ATV Swim Spa Reviews

ATV Swim Spa Reviews

ATV Swim Spas offer all the features you need to get a fantastic workout in your own home.

But as more and more swim spa brands enter the market, how do you decide which brand is best for you?

In addition to reviewing 4 models in ATV's collection and highlighting the unique features they offer, we'll compare ATV against their competition, allowing you to make the most educated purchase decision possible.

Read on to find out whether or not ATV Swim Spas is the ideal option for you.

Our Top Choices For ATV Swim Spa


1. ATV-17 Kona

  • 17 feet long
  • 2 therapy seats featuring 26 therapy jets
  • 5 White Water-4™ & 2 buoyancy jets
  • Best for an elite-level swimming experience

2. ATV-14 Sport

  • 14 feet long
  • 2 therapy seats featuring 26 therapy jets
  • 6 turbo swim jets
  • Best for intermediate to advanced swimmers

3. ATV-14 Splash

  • 14 feet long
  • 2 therapy seats featuring 26 therapy jets
  • 2 turb0 swim jets (high volume)
  • Best mid-level swim spa
V150W Swim Spa

4.V150W Swim Spa

  • 12.5 feet long
  • 4 multi-level seats with 21 Jetpods
  • 4 White Water-4™ jets
  • Best compact swim spa

ATV Swim Spa Price Points

ATV stands for Aquatic Training Vessels and this brand is a division of Marquis Corp, which also make a huge range of the highest quality hot tubs.

Swim spa prices vary depending on several factors. Larger, more luxurious, and feature-rich models will be more expensive, but aspects like delivery and installation costs will differ between customers as well as pricing between spa dealers based on location.

Marquis Corp Aquatic Training Vessels can set you back from between $15,000 to $50,000 plus.

In addition to the purchase cost, shipping and installation costs are charged separately. And don't forget about maintenance, such as cleaning chemicals which can add up to as much as $500 per year.

Although getting a swim spa can be pricey, they are generally a much cheaper alternative to a traditional swimming pool in your backyard. Not only can you enjoy exercise benefits of a pool year-round, but they often feature massage jets, offering more versatility than a regular swimming pool.

Getting hold of swim spa pricing information from your local dealer or internet can be a time-consuming process. Let us do it for you! We don't charge any fees, as our service is completely free. Click on the button below to receive several free quotes at once based on your swim spa preferences from nearby spa dealerships.

Leading Models

Marquis Corp Aquatic Training Vessels produces six swim spa models with a variety of outstanding features. Let's dive right in and take a look at some of ATVs leading spas, allowing you can get a good idea of which model best suits your needs.

ATV-17 Kona - Best For Elite Level Swimming Experience

If you're serious about your swim training, then check out the ATV-17 Kona. Measuring 204" x 89.5" x 61" and a water depth of 53", it is one of ATVs most spacious swim spa models with plenty of room for relaxation as well as training.

The ATV-17 Kona has six White Water-4™ jets. These exclusive jets deliver a 39% higher flow rate than similarly sized jets in other swim spas to create a wide current of water so you can maximize your aquatic workout.

This 17-foot swim spa also has two buoyancy jets mid-vessel that deliver a lift to your torso area whilst you swim, providing a unique dynamic to your position in the swim spa.

The ATV-17 Kona comes with twin-end swim tethers as well as deep anchoring points on the floor and resistance bands, to create a variety of exercise options.

For relaxation and post-exercise massage, it has two therapy seats, a full-depth, and a cool-down seat, that have a total of twenty-six therapy jets between them, so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub.

This ATV swim spa model comes with plenty of standard features including three powerful dual-speed pumps, an Ozonator, an easy-access control panel, LED lighting, and full-foam insulation.

Of course, you can opt for additional features, including additional LED lighting, water features, ATV steps, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the bluetooth audio system with four speakers plus a subwoofer.

For those really into fitness and exercise, we recommend paying a bit extra for the aquabike and/or the resistance and rowing kit, both of which will add an extra boost to your workout.

Marquis Corp Aquatic Training Vessels offer two swim spas in their Sport range, the ATV-17 Sport and the ATV-14 Sport, the main difference being the length.

The ATV-14 Sport offers more versatility with its smaller size of 168.5" x 89.5" x 56" with a 48" water depth. It's a great choice if you enjoy relaxing but still want a rigorous workout.

This ATV swim spa model comes with three dual-speed pumps and six turbo swim jets that together can create a high flow rate ideal for swimming, strength training, or rehabilitation exercises (consult your health care professional first). It also comes with twin-end swim tethers for extra exercise options.

If you feel warm after your workout, enjoy the massage seats. Choose from the cool-down seat or full-depth hydrotherapy seat sporting a total of twenty-six massage jets.

Standard features include full-foam insulation, Ozonator, LED lighting, easy-access controls, and spa cover plus you can get many of the same add-ons as the ATV-17 Kona.

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If you want to have a go at aquatic fitness but are after something a little less intense take a look at the ATV-14 Splash.

It has the same dimensions as the ATV-14 Sport (168.5" x 89.5" x 56" with a 48" depth) but uses a single dual-speed pump and has two turbo flow swim jets so offers a more chilled-out pace for a swim. The ATV-14 Splash also has one swim tether point to increase the variety of aquatic workout.

Enjoy year-round relaxation in the ATV-14 Splash with its two massage seats with twenty-six therapy jets plus it comes with many of the same standard features and optional extras as the other ATV models in our line-up.

More of a hot tub and swim spa hybrid, the V150W is a great choice if you are limited on space but still want a high-quality aquatic workout and all the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Measuring 150" x 90" x 50" with a 43" water depth, the V150W has plenty of room for not only swimming but aquatic jogging, cycling, or rowing, and is great if you just want to have a splash around with the kids. This swim spa features four Whitewater-4™ jets and two dual-speed pumps for a top-notch swim experience.

It has four muli-level massage seats so there is space for the whole family. There are twenty-one Jetpods in these therapy seats that allow you to target sore and tired muscles for a deep massage as well as allow different types of massage movements.

Optional extras for this swim spa model include the Ozonator, Bluetooth audio system, aquabike, and rowing kit.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A swim spa can change your life, giving you the independence to exercise year-round in your own backyard. Marquis Corp offers a great selection of models that you can customize with extra features.

While most swim spa and hot tub shells are made from molded acrylic, ATV swim spas are produced using marine-grade resins, like those used in yacht hulls. This enables them to last many years.

ATV provides a high level of expert engineering with its advanced hydrodynamic flow technology which delivers truly excellent performance. This is particularly notable in the models with the Whitewater-4™ swim jets.

Like many swim spa manufacturers, ATV doesn't list their prices on their website so you have to contact a local dealer for details. Customers may find irritating if they just want a ball-park figure.

There are only six swim spa models to choose from, a smaller quantity compared to some other swim spa brands.

Other Brands To Consider

Before you make a purchase, it's a good idea to check out the competition. Let's see what 2 other leading swim spa manufacturers have to offer.

PDC Spas

PDC Spas has a huge range of high-quality swim spas and hot tubs. If you want plenty of selection to choose from, as well as luxury features, PDC may be the perfect brand for you.

They offer a patented dual propeller swim system called TruSwim®, which creates the widest swim current in the industry, spanning a whopping 29". This current is ideal for swimming and other types of aquatic fitness activity.

For hydrotherapy, you'll thoroughly enjoy their exclusive Air’assage™ air therapy. It uses massaging air bubbles and provides rejuvenating benefits from oxygen on the skin.

Master Spas make two lines of swim spas as well as several hot tub collections.

H2X Fitness and Michael Phelps Swim Spas compose their swim spa lineup.

The H2X line offers a large selection of models including 19-foot models and therapy pools, ideal for all levels of fitness.

There are also various exercise kits available to boost the variety of exercises you can engage in.

If an elite-level swim spa is what you're after, the Michael Phelps line is worth a look. It features large and deep models with dual-temperature control options, creating a divided therapy zone and swim area.

The Bottom Line

ATV is one of the best swim spa brands. To enjoy exercise and the benefits of hydrotherapy, an ATV swim spa can provide both at a price usually much lower than that of a traditional in-ground swimming pool. 

ATV provides six excellent swim spas models, any of which could be a great addition to your backyard.

I hope our ATV swim spa review has been useful in helping you determine whether or not this brand is right for you.

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