Affordable Swim Spas

Affordable Swim Spas

Many consumers don't believe swim spas are affordable enough to be practical. But today more than ever, swim spa brands are manufacturing low cost models for budget-minded consumers.

Now, you're probably here because you've shivered at the sight of the price tags on brands like Dimension One or Endless Pools.

The excellent news is that you don't have to spend nearly as much to enjoy all of the same benefits found in those spas.

Come dive in with us as we take a look at the best cheap swim spas available.

Our Top Choices For Affordable Swim Spas

Fitmax iPool

1. Fitmax iPool

  • Unique soft-shell design
  • Dual-tether swimming system
  • Comfortably fits 10
Arctic Spas Ocean

2. Arctic Spas Ocean

  • Great for cold climates
  • Standard jet current design
  • Comfortably fits 12

3. TidalFit D21

  • Includes hot tub hydrotherapy
  • Quad jet current system
  • Comfortably fits 12

Swim Spa Price Points

Several factors go into the average price of a swim spa.

Even the cheapest models cost around $8,000 on average. When you start looking at extremely high-end models with boatloads of tech features, these swim spa prices can rocket to more than $30,000.

Some of these initial prices don't even include installation costs.

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The 3 Cheapest Swim Spas

Fitmax iPool

Fitmax' iPool is one of the best budget-friendly swim spa models on the market today. You'll have the same year-round fitness and health benefits offered by other swim spas, without paying tens of thousands of dollars. It's one of the best Endless Pools alternatives at about 1/10th the price.

The beauty of iPool is that it comes compacted into a small box, though it's extremely easy to set up and versatile once in use. Compared to your traditional swim spa, the maintenance is also far more minimal.

The iPool is made for functionality and fitness, enhancing your workouts and therapy exercises. The patented design provides the feeling of swimming in a lap pool. 

This is thanks to the dual tether system, enabling you to swim using resistance bands instead of standard swim jets.

Essentially, you can get swim resistance without ever having to flip on a motor. It was a surprise how durable and sturdy this pool feels. With high-end materials, a simplistic design, and a price that is easy to swallow, we highly recommend checking out the iPool for all of your swimming needs.

Arctic Spas is best known for manufacturing high-end, all-weather hot tubs, but this company also has a line of swim spas that are some of the most affordable around.

While there are plenty of models to choose from, the Ocean model is our favorite.

This swim spa comes equipped with 60 jets and four strong pumps to deliver incredible water resistance for all swimming and exercise.

It's worth noting that this swim spa, as well as all of the others in the Arctic lineup, use all-weather pool designs, making them great above-ground options for those who live in harsh climates. 

With the sturdy fiberglass shell and the high-end insulation system, this tub is meant to trap in heat so that you can take a dip during any time of the year.

All Arctic Spas models use smartphone capabilities, meaning you can turn it on and off, as well as make temperature adjustments when you aren't home. If you're someone who likes to have all of the best bells and whistles, we recommend adding the Bluetooth speaker system as well. Nothing can pump you up during a good swimming session quite like your favorite tunes!

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If you're serious about getting the best bang for your buck, Tidalfit is a company to check out.

Tidalfit sits under the Artesian Spas umbrella and has two swim spas in its lineup. You'll find a slew of awesome features built into these models, such as cascading waterfalls, micron water filters, and multiple pieces of exercise equipment.

All of the benefits of low-impact exercise and relaxation are at your fingertips with a Tidalfit spa. 

Our favorite model in the lineup is the DT21, which comes with a separate hot tub space and a dual-temperature design.

In the swimming pool area, you get the Hi-Flo circulation system, the Quad Swim Jet system, a luxurious BellagioFall waterfall feature, a five-inch spa light, and three grab rails. You can get in a solid exercise using the included swim jets before hopping in the hot tub side for a bit of rejuvenation.

In the hot tub, you'll find four bucket seats and a lounger, all complete with quality jets that are perfect for relaxing after a hard workout. The stainless steel jets provide full-body massage therapy, while the high-end filtration system keeps the water clean at all times.

One of the best things about TidalFit, beyond the fact that many of the company's swim spas offer hot tubs attached, is that the number of different exercises you can perform in these tubs is almost endless. From walking to jogging to swimming to general cardio, you can work out your full body throughout the year.

See our Tidalfit Swim Spa Reviews for more in-depth information.

The Bottom Line

You'll have several factors to consider in finding the best swim spas, especially if you want one that can provide all of the best pros of owning a swimming pool.

We are all for savings, but the last thing you want to do is pay too little and end up with a pool that breaks down before several years have past. If you're looking for affordability, on top of something fun for the whole family that is also beneficial for your health, the swim spas above cover all the bases. You can expect nothing less than a long-lasting experience.

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