Are Hot Tubs Worth It

Are Hot Tubs Worth It

If you thinking of buying a hot tub you might be wondering if they are worth it? After all, they can be very expensive.

Being a hot tub owner does have plenty of pros, for example, a hot tub is a great source of relaxation and stress relief however there are some things you should consider before making that purchase.

Carry on reading to find out if hot tubs really are a worthwhile investment.

Hot Tub Pros And Cons

There are few more relaxing places than a hot tub but they can be many cons to hot tubbing. Before you spend money, let's take a closer look at the pros and cons so you can find out if a new hot tub is worth it.

Hot Tub Pros

Great For Entertainment

Whether you like to spend time with your family or your friends, hot tubs are a great source of entertainment. Most hot tub owners would agree that they are ideal for a family fun splash around plus if you like to entertain you could even have a hot tub party.

Hot tubs are also great for couples creating the perfect environment for enjoying high-quality personal time with a romantic partner.

Great For Entertainment

Since they have heaters, you can spend quality time in a hot tub all year round even if you live in colder climates. Some hot tubs even come with cooling settings so you can reduce the water temperature if you are in a warm climate.

Good For Relaxation & Reducing Stress

Modern life can be stressful but hot tubs can create the perfect relaxing environment to help reduce stress.

Hot water offers a natural and fun way to wind down, much better than just going for the occasional hotel spa day. Chilling out in your hot tub can not only soothe your tired body but also help you decompress and even make get a better night's sleep.

Imagine life where you can jump into your tub after work each day with the hot tub gently massaging away your worries, and possibly a glass of wine or cool beer in your hand!

Soothe Aches And Pains

Soothe Aches And Pains

Warm water and hydrotherapy jets are generally relaxing but if you need to soothe sore and aching muscles from exercising or from sitting at your work desk for too long, then hot water hydrotherapy is ideal for this.

For those with medical conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, or just sore muscles, the hot water can help with relieving pain and discomfort. 

Hydrotherapy hot tub jets can deliver a soothing massage targeted to problems areas like the neck or back, or the entire body if needs be.

Some medical professionals even consider hot tubs to be a massive benefit to those with high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Add Value To Your Property

Owning a hot tub can increase the value of your property, so you could get a better price if you decide to sell up. Extra features such as a hot tub on a rental property could also allow you to charge higher rent, so you get more income.

Some hot tubs are portable, such as plug-and-play tubs, so if you are in a rental property or want to take your hot tub with you when you move house, this type of model is a good idea.

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Customize Your Hot Tub

Modern hot tubs come with many excellent features from hydrotherapy jets, to programmable LED lighting, Bluetooth sound systems, advanced water sanitation systems, color options, high-tech monitoring apps, and more.

Many brands often have customizable options so you can personalize your hot tub setup, therefore you can avoid getting and paying for features you don't want or are unlikely to use.

Hot Tub Cons

Very Expensive Luxury

At the end of the day, a hot tub is a very expensive luxury item. Most hot tub purchase prices run into the thousands with prices starting from around $3,000 for the most basic models.

Of course, if you are after an opulent modern hot tub with loads of features, luxury hot tub prices can be $20,000 or more depending on the brand. 

Very Expensive Luxury

Unless you have buckets of spare cash, this upfront cost can be prohibitive for some. You might be able to pick a used hot tub for a much lower price, however, be aware that the warranty is often voided when hot tub township changes and they may be higher maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Additional Costs

After the upfront cost of buying a new hot tub, there are other 'hidden' costs you should know about, which can mount up. Make sure you ask your hot tub dealer before you buy a hot tub.

Firstly, there are the delivery costs which will vary depending on how far you are from the hot tub dealer.

Another significant spend will be on installation costs, and again these will vary greatly between hot tub models and brands. For example, 110V plug-and-play hot tubs are generally cheaper to install than standard 240V tubs since you don't need the services of an electrician for the hot tub wiring process.

Don't forget you will also have to make sure the patch of ground where your hot tub will be placed is suitable. The area may require work beforehand, such as the laying of a concrete pad to take the weight of the hot tub.

Finally, there are the maintenance or running costs of owning a hot tub. The hot tub will increase your power bills so be sure to check its energy efficiency. A hot tub could increase those bills by $20 to $100 per month.

Bear in mind a hot tub worth more money might cost more upfront but could have much lower running costs in the long run as it is more likely to have better energy efficiency and higher-quality components.

Remember to factor in the cost of hot tub cleaning chemicals, repair and maintenance bills, and replacement parts such as filter cartridges.

Require Regular Maintenance

Like a traditional swimming pool, a hot tub does require regular maintenance to keep it clean and working properly.

Depending on the water sanitation system used, the correct amounts of cleaning chemicals must be added to keep the water fresh, the filter will need cleaning regularly, plus you need to drain, clean and refill your hot tub several times a year.

Now if it is only you carrying out the cleaning and maintenance bear in mind you have to set aside the time for this. If you decide it's too much, then you can get a pool cleaning company to do this instead but this will add another bill to the pile each month.

You can of course take measures to minimize the cleaning needed, for example by using the cover when not in use to prevent debris from getting in the water and making sure you shower before use to avoid the hot tub water getting contaminated with lotions, makeup, and other skin products.

Possible Adverse Effects

Possible Adverse Effects

There are various ways how hot tubs can adversely affect your health. It is critical that your hot tub is properly maintained since the hot water is the ideal moist, warm environment for germs to grow in.

Improper water care and cleaning can lead to infections. Serious problems include pneumonia and other lung infections such as Legionnaire's disease caused by legionella bacteria and 'hot tub lung' from mycobacterium avium complex.

Skin infections can also happen, such as 'hot tub rash' where the hair follicles become infected by bacteria causing sore red spots and small pustules. The same bacteria can also, although rarely, cause urinary tract infections.

The good news is that modern hot tubs often come with excellent water care systems to minimize this risk, such as ozone and ultraviolet light water sanitation systems.

Some people are can find that they are sensitive to some of the harsh chemicals used for water sanitation, so it is a good idea to wet test before you buy a hot tub.

Lastly, you shouldn't spend too long soaking in the hot water. You should spend about a maximum of twenty minutes at a time to avoid overheating.

To minimize adverse effects from the hot water, check the temperature before you jump in, if it is higher than 104°F, then turn down the heat. If you start to dizzy, uncomfortable, or lightheaded during your soak, get out of the tub to cool down. Also, ensure you stay hydrated by drinking water often.

If you do have medical conditions, particularly blood pressure or cardiac problems, you should speak to your doctor first. Pregnant ladies shouldn't use a hot tub and also you also should not use one if you have been drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Is a hot tub worth it? As we have discussed, this very much depends on your own individual circumstances. There is no clear-cut answer to this question, only you can make the decision.

There are, however, very few situations where a hot tub wouldn't make a great addition to your backyard, hot tubs are a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends, but there are several things you should be aware of before you buy a hot tub.

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