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The main question is, are these hot tubs really as good as they claim to be?

That is exactly what we’re here to look into today!

Come with us as we dive into the top Artesian spas to see what they are all about in our Artesian Hot Tubs reviews.

Our Top Choices For Artesian Spas

Artesian Spas Island Series

1. Island Series

  • Best for premium luxury
  • 9 models
  • 2 to 10 person capacity
  • Tranquility water feature, therapeutic dual foot-blasters
Artesian Spas Elite Series

2. Elite Series

  • Most elegant design
  • 5 models
  • 4 to 9 person capacity
  • Directflow Personal Control System
Artesian South Seas Spas Series

3. South Seas Spas Series

  • Biggest selection
  • 17 models
  • 3 to 8 person capacity
  • Deluxe or Standard Class options available
Artesian Garden Spas Series

4. Garden Spas

  • Most affordable
  • 7 models
  • 2 to 7 person capacity
  • Plug-and-play spas


Of course, the most important thing to the majority of people is the cost of a hot tub. Let’s break down the Artesian Hot Tub cost so that you can have a better understanding.

Artesian Spas have four different spa tiers to choose from, including Garden Spas, South Seas Spas, Island Spas Elite, and Artesian Elite, which run from the lowest price to the highest price respectively.

The cheapest tubs in the lineup hover just above $3,999 while the most expensive elite tubs top off around $13,999.

Company Background

Artesian Spas sits under the umbrella of May Manufacturing, and together, they have over 100 years in spa experience combined. Their said goal is to provide the highest quality hot tubs with a wide range of features and products to choose from. If you look throughout the world, you can find over 300 Artesian Spas Dealers.

The beauty of Artesian Spas is that they make products for every budget. They have also received Best of Class awards from prominent websites such as Pool and Spa.



The Artesian Spas Island Series are top-notch models that are meant to provide users with total control so that they may have the most individualized hydrotherapy experience possible.

These spads use what Artesian refers to as their Variable Control System, which allows users to control the individual seta pump pressure in order to craft the perfect massage.

We’d be safe in saying that these are some of the most customizable spas on the market today.

The Island Spas are split between the Island Spas Elite and the regular Island Spas.

Those looking for an Island Spas Elite model can choose between the Isla Margarita Elite, the Grand Bahama Elite, the Grand Cayman Elite, the Antigua Elite, and the Captive Elite.

Each of these spas comes with Artesian’s DIRECTFLOW Personal Control System for total massage control and energy efficiency. In terms of seating, these large hot tubs range from 6-9 person capacity, perfect for larger families.

Regular Island Spas models come with powerful neck jets to help relieve tightness while relaxing your muscles.

Each comes with a Tranquility Fall waterfall for a relaxing soundscape to unwind to, as well as highly therapeutic Dual Footblasters for the ultimate foot massage.

There are nine different models to choose from ranging from 2-10 seats.

Lastly, there are convertible Island Spas available for those who are looking to plug in to a simple 20 amp wall outlet. These smaller spas include the St. Kitts and Santiago, each of which come with similar features to the Regular Island Spas models.

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The Artesian Spas Elite Spas are some of our favorites in terms of design. 

With elegant paneling and the DIRECTFLOW Personal Control System, you’ll be in hot tub heaven.

Each of the Artesian Elite Series Spas uses H20 PowerFlow jets to help melt away the stress of the day.

There are five models to choose from overall, including the Pelican-Bay, Piper-Glen, Dove-Canyon, Quail-Ridge, and Eagle-Crest.

These tubs range from 4-9 seats.

The Artesian South Seas Spas Series hot tubs are perfect for those who are looking for a more organic-looking tub.

These hot tubs are made with ArcticPac Insulation to help retain heat, making sure the spa remains energy efficient so that the water sits at a tropical temperature.

They make use of Grandwood cabinets, which are not only beautiful, but help to add years of maintenance-free life to your spa. You won’t have to worry about them deteriorating, warping, rusting, or rotting.

The Artesian Souths Seas Spas Series is split between two hot tub types: Deluxe Class and Standard Class.

The Deluxe Class Spas have a higher aesthetic appeal, an incredibly ergonomic design, and attractive features such as pillowfalls, LED lighting, neck and shoulder massagers, and more. You can also add optional features such as a stereo system or rail lighting.


Garden Spas are smaller and perfect for the budget buyers out there.

In terms of seating, they run from 2-6 seats, great for smaller families or households.

With that said, they are still crafted with quality and efficiency, designed with a mixture of artistry and engineering.

Each of the seven different tubs is made to plug into a standard wall outlet, giving you an easy plug and play experience.

Some of the standard features on the Artesian Garden Spas include ArcticPac Insulation for warm water, stainless steel jets, maintenance-free Grandwood cabinets, and digital control.



Artesian Spas

Hot Springs




Shell Material

Acrylic, Microban Bacteria Resistant, Factory Heat Molded, Resin Backed

Acrylic and Thermoplastic

Skirting Material

Durable and Maintenance-Free PermaWood that is Molded and UV Protected

Maintenance-Free Simulated Wood. Colors include Espresso, Redwood, and Coastal Gray


Complete Cabinet Foam Insulation

Completely Insulated Multi-Density Closed-Cell Foam


High Volume, Fully Pressure Adjustable Helix Jets

Directional and Rotary Jets with an Interchangeable Design


ProPure Mixing Chamber, Five Pump Systems. Think Temp Smart Heaters, Micron Filtering, Digital Sensors, Think Temp Smart Heaters

SpAudio Music System, Everfresh Water Care System, LED Light System, Luminescence, BellaFontana, Everwood Spa Steps, IQ 2020 Navigator, Tri-X Filter, and WellSpring Water Features





Seven-year Shell Surface Warranty, Five-year components warranty, Five-year plumbing warranty

Seven-year surface and structure warranty, five-year components warranty, and cabinet/no-leak warranty

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We are not alone at highly recommending this brand.

Here are a few Artesian Spas consumer reviews below:

Artesian Hot Tubs Consumer review
spas testimonial 1
spa testimonial 2


If you have an Artesian Hot Tub and you are looking for Artesian Hot Tub Parts for repairs or replacement, we recommend checking out Hot Tub Outpost. Here you will find a long list of parts in the Artesian Hot Tubs parts catalog. You can also check this same site for an Artesian Hot Tub Parts Manual, which can help to perform some DIY maintenance on your tub.



The Artesian Spas warranties vary from tub to tub. The Artesian Elite and Island Spas share the same warranty features. The structure has a lifetime warranty, the surface has a seven-year warranty, the cabinet has a two-year warranty, and the parts, labor, plumbing, and electrical components all have five year warranties.


As we said before, Artesian Spas has 300 dealers all over the world. If you are looking for an Artesian Spas Dealer that is near you, we recommend visiting the Dealer Page on the Artesian Spas website. Here you can plug in your information to search for dealers in your area.


If you want to get an Artesian Spas hot tub but don’t have the money to pay for it right now, you can consider financing one of these tubs to start.

When you get pre-approval for your Artesian Spas financing online, you can walk into any Artesian Spas dealer showroom and look for your favorite tub without having to worry about the large upfront cost.

The beauty of financing a hot tub is that you can make a popular home investment for your health and wellness right away while you pay it off over a longer period.

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Is something wrong with your Artesian Spas tub and you don’t know what to do?

Make sure to check out the Owner Manuals page on the Artesian Spas website. This portion of the site is filled with up-to-date manuals and information on every Artesian model. If it is an easy fix, you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend the time and money to hire an expensive maintenance guy to come out and fix your tub.


Of course, there are some fixes that require maintenance men and repairmen with knowledge. This is when we recommend getting in contact with the Artesian Support Center. They will give you all of the necessary information to help you get your tub up and running in no time.


Is your Artesian Spas filter in need of a change?

We recommend heading on over to the Spa Store to check out the large catalog of Artesian Spas filters so that you can get your clean water back!


If you need a replacement heater for your Artesian Spa, we recommend heading over to Hot Tub Outpost. They have a large selection of heaters than range from 5.5kw heaters for large tubs to the 4.1kw Laing heaters that are found in the smaller models.


A good cover can help to protect your tub from severe weather conditions and unwanted debris. In short, a good cover can help to extend the lifespan of a hot tub. It will also help to maintain a tub’s chemical balance while reducing the effects of evaporation.

Head on over to the Artesian Spas website to find All Seasons Shield Covers and Standard Covers.


Artesian Spas is one of the most versatile hot tub brands around. They have a wide variety of different hot tub models to choose from with top-notch features. From hydrotherapy-focused jet systems to eco-friendly green technology, you’ll have just about everything you could want from your hot tub.

We hope that our Artesian Spas reviews inspired you to make relaxation a priority in your life. Make sure to consider Artesian Spas when you get ready to make your final purchase!

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