Aquaterra spas reviews

Aquaterra Spas Review

Those interested in a new, high-end hot tub offering advanced technology often look to Aquaterra Spas.

But with so many great hot tub brands on the market today, determining whether or not the versatile features found in Aquaterra hot tubs are worth the extra cash can be a challenge. 

Today, we're going to take a deep dive into 3 of our favorite models, helping you to determine whether or not this brand has what it takes to fulfill all of your needs.

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Our Top Choices For Aquaterra Spas


1. Ventura

  • Best for luxury seekers
  • 6 person capacity
  • 96 adjustable hydrotherapy jets

2. Maderas

  • Excellent traditional-style hot tub
  • 5 person capacity
  • 45 adjustable hydrotherapy jets
Newporter spa

3. Newporter

  • Unique rounded 110V model
  • 5 person capacity
  • 22 adjustable hydrotherapy jets

Aquaterra Hot Tub Price Points

Aquaterra Spas, like many spa companies out there, do not explicitly list prices on its website. This is because the company sells its hot tubs through a range of third-party networks and dealers.

But as you may already know, this company is known for manufacturing some of the most affordable hot tubs on the market. On the low-end, you can expect to find an Aquaterra hot tub for just over $2,500. On the high-end, you can expect to spend up to $8,000.

Note that these numbers can change based on the dealer, the location you make your purchase, and any features you may add to personalize your hot tub. With simple designs and rotomolded construction, the company is able to maintain its budget-friendly prices.

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Leading Aquaterra Spa Models


The Ventura Hot Tub is the largest in the Aquaterra lineup, coming in hot with 96 hydrotherapy jets for the most relaxing massage you've ever had. The spa is one of the few 230V models in the lineup (most are 110V plug-n-play models), and it comes with faux wood siding and enough room for up to six people.

It is a truly luxurious entity for any outdoor area. You can enjoy your massage from one of the comforting bucket seats or immerse yourself in a dream-like state in one of the luxurious loungers.

The quality massage is all thanks to the 2.5 HP dual-speed pumps, which power not only the hydrotherapy jets but also the adjustable waterfall. 

To set your hot tub to the perfect temperature, you can dial in the 4.0 kW heater using the integrated control panel.

For an ambient mood, make sure to turn on the underwater multi-colored LED lighting using the digital control panel or illuminate your way to and from the house using the included exterior LEDs. While all of these features are top-notch, one of our favorite features is the Bluetooth sound system. There's nothing that can get the party going quite like being able to listen to your favorite music while you soak and hang with friends.

Lastly, to keep things clean, this spa uses the Aquaterra Ozone water care system, which gives you cleaner water without purchasing an abundance of chemicals.

Overall, if luxury is what you're looking for, the Venture hot tub is the best hot tub in the Aquaterra Spa lineup.


While the Ventura is the largest and most luxurious hot tub in the Aquaterra Spas lineup, that doesn't mean you should underestimate the Maderas.

This 230V model spa has room for up to five people and features gorgeous faux-wood siding for a traditional look.

You can choose between the standard model, which comes with only bucket seats, and the lounge seat model, which is great for those who want a more immersive massage experience.

The 45 stainless steel jets are absolutely incredible, helping to lull soakers into a deeply relaxed state.

The 4.0kW heater allows you to set the perfect temperature, while the 3.0 HP dual-speed pump delivers the most soothing massage possible. Similar to the Ventura, the Maderas also comes with underwater multi-colored LED lighting, though you won't find the exterior LEDs. However, to make up for it, Aquaterra Spas included four cupholders in this spa, allowing you to soak and have a drink with some friends.

Beyond all of that, you get some other mention-worthy features, such as the Ozone water care system, the digital control panel, and energy-efficient full foam insulation. Auquaterra even throws in thermal locking covers with every purchase to keep your hot tub safe and your energy bills down!

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The Newporter provides absolute paradise wrapped up in a unique 110V bundle, allowing you to plug it in and start soaking without having to rewire any outlets.

As with the other hot tub models in the Aquaterra Spa line, you get gorgeous faux-wood siding.

One extremely unique aspect about this model is the round hot tub design and open bench seating, which is very traditional.

With that said, it still comes with plenty of modern features, such as the 22 stainless steel jets for total relaxation.

You'll find a 1kW heater and a 1.5 HP dual-speed pump. Though neither of these is as strong as the other Aquaterra Spa hot tub models on this list, they still do a solid job of keeping your hot tub warm and energy-efficient.

You also get many of the same design elements in the Newporter as the other hot tub models, including multi-colored LED lighting, four cupholders, the Ozone water care system, and an intuitive digital control panel to create the ultimate hot tub experience. For extra energy efficiency, this small tub enjoys one of Aquaterra's thermal locking covers and full foam insulation.

Where Are Aquaterra Spas Sold?

Aquaterra is one of the few hot tub brands that is sold at Costco, which is why you'll often see people referring to them as "Costco hot tubs." They can also be found at a few other big box stores, though Costco is one of the most convenient places to buy one.

Plus, thanks to Costco's unique low-margin business model, the company is able to sell products for quite cheap. Essentially, you could purchase a hot tub at Costco and save up to $1,500 or more!

Our Aquaterra Spas Costco page explains the ins and outs of purchasing a spa from Costco.

If you make it to Costco and decide that you want to check out some other hot tub brands they have available, you'll also find Evolution and Coast Spas!

Who Makes Aquaterra Spas For Costco?

While Aquaterra Spas hot tubs are sold at Costco, they are not manufactured by Costco.

Aquaterra Spas is a subsidiary of the Watkins Wellness company, which is an even higher subsidiary of a company called Masco. Watkins Wellness is a MAJOR player in the hot tub industry, with plenty of other spa brands under its wings, including Limelight Spas, Fantasy Spas, Freeflow Spas, Caldera Spas, and Hotspring Spas.

The point is that this company knows a thing or two about manufacturing hot tubs, so you can expect quality yet budget-friendly models from Aquaterra.

Other Brands To Consider

Tuff Spas

If you're in the market for a budget-friendly hot tub brand and the Aquaterra Spa company isn't cutting it for you, we recommend checking out Tuff Spas. Tuff Spas has plenty of great 110v hot tubs for those who don't want to do any rewiring, and all of the company's tubs come with Tuff Top covers for keeping the heat inside the hot tubs at all times.

The cool thing about these patented Tuff Top covers is that they also turn into shelves when opened up, allowing you to hang out with friends and have snacks or drinks.

Depending on the type of hot tub you're looking for, you'll find plenty of unique options with different seating arrangements, including bucket seats and loungers. Plus, Tuff has some of the most durable hot tubs around.

When it comes to hydrotherapy and hot tub design, American Whirlpool is one of our favorites.

You'll find top-of-the-line features in these hot tubs, including deep-zone therapy, lounge seating, and full-body immersion.

The dealer network for American Whirlpool hot tubs is through the roof, as they were acquired by the hot tub giant Maax Spas just a few years back.

Essentially, you won't have any trouble finding one of these hot tubs at independent dealers near you.

The Bottom Line

The purpose of our Aquaterra Spa review was to clarify your buying decision. Aquaterra is one of the top hot tub manufacturers and makes some of the best budget-friendly hot tubs around.

If the question you had was whether or not you would be happy with an Aquaterra tub, the answer is yes!

With so many great features, including LED multi-colored lights, adjustable waterfall elements, comfortable bucket seats, intuitive digital control panels, strong jet pumps, and design with energy efficiency in mind, it's clear that Watkins Wellness put a ton of care into this brand, all while retaining reasonable sales prices.

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