are found in their 300 Series which have a basic starting price of $7,999, increasing to $12,999 for the large-sized spas.

The 500 Series features models from $8,999 up to around $15,999. The next step up brings you to the 700 Series models which cost between $17,499 and $20,999.

Finally, 700 SLB Series features a single hot tub model, their most expensive spa with a basic starting price of $23,499. Please note, if you choose extra features it will cost you more money.

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Leading Models

Next, let's take a peek at some of Beachcomber Hot Tubs' leading hot tub models on the market today.

Model 750 SLB Hybrid4® - Best Feature-Rich Luxury Hot Tub

If you are in the market for luxury, then you should take a look at the 750 SLB Hybrid4® hot tub. Beachcomber's most expensive ($23,499) and largest hot tub measures 89” x 89” x 38” has space for eight people, and includes a cooling seat.

This absolutely fabulous hot tub features an insane number of jets, 192 in total. The FLEXJET™ system targets all the main areas, with jets for the back, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck, delivering a superbly relaxing hydrotherapy experience.

This hot tub features ergonomic seating, including the Ecstaseat™ for a full back massage, and the cooling seat jetting is designed to deliver a cool, smooth soak from smaller jets when you need a break from the warmer water temperature.

The 750 SLB has Beachcomber Hot Tub's twin seats. These swivel seats let two spa users in each corner of the hot tub enjoy a massage either seated in an upright position or partially reclined.

This great tub includes all of Beachcomber's exclusive features such as the Roman Arch Waterfall, BIC e-Mobile app, Star Trial LED lighting, signature cabinet skirting, EasyTouch 1000 touchscreen control, surround sound audio system (QSSS), CLEARTECH BLU™ UVC Water Sterilization System, cover lifter and many more excellent features.

If you want to entertain friends and family in a good-sized new hot tub with plenty of luxury features, consider Beachcomber Hot Tub's Model 720 Hybrid4®.

This Anniversary Edition Beachcomber hot tub measures 80” x 88” x 38” and has seating for seven adults including one cooling seat. Chill out in the ergonomic seating and enjoy a massage from up to 147 jets using Beachcomber's FLEXJETS™.

It also features a foot massager and jets on the Ecstaseat™ to target areas such as the neck, back, and legs, as well as swiveling seats.

The Everlite™ and Crescent Moon™ lighting for this Beachcomber hot tub create a stunning effect and the ideal ambiance for relaxing or entertaining.

Perfect for entertaining, even in winter weather it features ECO4WALL™ insulation so is energy efficient, and has a powerful heater.

Other features include a premium acrylic shell, cover, touchscreen control, CLEARTECH BLU™ UVC Water Sterilization System, surround sound audio system (QSSS), and many other great features.

This great quality hot tub costs a bit less money than the 750SLB in the previous review with a starting cost of $19,999.

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The hot tubs we have looked at in our review so far have been quite expensive, so if you are looking to spend less money but still want plenty of room and many of hydrotherapy features take a peek at Model 500 LEEP™ which costs $12,499.

This quality Beachcomber hot tub measures 80" x 88" x 38" and has spacious ergonomic seating for five people including a cool-down bench and lounger seat ideal for relaxing in.

Enjoy chilling out in the Verta-Sage™ Seat which is a feature exclusive to the Beachcomber 500 Series. This delivers a particularly effective neck massage with its targeted jets alongside the multi-directional FLEXJET™ system which can work on the full length of your back at the same time.

Other features of this quality Beachcomber hot tub include Everlite™ Moodlighting, a Heatshield™hot tub cover to help make the tub energy efficient, drink holders, fiberglass structure, molded handrails, and non-slip surfaces.

If you are in the market for a round hot tub then take a look at the Model 320 LEEP™.

With seating for seven adults, including cooling seat jetting, it is the perfect hot tub for those wanting a traditional shaped round hot tub without the huge price tag of some of the other Beachcomber hot tubs, costing only $7,999.

This is the best round hot tub by Beachcomber. It measures 78” in diameter and has a 34” depth.

It has plenty of jets compared to similar brands of hot tubs, forty-five in total, and has the Beachcomber FLEXJETS™ and whirlpool jets so very much delivers a high-quality hydrotherapy experience.

The 320 hot tub features the Beachcomber Hot Tub Barrier-Free™ Seating which is exclusive to hot tubs in this particular series. The 300 Series hot tubs are designed with no barrier ergonomic seating to ensure customers of any agility can comfortably use the hot tub.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The Beachcomber Hot tubs business has been around since the late 1970s and is based in Canada. With decades of experience in the spa industry, they sell their high-quality product in forty-plus countries, all over the globe.

Beachcomber Hot tubs have various special offers available. At the time of writing this review they offer free shipping with orders over $1oo and also a one hundred day free trial at home, ideal if you aren't sure which hot tub to go for.

Beachcomber hot tubs are very energy efficient. Their website includes a really useful energy calculator for each model that allows you to work out how much it costs to run so you don't get any nasty surprises on your power bills.

Beachcomber hot tubs come with a very good guarantee. The fiberglass structure comes with a lifetime guarantee against leaks. The acrylic finish is covered for five years and the various other parts such as the plumbing lines, heater, and components are covered for between two and five years depending on whether you have the premium or extended premium guarantees.

There are many Beachcomber hot tub reviews from happy customers about great service and quality products. Like with any large brand, there are sometimes customers who experienced problems. One customer had leaks in the plumbing lines, a power outage, and another customer had wrong parts delivered by a hot tub dealer.

Most tubs by Beachcomber are quite pricey so if you are looking for a budget hot tub, this may not be the best brand for you.

Other Brands To Consider

With so many great hot tubs on the market, let's take a look at a couple of other great brands you could consider.

Jacuzzi offers an excellent range of luxury hot tubs at a similar price points to Beachcomber Hot Tubs. Their premium hot tubs sit in the $12,000 to $15,999 bracket with their luxury hot tubs costing $16,000 plus.

The J-400 Designer Collection and J-300 Comfort Collection feature Jacuzzi's higher-end feature rich hot tubs with excellent hydrotherapy jets, stylish design and high-tech features.

Bullfrog Spas is another high-end luxury brand. Check out their M-Series for uber elite luxury hot tubs with all the bells and whistles which cost $20,000 plus.

For contemporary design mingle with luxury and exceptional hydrotherapy consider hot tub from the STIL Series which cost between $15,000 to $19,000. Bullfrog Spas offer their exclusive interchangeable JetPak® system for their higher-end hot tubs, perfect if you want to customize your hot tub hydrotherapy experience.

You can also find a few hot tubs by the Bullfrog Spas company and Jacuzzi that are cheaper than the lowest priced Beachcomber hot tub. These are the smaller capacity hot tubs and also the plug-and-play models so generally aren't loaded with loads of top-end features.

To see the full list of manufacturers we stand by, take a look at our Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed page.

The Bottom Line

With plenty years of experience in the hot tub industry and good reviews from satisfied customers, the Beachcomber Hot Tubs brand offer a high-quality range of stylish luxury hot tubs with a bundle of exclusive features.

Choosing a new hot tub can be a pretty confusing experience, particularly for first-time buyers. I hope our Beachcomber Hot Tub reviews have helped you to decide on a suitable new tub to purchase for your house or garden.

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