Aquarest Spa Reviews

Aquarest Spa Reviews
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Aquarest Spas has been manufacturing reliable hot tubs for almost three decades now. And with so many years of expertise under the company's belt, they've become one of the most popular choices for budget-conscious consumers..

As you may know, selecting the perfect hot tub brand for your needs can become difficult once you start weighing in all the competition.

Is Aquarest is the right company for your needs?

We're here to help you can narrow down your buying decision with more confidence. Come dive in with us as we explore 3 of our favorite hot tubs in the Aquarest Spa lineup and see how they stack up against the competition!

Our Top Choices For Aquarest Spa

DayDream 500

1. DayDream 4500

  • 6-person capacity
  • Stainless steel accent jets and single lounger
  • Great for a larger family
Premium 400

2. Premium 400

  • 4-person capacity
  • Ozone water system and LED waterfall
  • Perfect for traditional hot tub lovers
Select 300

3. Select 300

  • 2-person capacity
  • LED backlit waterfall and hydrotherapy jets
  • Great for couples or small backyards

Aquarest Hot Tubs Price Points

On average, Aquarest hot tubs run between $3,000 and $8,000. However, those prices can be impacted based on size and additional features. The good thing is that these hot tub models are generally more affordable than others without sacrificing quality.

The first aspect that consumers take into consideration when buying a hot tub is the cost, as even low-end hot tubs can be a big investment.

Luckily, Aquarest isn't one of those hot tub manufacturers that makes it difficult to view accurate pricing. Because Aquarest sells their energy-efficient hot tubs exclusively through large retailers such as Home Depot, you can easily find the company's prices right off the bat.

Whether you're just window shopping for price, or ready to take the plunge, make sure to click the button below. With our free service, you'll get access to accurate hot tub price quotes based on your preferences and location!

Leading Models


The Aquarest Daydream Hot Tub is a 45-jet, six-person spa with a spacious design and a high-quality lounger that allows for deep soaking.

This six-person hot tub is packed with some of the best performance features that Aquarest offers, allowing you to relax in comfort and warmth.

The exclusive E-Insulation retains heat really well, while the ASTM-certified locking thermal cover can help save energy even further.

Even with its budget-friendly price, the uni-body, 100% recyclable shell is durable and long-lasting. You'll never have to worry about damaging this spa with the impact-resistant polyethylene.

Beyond the spa's reliability, the 45 stainless steel jets can deliver the best hydrotherapy-centric massage you've ever had. You get a full control system that you can manipulate to cater to your massage needs. With multi-level jet placements and total lumbar arch support, every back problem you have can be targeted with exquisite detail.

As an additional luxury element, the DayGlow waterfall with multi-color LED backlit lighting creates a unique ambiance to help you further sink into relaxation.

Lastly, you have the EZ Klean filtration system, which filters 100% of the water in your spa to keep it clean and healthy at all times. This means you don't have to use as many chemicals to enjoy clean water more often, which means healthier hair and skin for you!

Overall, the DayDream is one of the best hot tub models in the Aquarest lineup and the most popular one at that. If you're looking for a well-heated spa model that can help you relax while retaining energy efficiency, the DayDream is a great choice!

The Premium 400 Spa is the perfect spa for traditional hot tub lovers. It comes with 20 stainl steel jets for a heated hydrotherapy experience, a two horsepower pump for a quality massage, and an ozone cleaning system for crystal clear water at all times.

The ozone system is paired with the Easy Kleen Filtration System, which filters 100% of the water, allowing you to enjoy the hot tub year-round.

Though the hot tub is definitely in the budget-friendly hot tub range, it delivers optimum performance, giving you the ability to melt stress away with heat and pressure. 

The multi-color LED light sits behind the waterfall and gives you nine color settings to choose from. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Beyond all of that, this hot tub comes with full foam insulation to help you save energy and a premium thermal locking cover to help you retain more heat. It's a great hot tub model for the money, especially when it comes to a combination of comfort and energy efficiency.

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If you've been wanting to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, though you didn't think you had a large enough space in your backyard to do so, think again. This 2-person Aquarest spa model comes with two bucket loungers for an intimate soaking experience. The seats n this two-person spa contour nicely to your body, allowing for a full-body hot tub massage with the 20 included stainless steel jets.

As with some of the other spas in the Aquarest Spa lineup, the Select 300 comes with an LED light system that utilizes nine colorful settings for creating a perfect atmosphere in the air surrounding your hot tub. 

To help keep things clean year-round, the Select 300 takes advantage of the Easy Kleen 100% water filtration system. This hot tub model is easy to set up, comes with high-end jets, and can save you energy thanks to the full foam insulation and premium thermal locking cover. All of that, and you enjoy a low cost initial purchase.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Quality Designs

Even though Aquarest sells budget-friendly hot tub models, the company never sacrifices quality. Each of the company's spas is surprisingly roomy, allowing you to move about the inside of the tub with ease.

Even though many tubs in the Aqua Rest lineup have lower capacities, you never feel squished in when you fill them up.

Energy Efficient

Though these hot tubs are very lightweight relative to others in size, they retain heat really well thanks to the thick, stable construction. You'll find full foam insulation in all of the hot tubs and insulated covers that keep heat in, even when you aren't using the tub.

These tubs are great for people who live up north in cold weather yet still want to save energy while enjoying the warmth of hot tub hydrotherapy.

Powerful Hydrotherapy

Though you don't get fancy jets with Aqua Rest spa models (the jets are made of plastic with stainless steel surrounds), they are pretty powerful, thanks to the pump system. The water moves comfortably throughout the tub, giving you all the best benefits of hydrotherapy.


Steps Not Included

One of the main disadvantages to Aquarest hot tubs is that they do not come with steps. While this might not be a disadvantage for some hot tubs, the fact that these are harder to get in and out of can make it difficult for some people who are elderly or have disabilities to enjoy.

The steps cost an additional $100, which can be a lot of extra money to have to spend for something that should come as a necessary element.

240V Conversion Is Premium

While plug-and-play spas are much easier to use because they don't require outlet conversion right off the bat, 240V hot tub models are often more energy-efficient.

The Aquarest hot tub models use 1kW heaters in their plug-and-play models, though 4kW heaters in the 240V models can heat your hot tub much faster. Unfortunately, taking advantage of that heat will cost you a lot more and increase your utility bills.

It is also worth noting that the ozone system only comes with the 240V upgrade. The ozone system can kill bacteria really well without the need for as many chemicals, though, again, the purchase price will be much higher with this typically standard upgrade.

Other Brands To Consider

Coast Spas

If you're looking for another low to mid-priced spa brand to compare Aquarest Spas with, we highly recommend checking out Coast Spas.

The manufacturer puts a big focus on portable spas with innovative technology.

On any given Coast Spa, you can expect to find features like touchscreen control panels or app controller technology.

Plus, every Coast Spa hot tub uses Hydro-Cyclonic filtration systems, giving you the ultimate energy-efficiency throughout the year.

See our Coast Spas Reviews for more information.

Nordic is another budget-friendly hot tub manufacturer that has been around for more than a decade.

This hot tub manufacturer is the clear winner when it comes to climate-friendly spas.

The hot tub designs are very straightforward, though each hot tub model is made to last in less-than-ideal conditions.

If you live up north and deal with tons of snow, you need a hot tub that can suit your needs. Leave it to Nordic to deliver that kind of hot tub design.

Head over to our Nordic Hot Tub Reviews for a detailed review of the brand.

The Bottom Line

Aquarest Spa is a top hot tub brand that you can trust.

The company has been in the spa business for more almost three decades and it has tons of great reviews to back up its claim.

We understand that making a spa purchase can be overwhelming, which is why our Aquarest Spa review was aimed at easing purchase decision anxiety.

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