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Arctic Spas Reviews
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Buying a new spa can be a confusing experience, particularly if you are a first-time buyer. The spa market is huge with plenty of brands.

Well, look no further. Arctic Spas, the biggest hot tub company in Canada, produces a large and varied range of hot tubs which have been designed and engineered for the harshest climates in the world.

Continue reading to find out more about this excellent hot tub brand and 4 of their leading hot tubs and swim spas.

Our Top Choices For Arctic Spas

Summit XL Model

1. Summit XL

  • The Custom Series
  • 9 person capacity
  • Up to 60 jets
  • Most luxurious hot tub
Arctic Fox

2. Arctic Fox

  • The Custom Series

  • 4 person capacity

  • Up to 30 jets

  • Best small-sized hot tub


3. Aurora

  • The Core Series
  • 7 person capacity
  • 20 jets
  • Best family hot tub

4. Ocean

  • All-Weather Pools Range
  • 12 person capacity
  • 20 to 60 jets
  • Best swim spa

Arctic Spas Price Points

Most Arctic Spas models are in the mid-range price bracket. You can get a decent tub for between about $4,000 and $12,000.

Expect to pay around $4,000 for smaller or more basic models. The price increases to $12,000 to $16,000 for their higher-end hot tubs. Swim spas are more expensive in general compared to hot tubs and you can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 plus, depending on the size of the model and the features you select.

Like many hot tub companies, Arctic Spas don't list their pricing information online. You have to request a quote or contact a local spa dealer to see purchase prices. The cost of a hot tub or spa will vary depending on where you are located. Arctic Spas sell worldwide, from the UK to Canada, so there is likely to be cost variation due to location.

In addition to the purchase price, remember to factor in the cost of delivery to your location. And for a regular 240V unit, hot tub wiring and professional installation by a licensed electrician will be required. It can be easy to forget about these additional costs.

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Leading Models

A spa industry leader, Arctic Spas have three distinct hot tub collections, the Custom Series, Classic Series, and Core Series. They also have a series of swim spas in their All Weather Pool Range. Next, we'll take a closer look at 4 of the leading Arctic Spas models on the market.

Summit XL - Most Luxurious Hot Tub

The Custom Series features eight fabulous hot tub models and Arctic Spas' largest capacity hot tub, the Summit XL.

The Summit XL measures 39" x 93" x 117" . With plenty of space, it has seating for nine people making it ideal for entertaining larger families or hot tub parties!

Customize your Arctic Spas Summit XL by choosing from five different jet configurations. The most luxurious setup has a whopping sixty jets powered by four pumps whilst the cheapest option has twenty jets and a single pump.

The Summit XL has a whole heap of excellent standard features such as sculpted seating with adjustable pillows and armrests for ultimate comfort, a water feature, color-changing LED lighting, Arctic Pure® water care, Eco Pak spa controls, Mylovac insulated spa cover, Arctic Spas' patented Freeheat insulation system to help trap the heat and a five-year warranty on parts and labor.

The Summit XL acrylic spa interior is available in a choice of two colors, Kalahari or platinum swirl, whilst the exterior cabinet is made from high-quality beautiful Western red cedarwood.

There are plenty of optional extras available for the Summit XL such as the no-maintenance cabinet, family lights package, ozone and 'Spa Boy' salt water care, sound system, and more.

Arctic Fox - Best Small-Sized Hot Tub

Also in Arctic Spas' feature-rich Custom series, the Arctic Fox a smaller-sized hot tub has a four-person capacity.

The Arctic spa measures 39" x 85" x 69" and is ideal for relaxation as it has a lounge seat in addition to two other ergonomically shaped seats.

The Arctic Fox has two spa jet configurations to choose from, thirty jets with two pumps or fifteen water jets with one pump, so you can customize your spa experience.

This Arctic Spa model with a lounge seat, comes with many of the same standard features, such as an excellent insulation system to trap the heat, and optional extras as the Summit XL and other spas in this series, however, the Arctic Fox has more color options for the acrylic interior, choose from five different stylish colors.

The Core Arctic Spas Series contains more affordable spa models. Arctic Spas' seven-person capacity hot tub, the Aurora offers great value and is the perfect choice for a family.

Arctic Spas' Aurora spa measures 39" x 81" x 81" and has six contoured seats for excellent comfort. It doesn't feature a lounge seat however this means that there is plenty of space to accommodate the whole family.

The Aurora spa comes with twenty jets and a single pump as a standard. For a relaxing hydrotherapy experience, this Arctic spa comes with their patented Pepperleaf Pulse™ jets which allow you to adjust the level of massage.

Other standard features of this quality Arctic spa include the Northern Lights LED lighting, adjustable headrests, no-maintenance cabinetry, Gecko spa control system, insulating cover, water feature, Arctic Pure water care, Arctic Spas insulation system, three years warranty on parts, and a one year warranty on labor.

There are also plenty of optional extras for the Arctic Spas model, such as a sound system, Aquanovo ozone system, In.Touch2 online spa controls, upgraded spa cover, and family lighting package.

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This Arctic hot tub comes in a choice of four colors for the acrylic spa interior. Also, this particular Arctic spa model is available as a 110V plug-and-play spa. This means you can just plug it into a standard power outlet and you don't require an electrician for the wiring, keeping spa installation costs down.

Ocean - Best Swim Spa

Arctic Spas also have a collection of swim spas in their All-Weather Pools Range. Swim spas offer all the advantages of a swimming pool and the hydrotherapy benefits of a spa in one.

The Ocean is Arctic Spas' largest most luxurious swim spa featuring seating for six people with a capacity for twelve. It is the perfect choice if you are into aquatic exercise but still want a spa for massage and hydrotherapy. This line features more affordable swim spas as well.

Like Arctic Spas' Custom Series you can customize the jet configuration in the hot tub area. Choose between five different options from sixty powerful jets and four pumps to twenty jets and a single pump. It also comes with many of the luxury spa features as the Summit XL.

The swim zone has plenty of space and has two exceptional swim systems, the Niagara and the Monsoon counter-current system with high volume water jets, which create a powerful swim current perfect for all levels of swimming abilities.

This quality Arctic spa comes with an adjustable swim tether which provides resistance for your swim should you need it. You can also get the optional fitness kit which contains resistance bands and rowing bars, to really boost your spa workout.

If this is the first you've considered a swim spa and would like to learn more, head over to our Are Swim Spas Worth It? page.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Arctic Spas, Canada's largest spa manufacturer, are an industry leader with the aim of pushing stricter energy usage legislation and responsible manufacturing processes.

Arctic spas are designed and engineered to function in the harshest of climates. They produce safe and energy-efficient products using high-tech waterjet robots for precision cutting as well as craftsmen to hand-make their natural cedar wood spa cabinets.

Arctic Spas have a very user-friendly website. Simple to navigate, it's easy to get detailed information about all their great spas. They also offer a free downloadable buyers guide which is ideal for first-time spa buyers or you just want a better insight into their spa collections.

Like some other spa companies, Arctic Spas offer the flexibility of customizing the jets and pumps as well as other features so you get the perfect personalized spa setup.

Arctic Spas have had many positive reviews from satisfied customers about their great customer service and products over the years. Replacement parts are easy to get hold of although one customer found it took quite some time, about a month for their parts to arrive and delayed the repair.

Other Brands To Consider

Before you leap into making a decision, is also worth looking at some other brands you could consider. Master Spa and Jacuzzi are both well know spa companies that offer a similar range of spas.

The Master Spas brand has an excellent range of quality hot tubs with a similar price point to Arctic Spas.

Master Spa also has collections of hot tubs and swim spas endorsed by the famous Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, so are definitely worth considering if are into exercise and post-workout hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi is undoubtedly the most famous brand when it comes to hot tubs and spas. Like Arctic Spas, Jacuzzi offers a wide range of quality spas with customizable options and luxury features.

Jacuzzi also offers plug-and-play spas as well as swim spas and many other products such as saunas and bathroom fittings.

For the full list of the TOP hot tub brands in the industry, head over to our Best Hot Tub Brands Reviewed page.

The Bottom Line

Spa industry leaders, Arctic makes a great range of reasonably priced, high-quality spas, from customizable, feature-rich luxury models to more basic plug-and-play spas.

With the excellent features, such as the Arctic Spas insulation system which traps the heat, this company is a great choice particularly if you live in a cooler climate.

I hope our Arctic Spas review has helped you find the right Arctic hot tub for your home.

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